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Spotting Fake Elf Bars: How To Spot Fake Elf Bars?

Spotting Fake Elf Bars: How To Spot Fake Elf Bars?

fake elf bars

If you happen to love disposable vapes, chances are you have tried out elf bars. Elf bars have been taking over the entire vaping community, thanks to their brightly colored, stylish appearance and yummy flavors. Plus, these elf bars are also known for transforming the whole vaping experience. 

Unfortunately, the increasing popularity of elf bars has resulted in unscrupulous retailers and manufacturers selling counterfeit products in the hope of enjoying at least some part of the action – suddenly, the vape market is flooded with fake elf bars irritating genuine retailers in the process.

But that’s not the only problem with these fake vapes – these also pose certain risks to the consumers. This is precisely why it is vital to know how you can spot fake elf bars easily.

Do Fake Elf Bars Exist? 

Do Fake Elf Bars Exist

So, are fake elf bars dangerous? And do these exist? Yes to both questions – a fake elf bar not just ruins the business of genuine retailers of elf bars but also can impact the consumer negatively. 

This is normal – just like any other market is full of fake brands, the vaping market has also seen a steady increase in counterfeit disposables.

Unethical manufacturers, retailers, and resellers are flooding the vaping market with fake elf bars at an alarming rate without any consideration for the health implications these products pose for consumers. 

Dangerous or weak batteries can actually have a dangerous impact on the user’s health and their entire vaping experience. This is why it is important to identify fake elf bars – so how to tell if elf bar is fake? Stay tuned to find out more.

Spotting Fake Elf Bars: How To Spot Fake Elf Bars?

How To Spot Fake Elf Bars

Fortunately, there is more than one way to identify fake elf bars. This is particularly true for any elf bar well known for creating long-lasting and high-quality products. So without wasting time, let’s dig in! 

1. Check The Packaging: 

Check The Packaging

Yep, it starts inevitably with the elf bar packaging. While fake elf bars often come with a similar packaging that’s very similar to the real products, there are some signs that can help anyone to identify the fake products as compared to the genuine ones. 

Just remember that, like most brands, there’s no single fake design in this case as well – instead, there could be multiple versions of the fake products. 

For instance, the really popular Elf Bar 600 comes in this laminated box. But its fake version comes in normal cardboard boxes. You will also find out that these boxes for 50mg and 20mg have only one logo situated on the box’s top, whereas fake ones have the brand’s logos on the bottom as well as the top. 

While this might not seem helpful at the moment, trust us, there are several inconsistencies, especially in terms of packaging. Determining what the original package looks like can always help you spot the fake product – and it’s a universal thing if you think about it. 

2. Examine The Barcode:

Examine The Barcode

Yep, elf bar verification or even elf bar authentication is very real. One of the biggest signs that you have been duped into buying fake elf bars is the barcodes on the boxes. For any elf bar device, identifying the same is pretty simple – we will tell you how. 

Any elf bar that is authentic will have one EAN barcode on the side of the package, right beside the ‘anti-counterfeit holographic sticker.’ 

Authentic elf bars feature holographic stickers that are intricate and highly detailed. This sticker, in reality, is very important and also comes with multiple small yet noticeable features – all of which are characteristics you can definitely look out for easily. 

These features are as follows,

  • Fake elf bars do not have colorless fluorescence and holographic laser security threads.
  • Anti-stripping knife.
  • Fake elf bars use ordinary paper.
  • Micro text.
  • Super anti-counterfeit code.
  • High anti-latent shadow.

3. Verify The QR Code: 

Verify The QR Code

Nope, you don’t have to google ‘fake elf bar bc5000’ to identify fake elf bars. Instead, you can also check out the QR code and verify the same to find out more. 

In order to verify the QR code with your smartphone, just scan the same. You will be immediately redirected to the verification page on the official website of elf bars. Here, you can easily insert the unique verification code of your device and check whether it’s genuine or not.

If your elf bar is a genuine product, you are bound to receive a text saying, ‘The security code you inquired about is correct.’ 

At the same time, the text will also have details on how many times the product verification has been done – ideally, it should be one. 

Since, most of the time, single security codes are reused for different fake elf bars, it’s best to check the number of inquiry times. If the product is fake, you will immediately receive a bold, red ‘WARNING’ sign. 

It is best not to use fake products under any circumstance.

4. Check The Device: 

Check The Device

The fake elf bar side effects can be dangerous for your health. This is precisely why it is vital to identify the fake elf bars from the real ones. Another way to identify the fake elf bars is to just check your device. 

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Accidentally, if you end up purchasing fake elf bars, then identifying whether it’s real or not is so much more complicated. Fake elf bars come with colors and designs that almost match the real products. 

Without the packaging and the box, you will never be able to find out whether the product you are using is real or fake. 

However, some things like weak battery life, flavors, and even leaky tanks are all signs that your product is fake. If you do see these warning signs, then immediately stop using the device since these are not tested before and fail to meet any regulation standards.

Alternatives To Elf Bars

So, it already discussed that Elf Bars are probably one of the most counterfeited vapes available on the market. As a result, finding an authentic Elf Bar Vapes can be a challenging task. Hence, keeping that in mind, we have decided to include a list of some of the most available vapes on the market, and can easily act as a better alternatives to other vaping devices.

Lost Mary BM600

Aesthetically, the Lost Mary vapes look quite different from Elf Bar vapes. Unlike the Elf Bars, Lost Mary vapes are small and come in bos-like shapes. As a result, they can be extremely pocket friendly and convenient to carry. As far as flavors go, these vapes bring a whole range of flavors to the table. Some of the flavors like Double Apple, Triple Mango, and Pineapple ice are unique to these vapes.

These vapes come with a 20mg cartridge strength which can deliver up to 600 puffs at a single go. Therefore the mileage offered really stacks up well against an Elf Bar vape. Hence, you can consider opting for this brand if you are having trouble finding an authentic Elf Bar product.

Crystal Bar

Another vape that stacks up really well against any Elf Bar product is the amazing Crystal Bar. See the resemblance of the name? Similar to the aforementioned entries, this crystal-like disposable vape is a great low-range vaping device that brings all the class but at half a price. With 38 assorted flavors, this vape will be an amazing addition to your collection.  The best about these vapes is that they use the same kind of nic salt as Elf Bars do. The experience therefore will be mostly identical. 

If you are somebody who looks for newer flavors every now and then, the Crystal Bars have got you. Some of the most popular and sought out flavors of the brand include Lemon Lime, Cola Ice, and Fizzy Cherry. 

And It’s A Wrap!

And it’s a wrap on spotting fake elf bars. So, what are your thoughts on using fake elf bars? We just asked you to be very careful – trust us, the health implications are severe. And it’s like using anything fake – the end results are always bad. So, preferably, if you can avoid using fake elf bars, do so!

In the meantime, feel free to share your experiences and stories related to fake elf bars in the comments below.

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