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Weed Prices: Understanding How Much A Dub Of Weed Costs

Weed Prices: Understanding How Much A Dub Of Weed Costs

how much is a dub of weed

How much is a dub of weed? Now before we answer that question, let us take you on a long journey that looks at the origin of the term and how it got associated with the cannabis subculture. So, without further ado, let us sit back and take a green trip down the cannabis lane to explore the term ‘bud’ and the myriad of factors related to it! 

What Is A Dub Of Weed?

Anybody who has ever scored pot knows that $20 worth of weed is essentially what is called a “dub of weed” or a “dub sack.” Now this is essentially a loose way of measuring. In other words, $20 worth of weed could include an amount that is more than is around 1 or 2 grams of weed. This completely depends on the place you are scoring your pot from. 

Even though the term dub is essentially associated with weed, the origin of the term is essentially unusual. People would use this term for rims or wheels that were 20 inches in diameter. However, people would often use this term in order to covertly ask about $20 of weed without raising any sort of suspicion. The reason for using this term was to help people score pot without the fear of undercover cops. Therefore, in a way, legality played a huge role in the popularisation of this term in the cannabis subculture.

However, the word “dub” has gone through several iterations over the years before finally being associated with marijuana. Now whenever you hear someone on the street saying “ten-dollar dub” or fifteen dollar dub,” it essentially means that the guy is selling $20 worth of weed for $10 or $15. And not “I will bestow honor or title to your name for $10”. Do not worry; you will get that reference later on. 

How Much Gram Is A Dub Of Weed?

How Much Gram Is A Dub Of Weed

If we go by traditional measurements, then a dub sack of marijuana weighs somewhere around 1 to 2 grams of weed. Now, since the prices of weed have shifted over the course of time, a dub sack can even contain more than 2 grams of weed. Since, in some places, the standard rate for weed is $10 a gram. So, there is no fixed answer to the question, “how much is a dub of weed.

Still, if you are buying your weed from a dispensary, then get ready to get 1 or 2 grams worth of weed for $20. Therefore, making the black market seem like a more profitable choice.

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However, when you are talking about the black market, there is always the question of cops and the legality that comes with it. If you are caught with an unlicensed product from the black market, you can be charged with a hefty fine or even jail time. So, it is a balancing act.

Since the measurement of ‘dub’ is essentially a loose method of measuring. Therefore, it is quite difficult to measure the exact amount in any sort of metric or value. Nonetheless, just know that the value of a dub of cannabis would depend upon the supply-demand of the cannabis market. Like for example, a dub of weed would have a higher amount of weed in New York than in the states of Colorado and Oregon.

Another factor that you need to consider is that of legality. In some states, cannabis products are legal, but one cannot buy cannabis for use. And finally, black-market prices can also affect how much is a dub of weed in grams. Therefore, it is a complex question to crack.

Lastly, the potency of the weed is also a key factor in determining how much is a dub of weed in grams. Like for example, if you are buying an exotic strain like the Cereal milk strain or the Slurricane strain, then expect your dealer to provide only 1 gram of weed for a dub. However, if your dealer provides more weed for $20 worth, then the product he is pushing is probably a generic strain.

So, as you can see that the answer to the question, “how much is a dub of weed” is essentially a complex one, so to speak.

Is ‘Dub Sack’ Slang?

Is Dub Sack Slang

Now, we have reached the most important part of our discussion. Are “dub sack” or  “dub of weed” just slang that should not be used in public?

Now, the answer is yes and no at the same time. Whenever you go to a dispensary and approach a budtender and ask him for a “bud of weed,” he would look at you all perplexed and sometimes even a little offended even. Does it mean that they do not know what a bud actually is?

No. They are well aware of what it means; it is just that the word has some serious black market connotation attached to it. This is why budtenders try to avoid the term altogether. 

Moreover, some dispensaries consider calling weed ‘flower’ or other such neutral terms. Therefore, when you walk into such dispensaries, you cannot go on about asking for a “bud of weed” as it can seem ‘uncouth.’

Therefore, even if you do not agree to such double standards, you need to show some level of acceptability. Moreover, this is purely a black-market term that has a strong sense of legality attached to it. As a result, using it in a professional cannabis firm is essentially not an advisable practice. 

