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Liv Morgan, A.K.A The WWE Star Gionna Daddio Arrested In Florida For Marijuana Possession!

Liv Morgan, A.K.A The WWE Star Gionna Daddio Arrested In Florida For Marijuana Possession!

Liv Morgan arrested in Florida

On 14th December 2023, Liv Morgan, the WWE star we know as Gionna Daddio, was arrested for having synthetic cannabinoids in her possession in Florida. Apparently, she also had drug equipment and marijuana (not over 20 grams) in her possession, as per Villages-News.

The police booked them and then went on to release her after posting the bond later that night.

The report for arrest indicates that her jeep was seen driving around erratically. In fact, she crossed over roadway lines so many times that she was actually pulled over. When the police approached her vehicle, he was able to smell the marijuana.

Then, he found a vape pen and a “small plastic bag.” The plastic bag contained an oil-like substance. The substance was then tested, and it later turned out to be none other than marijuana.

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As per PW Insider’s reports, Morgan is slated to appear at the Sumter County Courthouse sharp at nine in the morning on 12th February 2024. The charges against her are punishable by the law – they can land her in jail for a year, get her to pay a fine worth a thousand dollars, and even get her on probation worth a year.

Due to an unfortunate shoulder injury, Morhan has been off WWE since May.

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