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How To Light A Joint Like A Pro. Along With Something Extra

How To Light A Joint Like A Pro. Along With Something Extra

How To Light A Joint Like A Pro

How to light a joint? Well, who is better to answer this question than your favorite pot connoisseur? Today, I will discuss joints and how to light them up like a pro. So, stick around to know all about them and some more.  

What Is A Joint?

What Is A Joint

Before we can even start discussing how to light a joint, we need to delve deeper into the anatomy of a joint. This will enable you to understand what a joint is, the parts, and what it could do to your system.  

Cannabis joints are usually handmade as compared to cigarettes. As a result, users with artistic minds have let their imaginations run wild. And this is why cannabis joints come in various shapes and sizes. Still, they are united in substance.  

A joint consists of four primary components. These components include the rolling paper, the roach or filter, the tobacco mixing, and ground-up cannabis. All these components come together to build something magical.  

Some Popular Variations Of Joints

Joints started out as simple cannabis cigarettes. However, they have evolved over time and have become increasingly crazier and artistic. As of now, there are nine different variations of cannabis cigarettes.  

In this section, I will talk about the different variants of cannabis cigarettes or joints that I find fascinating. Some of these might seem otherworldly. But trust me, you can make all of these joints at home. All you need is a specific set of skills.  

But before you start collecting all the ingredients, let us take a second and look at some of the most popular variants of a joint.  

Tulip Joint 

Have you ever seen a tulip? How about a joint that looks precisely like a Tulip? As weird as it may sound, tulip joints are one of my favorite pieces of smokables. These joints look fantastic and offer a unique set of experiences. Unlike your typical joint, making a tulip joint is more arduous and requires more expertise. In fact, tulip joints also require more materials to make. Furthermore, the joint’s anatomy makes it difficult for beginners to handle. The smoke starts slow and then rises up to an insane amount of cannabis and then dials back down to where it started. A truly exciting thing to witness.  

Fatty Joint 

Next up is the fatty joint. A fatty joint is more akin to a traditional joint. However, a fatty is usually bigger than your normal basic joint. I enjoy smoking a fatty joint. It provides me with the right amount of high. A fatty joint is around two times thicker than your regular joint. While the internet will convince you that a fatty joint is best suited for two or more people, you need to be brave enough. A fatty joint has no specific parameter. You can go crazy and make it as big or as fat as you want it to be.  

Cone Joint 

Technically, every joint is a cone. However, some joints come with especially small filters. As a result, these joints look more like an ice cream cone. I know some people who love to smoke out of a cone-joint. However, I do not see its appeal in any way. However, do not twist my words. I never said that I hated it. Cone joints are perfect for individual smoking sessions or smoking on the fly. The small diameter of the filter allows for a more forceful inhalation. As a result, the whole process speeds up.  

Pre-rolled Joint 

I know you would hate me for saying this. Pre-rolled joints are for people who do not know how to roll a joint or are lazy. I do not see these joints as a separate entity. These are just joints that come in a pre-rolled format. These joints are the easiest variant and offer instant solutions. Just head over to the nearest cannabis dispensary and avail the magic of pre-rolled joints. I prefer rolling my joints. Still, pre-rolled joints have saved my hide more than I can count. I would like to opt for a pre-rolled joint while I am running on a busy schedule.  

Scorpion Joint 

Cannabis connoisseurs love artistry, and the Scorpion joint is a testament to that artistry. Scorpion joints are the newest addition to the complex line of cannabis smokables. I have not had the chance to try it out myself. However, the joint looks impressive and is one of the most complex-looking joints. I do not think that I have the skills to roll or build a Scorpion Joint. However, I would definitely like to smoke one of these unique creations. Write to us if you have tasted this joint and feel like it is the next big thing.  

Cross Joint 

Hollywood has fed us with the legends of cross joints. I mean, cross-joint started the whole journey. It was a seminal point in the history of joints. It opened the minds of cannabis connoisseurs and artists. As a result, it should never be taken lightly or disrespected. A cross joint reminds you of the iconic religious symbol but in a greener format. Movies like Pineapple Express, etc., have made this one of the most popular variants of cannabis cigarettes. Just light three nodes of the joint and enjoy a three-way love with cannabis.  

Shotgun Joint  

How about a joint that looks precisely like a sawn-off shotgun? Pot connoisseurs have got you. Cannabis enthusiasts have come up with their own variant of shotgun by making a joint that resembles the barrel of a shotgun. These joints have a two of everything. They have two bodies, two roaches, and double the amount of cannabis. As a result, it is one of the most iconic joints that I have come across. Still, I believe that these joints are a hassle to make and require more material and substance than usual.  