Given how cannabis culture is becoming more and more mainstream, it is very likely that such terms would probably be rendered obsolete with time. However, it would not happen overnight. 

Cheap Yet Good Weed Strains You Need To Know About

Since we are on the topic of cannabis prices and weightage. I think it is only appropriate that we look at some of the most high-quality cannabis strains that are cheap. None of the strain here will burn a hole in the pocket, but will certainly make you calm, collected, and super stoned. Without further ado, let us dive right in!

White Widow

Anybody who has some knowledge about cannabis will certainly tell you that White Widow is probably one of the most famous cannabis strains out there. This is a balanced cannabis strain that is a product of crossing two strains, South Indian Indica and a Brazilian Sativa Landrace. The name of the strain comes from the white overall appearance. The strain boasts around 20% THC. 

Critical Kush

A product of the outcome of two important strains like Critical Mass and OG Kush. Combining these two marijuana has made the Critical Kush a strain with a varied range of THC content. The THC content of this strain ranges from 16 to 29 percent. Along with an impressive 2 percent CBD. The high of the strain sounds just as it is. It is sharp, forceful, and will hit you like a truck. So, be prepared to be in the couch-lock state for a while.  


This is primarily an Indica-dominant strain with one of the highest potencies. Now, it cannot be confirmed explicitly, but it is believed that this strain was formed by investigational agencies like the FBI and the CIA. It is believed that this strain was bred in order to study the hallucinogenic and psychedelic effects of cannabis. This strain has one of the highest potency of recent times and can definitely knock off your knickers.

How Much Does Weed Cost In The United States? 

A dub of weed equals $20 worth of cannabis bud. However, depending on the individual you purchase it from and the area you live in, the price may just go up and down. 

If you want to know more about the price of a dub of a weed, here is your detailed guide. 

How Much Is A Dub Of Weed On Average? 

The average price of a dub of weed throughout the United States generally fall at $20. However, the value for money when it comes to the grams for each dollar will significantly vary. When it comes to the average cost for each gram, generally, the one dub of weed will cost something around $15 to $20 for each gram. 

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When you take a look at the by-weight basis, generally, the cost for one ounce of the best quality or average quality weed costs something around $300 to 350 or $200 to 300, respectively. As such, on an average, in most of the states, a $20 dub of marijuana will work at something around 1.7 grams for the best quality weed and 2.3 grams for the average ones. 

What Part Of The US Sells The Most Expensive Weed? 

The cost for each gram of weed in the United States might vary majorly depending on the state. Also, there might be some significant changes between in between the cost of average quality and the best quality marijuana in different states. 

For both the average quality and best quality marijuana plant buds, the District of Columbia has the highest price by state. As per the Oxford Treatment Center, the cost for an ounce of the best quality marijuana is approximately $600. This takes the weight of just one dub of the best quality marijuana to a little less than a gram. 

Where Is The Dub Of Weed That Is Least Expensive In The United States? 

If you are looking for weed that is value for your money and fits your budget, there are multiple states that have relatively lower costs on average. The average price for one ounce of weed in Oregon is $211 for the best quality marijuana. The price for average quality weed stands at $187. 

In line with this, a $20 dub of good quality weed in Oregon will cost you something around three grams of the dried buds. This is thrice the amount that you would get in the District of Colombia. 

The cost of legal weed is also certainly low in both Washington and Colorado. Here, a $20 dub might cost you something around 2.3 to 2.5 grams of marijuana. 

How Can The Type Of Weed Influence The Cost Of A Dub? 

As you may have read above, the type of marijuana you wish to get will have a major influence on the quantity of wed that you will receive as a part of the $20 dub. 

However, it is not just the quality alone that will influence the money you have to pay. In some regions, the price for some medium-quality cannabis can be just the same as the best-quality weed in other areas. 

Final Thought

In summation, a dub of weed refers to $20 dollars worth of weed that you can buy. However, about the answer to the question “how much is a dub of weed,” then things become trickier. For some people, it could be a gram; for others, it could be more than that.

Therefore, there is no specified amount that you get when you ask for a dub. Since this is a black market term, the value is not fixed, nor is the term well-received in the legal cannabis industry. For more weed content, keep following our page. 

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