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How To Smoke Resin? – Health Effects & Risks

How To Smoke Resin? – Health Effects & Risks

How To Smoke Resin

Are you wondering how to smoke resin? It’s the holiday season, and if your wallet is feeling a little emptier, it’s fine – no judgments! Getting hold of some fresh buds might appear to be quite a task right now. 

Come on, we are all chill, and we have all been here at some point in our lives. So we thought it’ll be great if we helped you out! 

So, here we are, ready with our guide on smoking resin accurately! And don’t forget to watch out for the bonus section at the end – your resin adventures will get so much better once you check out our take on it!

But Wait, What Is Resin?

What Is Resin?

Resin, also known as resin weed or pipe resin, is basically the gunk which accumulates inside your bong or pipe when you end up smoking multiple times without even cleaning any of your tools first. 

It comprises ash, carbon, and tar accompanied by small amounts of THC as well as some cannabinoids. Just clarifying, when we say little, we actually mean LITTLE!

Let’s make one thing clear – there is a very small amount of THC included in this nasty, sticky residue, so it might not just be worth it to find out how to smoke resin. But we get it – life’s not that great right now, and you have no stash left or the money to get hold of some clean stash. In that case, it can prove to be handy to know about resin.

But remember, when you choose to burn down resin, you are choosing a really unhealthy method of getting high simply because it contains things you don’t want to get inside your lungs - stuff like carbon, tar, and ash. We would suggest saving every dime you have or begging in front of your friends if you really want to get high before you can start considering smoking the same! 

Having said everything relevant, the resin can prove to be a type of lifesaver on your worst day – so let’s find out more about the same! 

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How To Smoke Resin? 

So now that we talked about all the problems associated with smoking resin let’s find out how to smoke resin! There are several ways to smoke resin – some pretty good, some pretty bad, and some pretty stupid. And we are here to help you with the best methods – scroll down to read about the best ways of smoking resin! 

1. Dry Pipe

Dry Pipe

Perhaps one of the simplest methods is just to utilize all the resin you have in your pipe – just apply heat directly on the pipe’s outer surface so that the resin can vaporize, and you can toke away. In case you opt for this process, then everything will turn very hot – keep that in your mind. 

Try not to burn your fingers – instead, use an oven mitt or potholder, or even tongs. Plus, when out that dry pipe on your lips, the mouthpiece might be too hot – so proceed with caution. In case you don’t want to hit the pipe first, then you can try removing the resin first instead. 

2. Bong

bong for smoking resin

In order to use your bong for smoking resin, you have to remove the weed resin from the bong. In order to do that, you can use a paperclip or a bobby pin and a small bowl or plate. Use a torch or a lighter right over the bong’s surface and warm the resin up so that it does not stick to the bong’s surface.

Once you do that, you can begin scraping with the help of your paperclip or bobby pin. Now collect the resin in the container. Now, roll the resin into one ball and just pack it inside the shooter – light it up like you would take a shot. 

To filter at least some of the foulness, you can get hold of a bong that has fresh water – and yes, this is the answer to your ‘how to smoke resin’ query! 

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3. Dab Rig

smoke the resin with the help of your dab rig

There’s another method that can help you to smoke the resin with the help of your dab rig. For this, you have to clean the cannabis resin from your bong or pipe as we just mentioned above. And then, simply roll the collected resin into lumps – once you do that, you just have to dab these lumps. 

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While doing so, make sure that you are using fresh water for your rig. This will ensure that both the harshness and the taste of the weed resin do not end up overwhelming you. 

4. Hot Knives

smoke resin with the help of hot knives

Similar to the pipe method, if you choose to smoke resin with the help of hot knives, prepare for the place to get stinky – by place, we mean the place where you plan to smoke the resin with the hot knives. 

Without even thinking about the tiny amounts of THC in resin, here’s how you can use hot knives for smoking resin! 


You will need some supplies to implement this process accurately! 

  • 2 metal knives,
  • Fire, or torch, or stove,
  • Resin,
  • Funnel, and
  • Potholders or oven mitts.


Follow the instructions mentioned below to find out how to smoke resin with the help of hot knives!

  • Scrape all the resin right from your bong or pipe. 
  • From the scraped resin into lumps – these small lumps are known as ‘dots’ or ‘spots.’
  • Now start heating the knives. Using a stove burner is an easy solution, but you can also simply stick the knives into the campfire or just use a torch. 
  • Don’t forget to wear oven mitts because it’s going to get really hot. 
  • Inhale all the resulting smoke simply through your mouth or nose. While doing so, it’s best to keep in mind how things are going to be pretty harsh. 

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And It’s A Wrap!

So now that you know about how to smoke resin what next? As we mentioned, it’s best to avoid smoking resin – it’s better not to smoke at all because things can’t get worse than this! Yes, it’s for one day, we get it, and trust us, there’s no judgment on our part! But make sure it’s just for one of ‘those’ days!

So tell us, what do you think? And while sharing your thoughts, don’t forget to share your past experiences in the comments below!

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