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The HIGHLY Anticipated Debate: Dab Pen vs Cart 

The HIGHLY Anticipated Debate: Dab Pen vs Cart 

dab pen vs cart

Want to know who will win the Dab Pen vs Cart discussion? Well, this is the right place for you then. Here, we have all the information you need in order to make the right choice for you. Let us dive right in. 

Dab Pens

Dab Pens

Dab pens are vaping devices that are designed to consume a specific cannabis concentrate known as dabs. In short, dab pens are designed in a way that mimics the feeling of consuming a dab but without its drawbacks. This concentrate is characterized by high potency. As a result, only experienced vapers should consume dabs. 

Dabs contain up to 70% to 80% THC. Hence, the chances of reaching a green out stage while consuming dabs are very high. This is why dab pens are very flexible in their operation. Users claim that consuming dabs via these pens makes for an amazing experience. 

Users can control the heat and the length of the drag. This alleviates the experience to a great level. 

Carts (Vape Pens)

Carts (Vape Pens)

Similar to dab pens, carts are vapes that help in consuming cannabis concentrates. These pens usually come with pre-filled cartridges that are full of refined cannabis oils. Vape pens are very popular due to their simplicity and convenience. 

These pens allow users to consume the cannabis oil of their choice. Cannabis oils can also be classified as concentrates. They contain high concentrations of THC and have a myriad of uses apart from recreational. In fact, sources suggest that cannabis oils have high analgesic capabilities. This means these substances can mediate and alleviate pain. 

Compared to dab pens, carts or cannabis vape pens offer fewer customization options or settings. This means users have to use the pen according to the preset settings. While this is not a big deal, some users prefer to have that added layer of flexibility. 

Dab Pen vs Cart: Similarities

Dab Pen vs Cart Similarities

Before we start discussing the differences between Dab Pen and Cart, we think we need to take a look at the similarities. This will enable us to understand the whole debate from an objective and informed standpoint. 

Portable & Discreet

Both devices are very portable and discreet. These devices look inconspicuous and enable you to consume your cannabis on the go. Secondly, none of the devices leave a trail of stinky smoke. As a result, you do not have to worry about a thing while you are out on the streets. Therefore, these devices are perfect for someone who travels a lot. However, THC-dominant pens will get you high, so check yourself.


Dab pens, as well as carts, use substances that have higher concentrations of CBD than THC. CBD is a cannabinoid, but it does not have the psychoactive properties of  THC. Therefore, these pens will not get you high. However, these pens will still let you enjoy all the benefits of CBD. As a result, medical users prefer using such vaping pens for their cannabis consumption. 

Needs Maintainance

Even the most sophisticated vaping devices on the market are subjected to clogging, breakages, and leaking. 

Liquid losing potency and clogging are two of the most common maintenance issues. Leaving dab pens out in the sun can degrade the flavor and potency of the substance. Meanwhile, regular usage can also clog up the device. 

Hence, dab pens and carts require similar maintenance routines. While some blogs will suggest that you dismantle the device, we would suggest otherwise. Take some cotton swabs to clean the mouth of the device or unclog the chamber. 

Dab Pen vs Cart: Differences

With the similarities out of the way, we must take a moment and look at the key differences that characterize the Dab Pen vs Cart discussion. Here we go!

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Dab Pens Require Extra Bit Of Love

It is a preferable practice to wipe the mouthpiece after every vaping session. However, regular cleaning is mandatory when it comes to Dab pens. This is because dab pens deal with thick substances that clog up more easily. As a result, you might have to maintain a dab pen more frequently than not. The best way to clean your dab pen is by using Isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs. Subsequently, replace the mouthpiece regularly if your vape pen allows that. 

Dab Pens Do Not Have Disposable Contents

Unlike carts, dab pens do not come with disposable components. In fact, a dab pen can be refilled and reused multiple times before it breaks down. This is primarily because dabs are more expensive than other forms of concentrates. This is a pro as well as a con for the user. A single dab pen can be repeatedly used for a longer period of time. Meanwhile, you need to repeatedly replace components to ensure that it runs smoothly. 

Carts Have Lower Potency

Dab is one of the most potent cannabis products out there. Manufacturers need to follow a series of steps before they can create dabs. As a result, dabs are purer cannabis extracts that have higher concentrations of THC. Therefore, Dab pens are naturally more potent than carts. This is why users with low cannabis tolerance should not opt for dab pens.

Dabs Provide More Control

Dab pens are meant to simulate how full-size dab rigs function. This is why these vapes are made using replaceable components. This makes these devices more flexible than carts. A dab pen user can change all the settings according to his or her wishes. Meanwhile, a cart user will have to make do with the preset values. In some of the more expensive dab pens, users can even choose the amount of vapor to the type of hit they want to take. 


In summary, these are all the things that you should know about the Dab Pen vs. Cart discussion. Both devices are amazing in their own respect, but if you are a veteran cannabis user, you should gravitate towards dab pens. This is because they are more potent and have modular flexibility that carts lack.

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