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How Many Cigarettes In An Elf Bar? Explained 

How Many Cigarettes In An Elf Bar? Explained 

how many cigarettes in a elf bar

Smokers on the internet are going crazy with their keyboards and asking questions like, “How many cigarettes in a elf bar,” “How many cigarettes in a elf bar 5000,” or better yet, “Is elf bar a cigarette.” We suggest that you stop because we bring you all the necessary information that you need in order to effectively compare a cigarette and an Elf Bar vape.

We would discuss the effects and other factors of nicotine, along with the delivery system of the two methods of smoking. So without wasting a second, let us just dive right in. 

Nicotine And Its Effects

Nicotine And Its Effects

Nicotine is the foremost component of a cigarette. It is the primary substance that adds appeal to the act of smoking. It creates a temporary sense of euphoria and relaxation, coupled with an increased heart rate. As a result, the heart would need more oxygen to function.

Subsequently, as nicotine enters the body, there is a sudden surge of endorphins in the body. This is a chemical that helps relieve stress and pain, as well as improves the overall mood of individuals.

Nicotine is a quickly absorbed chemical. In other words, as soon as an individual smokes, nicotine rushes into that person’s bloodstream. This is when the chemical is peaking, but it dissipates quite quickly as well. As a result, people can easily become chain smokers in order to hold on to that feeling.

Nicotine is also directly related to the dopamine levels of the brain. Or the rewards system of the brain as it is popularly known. Dopamine is the chemical that releases a sense of euphoria. And it is this feeling of euphoria is something that keeps people attracted and engaged in smoking. 

Therefore nicotine is a highly addictive substance as it offers a general sense of relaxation and euphoria that keeps people functional but still under the influence. Therefore, it is something that can really mess with normal brain functioning. As a result, many people are switching from cigarettes to vapes, but to what extent is that a viable switch?

How Many Cigarettes Are In An Elf Bar?

When someone asks, “how many cigarettes in a elf bar?” What he or she generally means is, “How much nicotine is present in an Elf bar?” Now the nicotine strength of an Elf bar usually comes in two batches. The first batch includes 0%, 1%, and 2%, specifically for European products. Subsequently, the second batch includes 0%, 3%, and 5%, specifically for American markets. 

Elf Bars do come in options sans the nicotine. But in a recent TikTok video published by Dr. Onkar Madhu, he claimed that ‘Smoking a whole Geek or Elf bar is the equivalent of about 48 to 50 cigarettes. Both of these contain two milligrams of nicotine salt, so equivalent 20 milligrams of nicotine.

Although, it is true that e-cigarettes and vapes do have health hazards like popcorn lung syndrome, where the user would develop scar tissue in the inner lining of the lungs, blocking the airways.  But 48 to 50 cigarettes do sound far-fetched. 

According to a recent study done at Penn State University, the average nicotine content of a cigarette is somewhere around 10.2 to 13.4 mg per cigarette. Now multiply that by 20 cigarettes; the average value comes somewhere around 200 mg. Comparatively, an Elf Bar contains 2% nicotine, which is around 20 mg per ml.

Therefore if we take Elf Bar 600 as our reference, it contains 2 ml of e-liquid. Therefore, on average, 40 mg of nicotine is present in an Elf bar. So whenever you ask, “how many cigarettes are in a elf bar 600?” The answer is 4. There are approximately 4 cigarettes worth of nicotine in an Elf Bar. 

Moreover, the delivery method of nicotine also plays a major factor. A cigarette works on the principles of combustion. In other words, you set fire to the cigarette and inhale the smoke. The smoke contains nicotine as well as deadly carcinogens that go into your lungs. Meanwhile, an Elf Bar vaporizes the e-liquid using a coil. Therefore, it does not contain any carcinogens.  

Even though vapes contain lesser amounts of harmful chemicals, it is by no means healthy. In both cases, you are inhaling chemicals that are essentially very harmful and corrosive. One primary component of a vape is diacetyl. This chemical is known to cause major damage to your pulmonary system.

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Elf Bar vs Cigarettes

Elf Bar vs Cigarettes

Now both forms of smoking come with their own set of challenges. Therefore, it is very important for individuals to know the effects of both forms of smoking. This is a very important aspect of the “how many cigarettes in a elf bar” discussion. So, this section is meant as a comparative study between smoking a cigarette and vaping using an Elf Bar:

  • Smoke from cigarettes contains carcinogens that are rapid-working. Meanwhile, vapes contain a lesser amount of chemicals but no carcinogens.

  • Smoking can make a person stand out from the general population due to its noxious odor. Meanwhile, vapes do not smell. In fact, they smell rather good. So, vaping is comparatively more inconspicuous when compared to smoking.

  • Elf Bars, or any vapes for that matter, are costlier than a pack of cigarettes. However, this is because they offer users somewhere close to 600 to 1000 puffs. So, vapes are essentially a one-time investment for a while, unlike cigarettes which you have to buy every time it gets over.

  • Although not a big deal for smokers. But it should be noted that Elf Bars are much easier to carry than cigarettes. When you are carrying cigarettes, you have to carry a whole pack along with a matchstick or a lighter. But when it comes to vapes, you just carry your vapes and you are all set.

Final Thought

So there you go, here is all the information you need in order to determine “how many cigarettes in a Elf Bar.” Even though vaping is considerably safer than traditional smoking, it is by no means completely safe. Yes, it does have its merits, but it also has some health drawbacks that you need to know about.

Nonetheless, this was supposed to be an informative article on vaping and not a sermon. So, do keep the information handy when or if you are considering making a switch. 

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