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Dosilato Strain – Everything You Need To Know And More!

Dosilato Strain – Everything You Need To Know And More!

Dosilato Strain

Whether you are currently in the mood to try out some new strains or something for relaxation, the Dosilato strain is exactly what you need. This is the perfect strain for winding down and calming down! Hailing from the popular marijuana cookie family, the high content of THC and the sweetness in terms of aroma and flavors are perfect for providing a high that’s relaxing.  

The strain is potent and Indica-dominant, commonly used for relieving chronic pain or treating insomnia. 

The potent strain is Indica-dominant and is commonly used to relieve chronic pain and as a sleep aid for people who have insomnia. So, let’s get started on this crazy strain – keep reading to find out all that you need to know!

Trying Out The Dosilato Strain? Everything That You Need To Know!

Before you can look up variations of the strain like ‘dosi pop strain,’ let’s read all about the strain first! So, without wasting any more time, let’s find out all that you need to know about this beautiful strain!

How Potent Is The Dosilato Strain?

How Potent Is The Dosilato Strain?

Dosilato’s genetics have blessed the strain with incredible potency. The strain is not just an Indica-dominant hybrid, it comprises a killer combination of,

  • 70% Indica and
  • 30% Sativa.

Due to the dominance of Indica in this strain, it is likely that you might just end up on the couch, the body numbing high coursing throughout your body. 

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Dosilato is a blend of two crazy heavy-litter strains,

  • Do-Si-Dos, and 
  • Gelato #41 

Bred, as well as created by a marijuana breeding brand called Cookie Fam, based on the West Coast and known for their special ‘cookies,’ the Dosilato strain has powerful parents. Trust us, the strain is definitely not meant for newcomers – so if you aren’t a regular stoner, think twice before trying this one out!

Check out some crazy stats about the Dosilao strain mentioned below. 

CBD Level0%
THC Content20 to 29%
LineageGelato #41 + Do-Si-Dos
Indica/Sativa70% Indica + 30% Sativa

Flavor, Aroma, And Appearance

Flavor, Aroma, And Appearance

The Dosilato strain is popular for its sweet and strong aroma that reminds one of the floral hints and a lemony scent simultaneously. This citrus-sweet smell blends with a floral earthiness to create a unique aroma, not typical for your usual lemony hybrid strains. Moreover, most citrusy strains are Sativa-dominant, so that could also explain the uniqueness. 

While the strain has a primarily sweet, citrusy smell accompanied by floral undertones, the strain tastes strongly floral, very similar to lilac and lavender flavors. Both the aroma and flavor of the strain mainly stem from four different dominant terpenes such as-

  • Limonene,
  • Terpineol,
  • Linalool, and
  • Caryophyllene.

Most buds of the Dosilato strain come in hues of deep green accompanied by patches of bright Orange, subtle soft Purple, and a frosty, sticky coating. 

So here’s an overview of the flavors, aroma, and appearance of this kickass strain!

FlavorsSweet, Lilac/Lavender, Floral
AromaCitrus, Lilac/Lavender, Sweet
TasteEarthy, Lilac/Lavender
AppearanceDeep Green + Soft Purple patches, Orange pistils, and a sticky texture.

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Dosilato Strain: Medical Benefits, Effects, And Usage

Dosilato Strain: Medical Benefits, Effects, And Usage

The Dosi lato strain is a hybrid, and that too Indica-dominant. Now you know the impact of hybrids – typically relaxing, sedating, and calming. Plus, the high THC percentage and Indica dominance won’t let you stand on your feet while making sure your body is completely relaxed. 

People suffering from anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain have successfully used the Dosilato strain. And that’s not all. The strain has also proved to be quite helpful for people who have long suffered from chronic pain in the joints. 

The high content of THC makes it the perfect choice for smokers who are relatively experienced as compared to newcomers. Some consumers can, in fact, feel anxious or paranoid in case they don’t possess the built-up tolerance for handling the strain’s potency. Additionally, people must also be aware of different body effects, which are very common in the case of all Indica-dominant hybrids.

Unlike those Sativa-dominant hybrids focussing on the mind, Indica-dominant hybrids are all about affecting your entire body. If you aren’t on board with the sedative-like effects, then this can prove to be quite disorienting. In fact, if you make some other plans after smoking, then this train is definitely not the right choice for that day. 

