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The Ultimate Vaping Tutorial: How To Vape Like A Pro

The Ultimate Vaping Tutorial: How To Vape Like A Pro

How To Vape

Vaping looks cool and hip. However, there is a learning curve, and it is steep. Do not worry, as we got you. We bring you all the necessary information you need in order to get into vaping and learn how to vape like an absolute pro. So sit back and lemme take you on an educational journey to help you get into vaping

Getting Started

Getting started

Before we start discussing all the finer details of how to use a vape pen or how to hit a vape, we need to get you educated on the fundamentals of the device. Unlike a cigarette, an e-cigarette is a complex device that has a lot of moving factors that you need to consider before moving ahead. So this section is primarily aimed at familiarising you with the fundamentals of the device so you so know how to vape like a pro.

  • The device: A vaping device is obviously the foremost important thing you would need. A vaping device comes in several forms and factors. Like for example, pens, pods, and even something called a box mod. Each of these devices caters to different needs, so do your research before committing to a device. 

  • Batteries: Since these devices are electrically powered, therefore it is very important that you know about the right one to choose. While most of the devices available on the market come in disposable non-chargeable formats. However, there are devices that can be charged by simply plugging in a Type-C charger. Still, no matter the format you opt for, do make sure that you buy first-party products with high-quality batteries and proper instructions on how to charge a vape or how to recharge a disposable vape. 

  • E-liquids: E-liquids are the most important aspect of your smoking experience.  Generally, E-liquids come in two primary forms, namely the VG or vegetable glycerine meant for smoother drags without the throat hit. And PG or propylene glycol, suitable for more throat hits. Therefore, choosing the right one would elevate your smoking experience. Also, there are a myriad of options when choosing the right e-liquid, like nicotine-based or CBD based. Each of which caters to a different need.

  • Coils: These are small, cylindrical heating elements that heat up the e-liquid to vaporize it. You can then inhale this vapor and simulate the feeling of smoking. Coils generally have a limited lifespan and need to be replaced every one or two weeks if you are a regular user.

  • Cleaning supply: Although not mandatory, keeping a cleaning kit to clean your vape would enhance your vaping experience manifolds.

  • Charger: Usually, most of the pens come in a disposable format and cannot be charged. However, the vapes that can be charged use a simple Type-C charger to charge.

Three Types Of Vaping

Three Types Of Vaping

Hopefully, you are now well-familiarised with the fundamentals of a vaping device. This means that you are ready to learn ‘how to smoke a vape’ or ‘how to inhale a vape’ or simply ‘how to vape like a pro.’ So without wasting any more time, let us dive right in! 

Direct To Lung (DTL)

Direct To Lung

Similar to smoking a joint if you have ever smoked one. This is a technique where you take a single deep breath. As a result, you would inhale the complete vapor into your lungs with one deep breath. This type of vaping produces denser clouds of smoke and a much smoother vaping experience, minus the throat hit. In order to practice DTL vaping, you need to have more powerful devices with larger airflow openings, lower resistance coils, and higher wattage.

Mouth To Lung (MTL)

Mouth To Lung

This one is more akin to smoking a regular cigarette. This means you draw the vapor into your mouth first before inhaling it into your lungs. Unlike the former method, this usually operates on a tighter draw technique. This means you can only draw a mouthful of vapor, simulating the way a cigarette is smoked. For MTL smoking, you need to have a device with a higher resistance coil coupled with a lower wattage device. If you like significant throat hits, then this is the perfect way to proceed.  

Restricted Direct To Lung (RDL)

Restricted Direct To Lung

This is essentially the best of both worlds. A user inhales the vapor into their lungs like DTL, but the amount of vapor is tighter, more akin to an MTL draw. This is mostly a flavor-focused smoking technique. In other words, suitable for smokers who are in it for the flavor primarily and not just the smoking experience. 

Pros Of Vaping

Vaping has become quite popular in recent years due to its range of benefits. Users claim that these benefits are what is keeping the vaping culture alive, and therefore, it is our duty to bring you some of the major benefits of vaping

  • No odors: Odor is a huge problem for smokers. Everyone who smokes has to deal with this issue in some way or the other. However, vapes do not emit any sort of noxious vapors that would make the user smell funny.

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  • Nicotine intake: Unlike cigarettes, vapes give the users full control over their nicotine intake. You can choose different e-liquids with different concentrations of nicotine. Therefore, you choose how much nicotine you are consuming. If you want zero nicotine, then you even have an option for that. So it essentially gives full freedom to the users. 

  • Inconspicuous: You would stand out if you lit a cigarette or a joint in public. However, if you opt for a vape, you can be discreet. Like for example,  Cookies 510 vapes come with replaceable cartridges that can be swapped with an Indica strain CBD liquid. So, if you are somebody who wants to experience smoking CBD in public, then these are perfect for you. They emit a very controlled amount of smoke, they look discreet, and they do not smell.  Therefore, vaping offers the utmost flexibility to you. 

Cons of Vaping.

Nothing in this world comes with its own downside. This statement holds true for vapes as well. Apart from the obvious pros that are discussed, there are certain cons that you should know about as well. Knowing these would make a more informed decision:

  • Popcorn Lungs: Scientifically known as bronchiolitis obliterans, is a rare but rapidly progressing disease. This is not a type of cancer but is caused by the build-up of scar tissue in the lungs, which disrupts airflow. This disease is usually connected to a chemical called diacetyl. Now, some of the e-liquids used to contain a considerable concentration of the chemical. Therefore, some researchers believe that vaping can lead to popcorn lung.

  • Stigma: Even though vaping is different from smoking. Both methods look very similar to each other. Therefore, vapers face the same stigma as smokers. Now this can be a very small downside, but for many, it can prove big. Many people do not want to be associated with smoking, which is why they move away from the practice and towards vaping. If the end result is just the same, then what was the point in investing in a vape device?

  • Accessibility: Due to restrictive laws in many countries, vaping is still looked down upon by many. As a result, procuring a vape device and cartridges can prove challenging for many. So, one of the biggest issues is that a vape is not accessible as cigarettes.  


There you go; now you know how to vape and look good while doing it. However, before you do get into the habit of vaping, do take a moment to weigh in on your options. Because in the end, it does not matter whether you are smoking a vape or a normal cigarette; there

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