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How Long Do Elf Bars Last: A Comprehensive Guide

How Long Do Elf Bars Last: A Comprehensive Guide

how long do elf bars last

Buying an Elf Bar vape is not enough always. Knowing how long do elf bars last is also important for an Elf bar owner. Therefore, if you are somebody who is all set to buy a new vape but is confused about the shelf life and general usage, then you are in the right place. We bring you a comprehensive guide to all the information you would need when it comes to Elf Bar.

Average Puff Count

Average Puff Count

How long do elf bars last? The average lifespan of an Elf Bar vape, like the ever-popular BC5000, is approximately around 5000 puffs, after which the device would not remain functional. Therefore if you ask, “How long do elf bars last bc5000?” We have to do a simple calculation.

An average vaper usually takes around 132 puffs on a daily basis. Therefore, a BC5000 would last a user somewhere around 37.9 days or 5.4 weeks. On the other hand, a heavy vaper would take more puffs of the vape. Therefore, the amount of time taken by a heavy vaper to finish the vape can be considerably less. 

So, how long do elf bars last in days? The answer, therefore hugely depends on a user and his/her vaping habit. While a light user can make his/her BC5000 vape last around a month, a more hardcore user might deplete his/her vape in much lesser time. Here is a list of all the Elf Bar vapes and their general puff counts that would serve as a great reference point. 

  • Elf Bar 600: 600 puffs, 2ml of e-juice.
  • Elf bar 2000: 2000 puffs, 6.5 ml of e-juice.
  • Elf Bar BC3000: 3000 puffs, 10 ml of e-juice.
  • Elf Bar BC4000: 4000 puffs, 11.5 ml of e-juice.
  • Elf Bar BC5000: 5000 puffs, 13 ml of e-juice.

Battery Life

Elf Bar is a popular option amongst vapers that come pre-filled with an e-juice that has a specific flavor and a pre-charged battery. This makes these vapes a go-to choice for anybody who travels since these vapes are essentially very easy to carry. Moreover, the general convenience provided by these vapes plays a major role in their overall popularity in the community. 

The battery life of these vapes is a prominent factor when it comes to usage. Elf Bars come with good quality batteries that are devoid of any sort of defect or leakage. Therefore, you can easily keep using your Elf Bar without worrying about the battery malfunctioning or running out before the intended time. 

Even though the quality of the battery is generally quite good, the overall depletion of the battery depends hugely upon the user again. A casual user would experience longer battery life than a heavy user.

If you own a rechargeable vape from Elf Bar, consider charging it only when the battery runs low and there is a proper indication. Also, never keep your vape charging overnight. Moreover, do not store the device in any place where there are extremes of temperature, like too hot or too cold. This would enable you to prolong the life of your battery. Let us look at some of the vape devices and the batteries they come in.

  • Elf Bar 600: 400 mAh
  • Elf Bar 2000: 1200 mAh.
  • Elf Bar BC3000: 650 mAh rechargeble.
  • Elf Bar BC4000: 650 mAh rechargeble
  • Elf Bar BC5000: 650 mAh rechargeable. 

Shelf Life

Shelf life usually refers to the amount of time a product can be stored without using it before it actually breaks down. Therefore, when it comes to consumable products like vapes, this becomes a huge factor to consider. 

Sources suggest that a typical Elf Bar can be stored for up to 2 years from the date of manufacturing. Therefore, an Elf Bar can be stored for quite a long time if you are somebody who is a light vape. Now, it should be noted that you can even consider taking a hit after the aforementioned time bracket. However, if you do, the flavor would certainly not pack a punch or can even be harmful. So when we are talking about shelf-life, we are referring to the shelf-life of the e-juice that comes pre-filled with the vape.

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As a result, the company suggests users should use the Elf-bar before the shelf-life ends for better results. Therefore, keep an eye out for the manufacturing date before buying an Elf Bar product. Otherwise, you might be investing in a fluke that does not work properly. 

Storage conditions

Elf Bars have a long storage life amongst most of the vapes that are out there in the market. However, this is only applicable if you store your vape under optimal conditions. These optimal conditions include the following conditions:

  • Generally, Elf Bars should be stored in dry, cool places. If you expose the vape to high temperatures, then there is a chance that the liquid might evaporate. Therefore, the ideal temperature is between 10 to 25 degree Celsius. 
  • As explained already, humidity does not work well with Elf Bars. Therefore, please store your Elf Bar in dry places in order to stop the moisture from entering the battery or damaging the e-juice.
  • You should also keep the Elf Bar away from any sport of direct light or sunlight. Otherwise, your e-juice might dry up, or the device can discolor over the course of time. 

Factors Affecting Longevity

Therefore, as is apparent from the above discussion, how long do elf bars last? Although, in perfect conditions, the vapes can last somewhere up to 2 years. There are other sets of factors that do affect the longevity of your device. These factors include:

  • Frequency of use. If you are somebody who uses the device too much, then it might deplete your overall vape health. So moderation is the name of the game if you want to keep your vape healthy and use it for long.
  • E-Juice type also determines the overall shelf-life of an Elf Life vape bar. Therefore, keep a look out for the expiry date of these juices. While some have long shelf-life, others are faster perishable. 


In summation, these are the factors that determine how long do elf bars last. Elf Bars are an amazing option if you are looking for something that is stylish and packs a huge punch of flavors. Still, no matter what the company claims, consider replacing your device in under six months from the date of your purchase to have a better vaping experience.

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