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Know Your Cannabis: Forbidden Fruit Strain

Know Your Cannabis: Forbidden Fruit Strain

Forbidden Fruit Strain

Welcome to yet another episode of reviewing cannabis strains. Today, I have chosen the Forbidden Fruit strain that has lately been making all the waves in the cannabis industry. What is the hype about? Is it even worth it? Can you handle it? These are some of the questions that I will try to answer. So, let us dive right in.  

Overview Of The Forbidden Fruit Strain

Overview Of The Forbidden Fruit Strain

Those of us who have grown up on Disney animated films should know that a strain that is named after the famous Snow white trope of the forbidden apple is not the one you should mess around with. I mean, it is literally called the Forbidden Fruit strain. What more do you need to know?  

However, like Snow White, you will not be able to fight your urges when you learn more about this amazing yet mysterious strain called the Forbidden Fruit or FF. FF is a product of mixing Cherry Pie of the lemon cherry gelato family with Tangie. Such a rich lineage and some amazing features have made this weed strain one of the most sought-after premium strains of cannabis. 

The FF strain was first created by an established San Francisco-based grow house named the Chameleon Extracts. The very first batch of FF strain hit the dispensary shelves sometime in mid-2016. Since then, the strain has eventually become one of the best strains of all time. In fact, users claim that the strain is worthy of being in the Cannabis Hall Of Fame.  

The FF strain is an Indica Dominant strain. In other words, the strain has 75% Indica lineage and 25% Sativa lineage. Therefore, expect some woozy and the best of both worlds kind of high with this iconic strain. However, the Indica side of the family will party a little harder. 

Users claim that the Forbidden Fruit strain is a very strong strain. I mean, we are talking about 26% to 29% THC-level strong. Couple this with strong Indica effects, you have a strain that can easily knock you out cold.  

With the basics out of the way, let us spare a moment and look at the strain’s rich family tree in order to know more about its origin. 

Cherry Pie

The first strain that lent its genetic makeup to the Forbidden Fruit strain is none other than the iconic Cherry Pie strain. The Cherry Pie strain is a hybrid strain in itself. Cherry pie is a product of crossing Grand Daddy Purple with Durban Poison. As a result, it is one of the finest hybrid strains out there.  

The blend mentioned above resulted in a strain that is known to provide a sense of relaxation, euphoria, and uplifting qualities to its users. The Cherry Pie strain is an Indica-dominant strain that boasts around 16% to 25% THC. Its Primary terpenes are pinene, linalool, limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. 


The next strain in the mix is the mesmerizing Tangie strain. Unlike Cherry Pie, Tangie is a sativa-dominant hybrid. The Tangie is a  flavorful strain that has a unique citrusy flavor that no other strain has at the moment. This strain is a result of crossing Skunk #1 with California Orange, both of which are great in themselves.  

Another thing that sets Tangie apart from Cherry Pie is its moderate hitting potency. The strain’s THC content ranges between 19% to around 22%. Still, it is not a weak strain by any means. Users have claimed that the strain has the capability to knock even the most veteran cannabis connoisseurs. Tangie’s primary terpenes involve limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. These terpenes are greatly responsible for the strain’s iconic flavor and effects.  



Over the years, the Forbidden Fruit strain has gained a reputation for being one of the rarest strains in existence. Still, it is one of the most popular Indica-dominant strains. This is primarily because of the strain’s characteristics. So, let us jump right in and look at some of the characteristics that set this cannabis apart from most others you will encounter.  


As soon as you get your cannabis goodie bag filled with your brand-new FF strain, you will note that the buds of this strain are bushy and robust-looking. The leaves of the buds are broad and densely packed. This makes it a perfect strain for indoor cultivation with limited space.  

Apart from the bud’s tucked-in appearance, the strain has one of the most mesmerizing colorations. The primary hue of this strain is dark green. But in colder conditions, the buds might develop some subtle shades of purple. This is because the strain has a specific pigment called the anthocyanins. Anthocyanins change color according to temperature. 

The dark green or purple leaves will be coated by small orange hairs called pistils. Therefore, it adds more funk to the overall appearance of the strain.  All in all, the Forbidden Fruit strain is a very aesthetic strain.  


After you are done taking the beauty of this lady, it is time to move on to the next base. As soon as you open your bag of cannabis, you will be treated to a captivating aroma unlike anything you have ever smelt.  

Every user explains the smell differently. I personally picked up hints of fruity aroma that is coupled with a tropical sweetness of cherries. I am a skunky weed lover, but still, I enjoyed the unique aromatic essence of this strain. It kind of transported me to my favorite Disney animated film of all time.  

On the second whiff, I picked a citrusy aroma of the Tangie strain. Therefore, the aroma of the strain is enough to tingle your senses and welcome you to a wholesome experience.  


Similar to the aromatic profile, the FF strain does not disappoint when it comes to the general flavors. The aroma and the flavors are quite closely related. At no point in my consumption the flavor profile shifted drastically. This was a huge plus in my book.  