The Dosilato strain is a nighttime or afternoon strain, more importantly since so many consumers use the strain for sleep. Think about it. You can sit down and smoke up before falling into a nice, long sleep. 

Check out the different effects of the strain mentioned below.

  • Positive effects: Relaxing, Sleepy, and Calming.
  • Adverse effects: Dizziness, Dry Eyes, and Dry Mouth. 
  • Medical benefits: Anxiety relief, Stress Relief, Sleep aid, Relief from Chronic Pain, and Relief from Depression Symptoms.
  • Usage: Nighttime or Afternoon.

Alternatives To The Dosilato Strain

Alternatives To The Dosilato Strain

The Dosilato or the Dolato strain is perfect – trust us, we understand! But depending on one strain makes things very unreliable! In that case, it’s always to keep up with the various alternatives of any strain.

So, without wasting any time, let’s check out the alternatives of the Dosilato Strain!

See Also
rainbow chip strain

  • Brandywine, 
  • Garlicane,
  • OG #18, and
  • CBD Kush.

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User Reviews: Is The Dosilato Strain Reliable?

Check out the consumer reviews of the all-elusive Dosilato strain mentioned below before you can buy some!

Review From c……..y (Anonymous)

“Great hybrid. Although this can give you a pretty good head high, it’s great for daytime use where you don’t give two shits in the world and want just to do what you want to do. Do some gardening and get lost in watching the bees pollinate your flowers. It’s also good for after work where you want just to relax and chill till you go to bed.”

Review From 1……..g (Anonymous)

“My Dosilato (AKA: Dolato) was by Connected Cannabis and contained 25% THC. Buds are hard, fern green with touches of purple velvet. The pistils are sun bright orange, and the frosty trichomes cover the buds. Fruity, earthy, spicy, and pines are the smells and the tastes. The effects left me feeling stress-free in both my mind and body. I got a relaxing high without the heavy sedation. Gelato 41 and Dosido give us this delight. Enjoy Your Green Privilege :)”

Review From e……..w (Anonymous)

“Enjoyed as a joint, Dolato produces a euphoric high on par with the best indica strains, perfect for a brisk autumn walk or relaxing nightcap. With a pronounced, smooth, and velvety lemon flavor, it is easy to find the characteristics of its parent, Gelato #41, and remains one of the better-tasting strains I have had the pleasure to smoke.”

Review From D……..9 (Anonymous)

“I love this. Smoke it medically and really helps with PTSD, Anxiety, Pain, and Depression for me. Makes my body tingle all over. Good for creativity and feels like I can either talk for a while and be content just chilling the next minute. I have to agree with the other reviews. You really just want to do your own thing when on this stuff. Meaning: You usually have a pretty good idea after smoking what you will be doing with your time. I can go either way, but I definitely feel brief periods where I am more energetic and others when it hits with the couch lock. Overall I would always love to have a regular stock of this; it’s pretty good on pain, much like original Do-si-dos. Enjoy this strain. Try it if you see it available…You won’t be disappointed.”

Source Of Above Reviews

Reviews And Prices:

The ones who try out the Dosilato strain usually report the relaxation it provides, as well as the strength of the THC percentage. Often, it is praised as a perfect couch strain because of its sedative, body-numbing effects. It is considered to be ideal for the ones who like to spend time on the couch, relaxing and resting. 

If you prefer Indica-dominant hybrids, then this strain is right up your alley. Because of the 70/30 split, the effects of Indica are potent, but the Sativa percentage provides a very focused mind high. Unlike certain other Indica strains, many people also say that it does not leave you feeling sedated or sluggish, even when you undergo feelings of incredible relaxation. 

On average, Dosilato buds cost somewhere between 10 dollars to 15 dollars for a single gram, about 35 dollars to 45 dollars for an eighth, 130 dollars to 1401 dollars for half an ounce, and 280 dollars to 290 dollars for an ounce.

Our Verdict: The Strain We Have All Been Waiting For!


If you were looking up some other fancy strain on a fancy website with words like ‘lavender gelato leafly,’ stop right now! Because the Dosilato strain is the one we have all been waiting for – it gets you high, calms you down, and makes every trip memorable. Isn’t that what you expect from any strain you buy? 

So tell us what your thoughts are on the Dosilato strain, and share your experiences of smoking the same in the comments below.

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