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White Cookies Strain – Full info & Reviews In 2023

White Cookies Strain – Full info & Reviews In 2023

white cookies strain

If you are a beginner looking for white cookies strain info, you have arrived at the right destination. Yes, this hybrid strain gives a euphoric high, leaving you free from stress and exhaustion. This herb works wonders for a self-proclaimed cannabis expert but might induce bouts of laughter in amateurs. 

White Cookies Strain: A Discussion

Good things come to those who wait, but unfortunately, for seekers of white Tahoe cookies strain yield, the wait might just be too long for their patience. However, most stoners will agree that it is so worth the wait after getting hold of the white cookies strain, especially after experiencing the much sought-after euphoria. 

Here’s all that you need to know about this famous strain!

1. Flavor

The cookie’s white runt strain has a sweet vanilla flavor and features a hint of minty chocolate. Also, this strain packs tastes of peppery spice, which works wonderfully at cutting through its sweeter leanings.

For the most part, the taste is like the lovely Girl Scout Cookies flavor – full of chocolate, mint, vanilla, and rich buttery hints.

2. Aroma

White Cookies strains have an earthy aroma, accompanied by an intense, nutty lemony aroma. It’s described as a rather complex yet satisfying aroma, with top notes of pepper and herbs, moving down to a whole body of chocolate, and lastly, dank and earthy base notes.

3. Appearance

Many people would assume that White Cookies would look white because of a dense covering of trichomes, but this is only half true. Although the calyxes of the strain are lightened with trichomes, White Cookies also has a multitude of fiery orange pistils that give it a vivid color.

The nugs of White Cookie are typically a minty green color with the yellowish-orange accents from the trichomes. Buds are tiny to medium-sized and feature layers of trichomes, which gives them a white appearance.

4. THC Strain

THC Strain

The White Cookies strain has a THC content of 19% on average. However, it is interesting to note that considering its THC levels, the strain is Sativa-dominant. Initially, the effect of white cookies feels like an older version of  Sativa, presenting a fast pain relief solution accompanied by a foggy yet uplifting high.

5. CBD Content

CBD Content

The White Cookie strain’s CBD content is flimsy and does not even cross 0.75%. In spite of the low CBD content, the white cookie provides many gains, especially medical gains to medicinal marijuana users.

White Cookies is a perfectly balanced combination of two super strains that affects both the mind and body of the consumers making this popular amongst users of medical marijuana. Although it’s not on the end of potency, it’s strong enough to melt away stress and depression and can even soothe nausea and help to relieve pain.

Experts say that White Cookies strain helps boost their mood and acts as a relief for chronic stress and body pain. The white Tahoe cookies strain can sometimes numb your mind, but the feeling can be pleasant for most and eliminates toxicity and negativity.

Any side effects of the White Cookies strain have not yet been reported. However, it is vital to know about any probability of after effects, and some consumers might get affected while others might not.

The high THC content of the cookies white runt strain can cause a few side effects like, 

  • An increase in the heart rate
  • Dryness
  • Feelings of paranoia and anxiety
  • Delusions
  • Slowed reaction and delay in coordination
  • Loss of memory

Growing Info

As relaxing as consuming the strain might sound like, things might prove a little different if you are looking forward to growing the strain. The first thing that you need to know is that the strain requires a lot of attention, love, and care to flourish. Secondly, the seeds of the White Cookies strain might not be the cheapest strains that you can buy. In fact, the strain is quite pricey and rare to get. 


As for growth difficulty, it can be safely explained as moderately challenging. Beginners need to know that this strain is a strain that requires constant love and attention. You need to take special care and consider pruning more than often in the vegetative stage for bud growth. 

Growing Conditions And Climate

Strictly speaking, the optimal condition for growing white cookies is Mediterranean climates. This means that the perfect temperature for optimal growing conditions requires a temperature range between 72 to 82° F or  22 to 27° C. Meanwhile, the optimal humidity for the strain is somewhere around 40%.  One of the best parts about this strain is that it is perfect for growing outdoors as well as indoors. So, you do not have to stress about your grow house being indoor or outdoor. 

Flowering & Yield

A batch of White Cookies strain usually flowers within a period of seven to ten weeks period. As a grower, you can expect the trichomes to be covered at around the 7th or the 8th week. However, the final harvesting window completely depends on the phenotype of the strain. 

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The strain is a moderate yeilder. This means that the strain is perfect for small or medium growers. Indoors, the strain is capable of producing up to 450 grams per plant. While outdoor batches of the strain can yield up to 500 grams per plant.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is white cookies strain exotic?

The white cookies strain is considered one of the most exotic strains in the market. However, since these strains are easy to grow, the seeds can be cultivated indoors and outdoors. 

2. How does cookies strain make you feel?

The white Tahoe cookies strain gives you a euphoric high. It acts as a stress-relief drug and can cause newbies to giggle uncontrollably – it is different from other strains. 

3. Which cookies strain is the best?

The last decade witnessed the growing popularity of the white Tahoe cookies strain – it won a few awards and a lot of recognition in the hip-hop world. 

4. Is Cookies Strain Good?

Yes, the cookies strain is considered one of the best strains for beginners inexperienced with cannabis and experts who love lighting up a joint after work to relieve stress and exhaustion. 

5. Who Created The Cookies Strain?

San Francisco residents Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr., aka Berner, and Jai, aka Jigga, created the famous cookies strain inspired by their native city’s medical marijuana culture. 

Final Words

White Cookie Strains are worth all your patience. With the strain containing 19% THC on average, this cross strain gives you euphoria accompanied by relaxation and peace. Additionally, white Cookies also enhance appetite and leaves consumers sleepy. Now that you have the white cookies strain info sit back and enjoy the effects of this strain!

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