Upon the very first swig, I was greeted by a delicious blend of cherry and orangy flavor profiles. Such a flavor profile appeals to new users who cannot handle the classic skunky flavoring of some of the top shelf cannabis in the market.  

As I started exhaling the smoke, I noticed another unique flavor profile. This time, the sweet cherry-orangy flavor was subtly being replaced by a woody and earthy burn. Unlike most other strains, this was not too strong. As a result, it did not interfere with the initial flavor profile of the strain.  

I personally felt that this was a happy departure and added more character to the overall flavor profile. Subsequently, adds to the experience.  


The terpene profile of the strain hugely dictates the aroma and flavor of the strain. Not only that, but the terpenes also contribute to the experience of the strain. Here is a detailed rundown of some of the most prominent terpenes that you can expect in a batch of Forbidden Fruit strain.  

Myrcene: This is the most abundant terpene that you will find in the FF strain. Myrcene gives out an aroma reminiscent of herbs and fruits like hops, lemongrass, mangoes, etc. This terpene is also known to aid people dealing with insomnia, inflammation, and pain.  

Limonene: The next on our list is the limonene. It is responsible for the citrusy flavor profile of the strain. The terpene is also responsible for the mood-alleviating capability of the strain. Users claim that limonene has helped them center their thoughts and de-clutter their minds. One of my friends who suffers from ADHD and BPD claims that limonene has helped him calm down and center his thoughts.  

Caryophyllene: The final terpene on our list is Caryophyllene. It is the only terpene that has the capability to interact with your endocannabinoid system. The primary notes of this terpene are woody, spicy, and peppery. This adds to the woody undertone of the strain. This terpene can help people who are dealing with anxiety, inflammation, chronic and acute pains. Users also claim that the strain has the ability to reduce alcohol cravings.  

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The Highness

The Highness

It is useful to know about the characteristics of a strain, but we consume cannabis for the experience and not for its characteristics. The FF strain is an iconic train that has a hefty THC content that ranges from 15% to 25%. In this section, we will try to systematically break down the experience of smoking or consuming the Forbidden Fruit strain into three distinct categories.  

Onset & Experience 

While getting your hands on this strain is not the easiest thing to do, but it is certainly one of those strains that will gradually take you higher. I personally loved this aspect of the strain. The high of this strain is not like a gut punch. It is a soothing wave of euphoria and bliss that comes in waves.  

As soon as you take a whiff of this iconic strain, you will be greeted by a mesmerizing wave of serenity and calm. I personally suffer from a chaotic mind. Being a writer means that your thoughts are always cluttered. The initial onset of this strain helped me center myself and de-clutter my mind.  

The sativa part of the strain will hit you first. It gave me a creative zeal that helped me put my thoughts into words with more ease. However, this creative zeal lasted for about 15 minutes, and then the experience waddled into the indica side of things. 

The indica side of things was a little intense. For the next hour, all I did was remain locked to the couch and chomp on greasy food. But it never felt over the top. This was because of the balanced high. In fact, I managed to start a book that I was meaning to start. So, it kept me alert while transporting me to a dreamy state. 

The final stage of the experience is all about sleeping. Before I lit my joint, I timed myself. For me, the whole experience lasted for an hour. End of I decided to take a nap for two more hours. So, for me, the whole experience lasted for about 3 hours. So, this is a truly hard-hitting strain that should be in your arsenal.  


Given my general experience with the strain, I have deduced that industries can use the FF strain to develop products that could help people deal with certain ailments and problems. Here is a detailed rundown of some of the most popular and effective usage of the Forbidden fruit strain: 

Recreational: One of the first things that this strain can be used for is recreational usage. The FF strain is one of the most popular Indica-dominant strains out there. The grow house responsible for creating this hybrid has reportedly sold around a billion units of this cannabis. I have taken a single bag as one unit.  

Medicinal: Given my experience, I can infer that the Forbidden Fruit strain is a perfect strain that has several medicinal properties. People who suffer from acute/chronic pain, insomnia, ADHD, BPD, depression, anxiety, etc., can find this strain helpful in several different ways. Hence, it is a great medical cannabis.

Side Effects

Even though the strain has a myriad of benefits attached to its name, it is not all good. In other words, the high THC content, along with low CBD levels, can make this strain a little too much for some people. In this section, we will look at some of the ways in which this strain can be detrimental to your health.  

Anxiety Attacks: This is a heavy-hitting strain. Beginners should try to stay away from this strain. At one point, I personally felt that the strain was getting a little too much. Therefore, new users could feel like they are way out of their depths.  

Green Out: Green out is characterized by absolute immobility, loss of coherence, loss of orientation, etc. Think of this as an episode of cannabis overdose. An episode of green out is not fatal. However, in some cases, individuals had to be hospitalized

Closing Thought

With that, you have reached the end of my review of the iconic Indica-dominant strain named the Forbidden Fruit strain. An iconic strain that is not only a flavorful experience but it is a whole experience that is mostly unparalleled. Keep following our page for more cannabis-related content.


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