Triple Braid Joint

A triple braid joint is one of the most elegant-looking joints in existence. It is one of the most complex joints that is only second to the iconic scorpion joint. It is made using three small joints that are braided in order to make one complex double-helix joint. These joints are complex to make and more complicated to smoke. This joint requires specific techniques in order to light it up effectively. However, once lit, it is definitely one of the best-looking joints in existence.  

Basic Joint 

Basic Joint

No matter what variant might come into the scene, basic joints are the best. These joints are easy to make and have one of the best and most trusted fanbases out there. I personally enjoy these joints more than any other joints. These joints are the most potent and patent joints you could come across. However, some people think that these joints need to catch up in the blunts vs joints discussions. While technological advances might convince you that a joint roller is an essential tool, I defer. You should roll your joints by yourself. This will make it a more curated experience that will add value to the whole experience.  

How To Light A Joint? 

How To Light A Joint

Knowing your joint is a crucial part of the process. However, lighting a joint is a different ball game altogether. In fact, proper lighting would give way to a good cannabis experience. However, not many people know that there is an actual right way to light up your cannabis. In fact, it is a very important factor that decides several aspects of the cannabis experience.  

In this section, I will educate you on some of the basic practices that will help you light up a joint effectively and like a pro. Stick around to know everything about how to light a joint and look good while doing it.

Here we go! 

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One of the first things about lighting a joint is to have patience. One crucial mistake that many new cannabis users make is that they lose patience while lighting up the joint. Unlike a cigarette, a joint needs more heat for an extended period of time. Therefore, take your time to feed the fire to your joint. I prefer lighting up an open head joint. This burns off the excess paper and makes it easier for the joint to light up. Also, why rush something that you would enjoy? Take your time. 

Lighting The Tip 

A joint requires fire to light up properly. However, you need to know the right spot that requires fire. Many people like to light the joint from the base of the tip of a candle joint. This is a huge no! Only feed the tip of the joint with fire. Unless you are a pro, try not to light up your joint in ‘different’ ways. In fact, do it by the books to avoid mistakes and loss of smokable material. 

Rotate It 

When I started out smoking cannabis, I would try to light it up like a cigarette. I would put the joint to my mouth and pull on it while it was gearing up for a liftoff. As a result, I would often notice that the joint would go through the case of a sideburn or uneven burn. This made the joint look ugly and harder to handle. Slowly, I realized that lighting up a joint is equivalent to lighting up a cigar. Slowly rotate your joint to feed the fire effectively and evenly. This would help you to achieve an even burn. However, do not get carried away and keep feeding fire to the joint. This would burn the joint and waste the cannabis. So be mindful of that.  

Small Puffs 

After the joint is lit, it is time to take your puffs. However, most of us go the route of taking big puffs. However, you need to start off slow. Take smaller puffs to light up the joint effectively. In fact, smaller puffs make it easier for the joint to light up more effectively. Small puffs not only safeguard your joints but also keep your lungs from getting damaged. Therefore, always start off your jointy journey with smaller puffs.  

Do Not Inhale 

This point may be a repetition of the former point. However, this is more of an extension. The first few puffs of the joint should not be for inhalation. These are solely meant to light up the joint. Therefore, use these puffs to light up the joint. Do not use these puffs to inhale the smoke. Start inhaling as soon as you start seeing the fiery amber.  

Another pro tip that I would like to add is that you should not directly inhale the smoke of cannabis in your lungs. In fact, take the smoke in your mouth and then inhale it. This two-step process will safeguard your lungs and keep you from experiencing side effects like Green Out or something similar. 

Dos & Don’ts

Dos & Don’ts

I have mostly covered most of the tips that you need to know in order to know how to light a joint like a pro. However, there are some added dos and don’ts that you need to know in order to lighten up a joint effectively.

The Dos

  • I would suggest that you start using hemp wicks to light up your joints. Research shows that they leave lesser carbon footprints and provide a smooth high.  
  • Being patient is one of the key points of this article on how to light a joint. Never Rush the process. 

The Don’ts

  • Never inhale the first few puffs while lighting up a joint. The initial smoke is harsher and causes damage to your pulmonary system.  
  • Be mindful never to pack your joint too tight or loose. Maintain a middle ground. Otherwise, you will just end up wasting your cannabis.  

The Closing Thought

With that, you have reached my article on how to light a joint like a professional cannabis connoisseur. Even though lighting up a joint might seem like a simple task at first, it is definitely not so. In fact, there are things that you need to keep in mind to light up your joint effectively.

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