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The Ultimate Guide To Elf Bar Charger: Everything You Need to Know  

The Ultimate Guide To Elf Bar Charger: Everything You Need to Know  

elf bar charger

Smoking a cigarette is so outdated, don’t you think? Vape is the new thing; it is sleek, it is ‘healthier,’ and most of all, you look good. Maybe this is why young and old smokers are gravitating toward vape.

Keeping this in mind, companies have come up with newer and better versions of e-cigarettes or vapes, as you may know them. Elf Bar is one of the leading brands in the category, with a range of products that appeal to even the most ‘hardcore vapers.’

However, buying a vape comes with its own little confusion and challenges. And we are here to help you with just that. So, stick around if you want to know more about Elf Bars and Elf Bar charger.

What Is An Elf Bar?  

Before proceeding forward, it is better to know what the hell elf bars are. To put it simply, they are disposable vapes that are meant for single use. Like most other vapes, they come with a single-use battery and are pre-filled with e-fluid. Although they were released a few years back, they are all the rage among the individuals in the vaping community.

Elf bar comes in thirty different flavors that are inspired by fruity or candy flavors. This range of flavors can be found across 20+ devices. Therefore, Elf Bar makes sure to provide the clientele with proper choices. These devices come in a range of sizes starting from 400 puffs and can go up to ten times that amount. Moreover, even If you do not want to consume nicotine, Elf Bar got you covered. They offer options that have 0% nicotine, as claimed by the company.

When it comes to pricing, they again offer variety. The single-use, 600-puff Elf Bar would cost you around $5 to $6. Meanwhile, their most popular product Elf Bar BC5000 can cost you around 18$. The company claims that this product would provide you with around 5000 puffs.

Now, any owner of an Elf bar product would agree that charging is a hassle. Now, we understand that it is pointless to provide any sort of charging device with a disposable product. However, the company also does not provide any charger for elf bar products that are chargeable. In other words, please send our Elf Bar BC500 with an Elf Bar BC5000 charger as well!

How To Charge The Elf Bar Now?  

Now that you got your new vape and you feel like one of the cool kids, you need to worry about charging it and buying an Elf Bar charger. I am just kidding; we got you, fellow vaper. Here is everything that you need to know about charging your vape product.

What charger does an elf bar take? As mentioned earlier, there is no specific Elf bar charger that you need to procure. You can use any Type-C USB charger as your Elf Bar vape charger without any sort of hassle.

How to charge the device? The process is very simple and is similar to charging any other small devices like earphones, phones, watches, etc.

  • First, you need to locate the charging port. Elf Bar products usually put the charging port at the very bottom of the product.
  • After locating the port, plug in the Type-C cable and flip the switch.
  • Wait for around 90 minutes to two hours for it to be completely charged.

Remember to only use Type-C micro-USB chord as only elf bar charger type, and nothing else. Also, if possible, you should refrain from using fast-charging chords as they can damage your device.

Why Elf Bar Does Not Provide Charger?  

Now, the precise reason as to why such a famous company like Elf Bar is not providing chargers, even though other companies are, is unclear. However, one of the foremost reasons could be cost-cutting. According to the company, if a chord is provided as an elf bar charger, then the cost of their product might increase by $2 or $3. Now this small increase might not bother clients at first. However, it can definitely start adding to the overall cost and would hamper sales.

Moreover, the company claims that it is pro-environment. Therefore, they want to lessen its carbon footprint. According to sources, adding a chord and a socket would increase the plastic content of their product. Moreover, the overall packaging would increase in size as well, which again increases plastic usage. Therefore, they went forward with the assumption that Type-C charger is very common and users will have access to it.

Vaping: Some Fast Facts

Even though this article is all about Elf Bar and the chargers provided. As a member of the vaping and cannabis community, I think I need to discuss some of the most important aspects of vaping, so that you know what to do, or if you should do it.

One of the foremost aspects of the very act of vaping is that researchers believe it can prove to be worse for your heart and lungs. Several vaping companies managed to make people believe that vaping as an action is safer than smoking. However, researchers now claim that this claim has no fixed basis. Some doctors claim that vaping does more damage at a faster rate than cigarettes. One of the most common syndromes that is caused due vaping is called popcorn lung syndrome. Scientifically it is known as bronchiolitis obliterans. This is something that is primarily caused by due to repeated toxic chemical inhalation.

Another piece of lie that vape companies push you is that vaping can work as a cessation for smoking. Companies make consumers believe that vapes are healthier and do not contain anything addictive. But that is far from the truth. The very act of vaping can become a compulsion soon enough and then turn into an addiction. Therefore, vapes are addictive and are not an alternative to quitting cigarettes. 

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If these are the primary reasons why you have shifted or want to shift to vapes, then I suggest that you do not. Vapes are not ‘better’ than anything. In fact,  they are nothing but an alternative to cigarettes but come with their own very serious downsides. As a result, whenever you are opting for vapes, consider doing it with ease and proper information. Otherwise, you are doing it wrong.


Q. Can I recharge an Elf Bar without a USB Port?

Ans: No. You cannot charge an Elf Bar device that does not have a USB port. Even though there are videos on YouTube showing you methods of charging an Elf Bar without any USB Port, we would highly recommend against it.

A device that is not meant for charging would not know when to stop charging. In other words, it does not have any systems to indicate the user to stop charging. This can often lead to overcharging, and a lithium-ion battery can become unstable in such situations.

Q. How to charge the elf bar with an iPhone charger?

Ans: I mean, can you charge your Android device with an iPhone charger? Your rechargeable Elf bar product only comes with a Type-C USB port which recognizes a similar port. If you try to charge your Elf Bar product with an iPhone charger, it can damage the product. Therefore, we recommend against it.

Q. Can I hit an Elf Bar while it’s charging?

Ans: The company claims that it is perfectly possible to hit an Elf bar while it is charging. However, we would suggest you not, as it can shorten the life of the battery. Subsequently, It can also cause short circuits, which is a fatality in itself.

Q. What is Elf Bar BC5000 charger type?

Ans: Any and every rechargeable product from Elf Bar only supports Type-C USB cable; this includes Elf Bar BC5000 as well.

And That Is A Wrap!

So, now that you know the ins and outs of your Elf Bar, Elf Bar charger and how to charge it. You are officially a part of the ‘Cool Kids gang.’ Go to the skating park and flaunt your new Elf Bar to other kids and get all the attention. Signing off!

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