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Joint-Rolling Machine Vs. Hand Rolling: Which Is Better?

Joint-Rolling Machine Vs. Hand Rolling: Which Is Better?

joint rolling machine

There has been a debate about which one is better joint rolling machine or hand-rolling? In most cases, people do not have the right idea which will be better for them. In this article, your conception will become clear that where you must invest your money.  

Both the joint-rolling machine and the hand-rolling technique have their pros and cons that you must look after about it. Here, the selection of the right platform matters the most. You must know some of the crucial points, in this case, to make your decision in a better way. The more accurate you are in your thought process, the better results you can derive from it.    

Pros & Cons Of Using The Joint Rolling Machine    

There are several pros and cons that you need to consider while you are using the joint-rolling machine. Let’s explore the facts that can help you achieve things properly as per the situation demands.    

Pros Of Using The Joint Rolling Machine   

1. Uniformity   

With the help of the joint rolling machine, you can uniformly roll the joist every time. It is not possible in the case of the hand-rolling machine. It is the most dependable method that you can use from your end while you roll the weed. The cannabis or the weed can be spread evenly all around the joints once you use this method. A commercial joint rolling machine can help you to achieve your goals. 

However, for those seeking the utmost precision and convenience, there’s a step further: an automated pre-roll machine. These highly sophisticated devices automate the process entirely, ensuring consistent, flawless joints with unparalleled efficiency.

2. Easy To Use    

The joint rolling machine is one of the easiest methods to use while you want to smoke weed to the best of your comfort. You just need to load the roller with the help of the filter. Roll the machine to get the things set in proper order. You just need to lick the paper to get the appropriate shape of the rolling paper. The more accurate you are in your approach, the better results you can derive from it. The commercial joint rolling machine is in high demand currently.  

3. Speed   

The most significant and practical benefit of using the joint-rolling machine is the speed. The speed with which you can make the paper roll properly. The shape of the paper will remain intact. You just need to load, insert and roll the paper, and the entire process will take hardly around 20-30 seconds if you are a professional. 

Cons Of Using The Joint Rolling Machine  

1. Bad Rollers    

There are certain joint rollers available in the market that are made up of cheap viny. They can make things worse for you as the joints of the weed smoker may not get the right shape that it requires. Hence, before selecting the roller’s joint-rolling machine, you need to be careful about your selection process. It will help you to choose the best products out of the lot. The more vigilant you are, the better selection you can make. 

2. Snobbish    

The snobbish behavior of the joint rolling machine is one of the unfortunate aspects you need to take care of. The more accurate choices you can make regarding selecting the joint rolling machine, the better you can shape your joints. Here a selection of the device matters a lot. Here, you need to choose carefully as per the needs of the current situation. 

3. Only Rolls One Size   

You cannot make a variety of shapes while you use the joint rolling machines. They are created to make one specific shape, and you do not have the privilege to change the shape of the joints as per your wish. The more accurate you are in your approach, the better results you can derive from it.    

Pros & Cons Of Hand Rolling Of The Weeds 

Hand Rolling Of The Weeds

Several pros and cons are there for the hand rolling of the weeds. We do not have the right idea of it. Let’s explore the facts to know things in a better way.   

Pros Of Hand Rolling 

1. Roll Anywhere   

You can do the hand rolling of the weeds from anywhere. You need not stick to any specific place just like that of the Joint rolling machines to roll the weed properly. Here, you need to make things happen in proper order as per the situation’s needs. It is the most flexible process that you can try from your end from any point in time. 

2. No Need For Extra supplies   

You do not need to get the extra supplies at any point in time while making the joints from your end. A small amount of cannabis is enough to get things done correctly and in the correct order. 

3. Master A Skill   

Hand rolling can help you to master the skillset of rolling cannabis in proper order. It can make you move the cannabis so that you can get the best experiences from it. The more accurate you are, the better results you can derive from it. 

Cons Of Hand Rolling   

1. Takes Practice To Get It Right   

It takes years of practice in Handrolling to get the joints right. It is not as easy as that of the joint rolling machine. The process is complex and will consume more time compared to that of the standard rolling machine. 

2. Not The Fastest Method  

It is not the fastest method like that of the joint rolling machine. It can help you achieve your goals if you have the mastery of rolling in the previous days. Proper planning can help you to get things done in the correct order. It is not as fast as the commercial joint rolling machine. 

All About Commercial Joint Rolling Machine

In the present era, technological advancement has put its mark on all aspects of life. Well, you can even find it in the field of rolling joints. Gone are those days of making joints with your hands. Now, you can find a commercial joint rolling machine that can give you perfect joint rolls in a bulk. 

So, even if you are not an expert in making joints, the machines can help you. In this part of the article, you can go through the details of a couple of such machines. Have a look:

The Best Automatic Joint Rolling Machines In The Market

The entries here show the automatic joint rolling machines commercial. You can find these machines on the leading e-commerce website. So, go through the features and purchase them. 

1.  The Electric Joint Roller- Otto

The Electric Joint Roller from Otto can be your best friend if you need to regularly roll joints. It is best for home use. It is made of silicone, metal, and high-quality plastic. As a result, you can consider it ultra-durable. So, take some time and check out the facts about it:


  • The roller is fully automatic
  • Makes joints of three different sizes- Short, King, and Cal King
  • Presence of weed grinding technology


  • User-friendly
  • Sleek design 
  • Easy to carry and roll joints on the move


  • Unable to make multiple joints at a time

Price: $149- $155 (approximately)

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2. Electric Cigarette Injector Machine- Power Matic 2 Plus

The Electric Cigarette Injector Machine is one of the best joint rolling machines you can get on the market. It gives an industrial outcome as it comes with outstanding gear. Check out the features of this outstanding machine below.


  • All parts of the machine are dedicated to making an even and perfect joint. 
  • Ability to make medium and king-sized joints. 


  • Comes with an upgraded gear for faster rolling
  • Improved motor speed for a better outcome
  • Lesser jerks


  • Unavailability of spare parts 

Price: $69- $75 (approximately)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use A Rolling Machine To Roll A Joint?

Yes, you can easily roll a joint using the rolling machines. 

Are Joint Rollers Easy To Use?

Yes, joint rollers are more or less user-friendly and any novice stoner can use them. 

How Do You Make Rolling Joints Easier?

You can easily roll joints with the help of automatic rolling machines. 

Can You Backroll With A Rolling Machine?

Well, only some rolling machines provide you a chance to backroll. 


Hence, from the above discussion, it is clear which is better for you, the Joint rolling machine or hand rolling. The more accurate you are in the selection process, the better you can derive the results from your end. You must not make decisions in the dark.

The suitable rolling machine’s selection can help you get the maximum relation of your mind and body. Proper planning here can play a crucial role while you make your selection. You must not make your choices in the grey. Make plans that can help you to achieve your business goals in the right direction. 

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