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Ever Tried Bubble Hash? All That You Need To Know!

Ever Tried Bubble Hash? All That You Need To Know!

bubble hash

Making hash is traditionally an ancient practice that led to the creation of various cannabis extracts. Bubble hash is one example – it’s pure, it’s potent, it’s free from harmful solvents. Did you know you can make bubble hash at home with only a few pieces of equipment? Bubble hash is made from countless trichomes, that is, resinous glands.

These resinous glands have already been separated from the parent plant with the help of a sieve and ice water. When exposed to heat, bubble hash LITERALLY bubbles. In fact, the bags that are used to make this cannabis concentrate at home are called ‘bubble bags.’ Today, we will talk about bubble hash and all that you need to know before trying it.

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What Is Bubble Hash?

What Is Bubble Hash?

So, what is bubble hash? Bubble hash, as we just mentioned, is a type of cannabis concentrate that comprises countless trichomes. These trichomes are also known as resinous glands and are separated by agitation, ice water, and a nice sieve. The bubble-making procedure is all about agitating the cannabis plant material into the iced water.

Plus, people make it at home as well – you just need your bubble hash bags to make this potent cannabis concentrate at home.

The resinous glands then freeze, breaking off the cannabis plant matter in the process while sinking into the metal sieve’s bottom. It’s best to opt for a science that has an entire series of mesh screens, with each mesh being diminished in terms of size. The fiend or the ‘micron’ or mesh, the less the cannabis plant matter and the finer the material.

Interestingly, bubble hash is available in a range of different colors. The color depends on more than one factor, like how ripe is the cannabis that is being used, what quantity of the plant material actually makes it in, and even what is the mesh micron’s size that is being used for sieving or filtering the cannabis plant material.

The colors can range from black to red to blonde, with light colors commonly being deemed as the most desirable shades.

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Bubble hash history

Bubble hash entered the cannabis scene in the middle of the 1990s, and by the early 2000s, it reached the very height of its popularity. Have you heard the phrase, ‘If it doesn’t bubble, it’s not worth the trouble?’ – the saying actually became pretty popular during this time because of bubble hash.

The best bubble hash in the market exactly does that – bubble its way to a vaporous, liquid state. Making bubble hash involves a very common extraction method though its wide availability has simply waned in recent times with the introduction of other types of craft concentrates like rosin and BHO (butane hash oil).

How To Judge The Quality Of Bubble Hash?

How To Judge The Quality Of Bubble Hash

While making bubble hash is not an easy affair, judging the quality of the bubble is entirely possible. This is because bubble hash is most commonly rated on its capability to bubble. “Full melt” bubble hashish is considered to be the best and comes with gold standards.

It actually leaves behind some white ash and is actually able to bubble away until entirely evaporated or liquefied.

If the hash contains any kind of residual plant matter, it might reduce the plant’s ability to bubble properly, which in turn will reduce the overall rating of the hash. The best kind of bubble hash is made from the finest microns and originated from quality flowers.

Microns that are large in size might allow some plant matter to pass through, but at the same time, these also allow the biggest trichomes to pass in their actual entirety. Once the microns start to diminish, relatively smaller trichomes, as well as trichome pieces, are all sieved with single trichome stalks and heads falling through.

This indicates that while finer microns are capable of making better bubbles simply because it lacks plant material, it does not necessarily mean these will create a product that’s more potent.

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Once all the moisture goes away from the hash that’s sieved and collected, followed by curing the same, bubble hash is consumed with the flower at the same time. One of the most popular methods of collecting hash is to just roll the same into tiny balls and then place the same on the top of your cannabis.

The concentrate needs to be lightly tapped by flame to enjoy and experience its fun, crazy bubble and subsequently intoxicating high. At the same time, it can be dabbed as well.

How To Smoke Bubble Hash?

How To Smoke Bubble Hash

Do you know how to smoke hash, in general? If you do, then smoking bubble hash will be easy and breezy for you. But if you don’t know how to smoke bubble hash or just hash in general, then let’s start with a universal fact – bubble hash is known for its versatility.

You can easily break this hash into tiny pieces and blend it with tobacco before rolling it into a joint. However, while rolling the joint, ensure that you are adding the hash outside. Otherwise, the bubble hash will burn relatively slower than the paper and flower and might fall out before it gets combusted.

If you do want a full-melt experience with bubble hash, then dabbing is the best option. It will not just give you a powerful high, but you will also see just how pure the hashish really is. There are several people who prefer turning their potent bubble hash into another form called rosin, especially when they have relatively less-refined grades.

With the help of two hair straighteners or a dedicated press, you can even create an oily, waxy substance that is actually so much more refined.

And That’s A Wrap!  

And that’s a wrap on bubble hash. What are your thoughts on trying out this potent form of hash? And if you have already tried bubble hash, what was your experience like? Plus, if you know how to make bubble hash at home, then feel free to share your stories, recipes, and experiences with us in the comments below.

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