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How To Roll A Cross Joint Like A Pro-Learn DIY Tricks

How To Roll A Cross Joint Like A Pro-Learn DIY Tricks

How To Roll A Cross Joint
  • Do you want to be a true stoner? 
  • Do you want to smoke joints all day, every day, like Seth Rogen?
  • Do you want to make your next weed session more interesting?

If your answer is YES to these questions, you must learn how to roll a cross joint. 

I mean, you have to admit that making a joint is a tedious job. You have to crush it, grind it, roll it in the rolling paper, seal it, and then you can have a puff.

I know that for the weed junkies, it may not be a big deal.

But, don’t you want to make things fun? 

How about you make one joint and share it with your buddies at the same time when you smoke it?

Sounds intriguing, right?

This is why you have to learn how to make a cross joint, and since you are jonesing about it so badly, we will not make you wait any longer.

What Is A Cross Joint?

What Is A Cross Joint

A cross joint is the union of two joints looking like a cross. Thus, when a cross blunt is finally ready, it has three ends to it. 

You know what it means, right? You will have the soulful, and aesthetic experience of enjoying two joints simultaneously. 

If you think the process of making it is hard, you are wrong. The cross joint will seem like a work of art, which it is, but it does not take much effort to make it.

The History

Come on! I know this is supposed to be a straight to the point deal about ‘how to roll a cross joint,’ but knowing the history will not at all hurt anybody. In fact, you can use this sacred knowledge in order to impress that stoner chick or guy you have been fancying for a while. 

First popularized by the 2008 movie Pineapple Express starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. A stoner action-comedy that takes the duo across America on a wild goose chase. I will certainly recommend the movie for a Netflix and chill session.

But the important trivia about the fabled cross joint is that Seth Rogen, who played  Dale, is actually one of the first notable pot connoisseurs who made this unique creation of humanity a reality. All hail to Lord Rogen!

How To Roll A Cross Joint?-Ingredients

How To Roll A Cross Joint and Ingredients

If you want to know how to roll a cross joint, you must know the ingredients you’ll need to make one. So let’s take a look:

  • Cross joints weed strain.
  • Grinder.
  • Big rolling papers.
  • Miniature rolling papers.
  • Needle, pin, wire.
  • Scissors.
  • Small piece of cardboard.

How To Roll A Cross Joint Step By Step?

We know you are fascinated with the idea of rolling a cross joint. So, let’s focus on the steps now and learn how to make a cross joint with detailed instructions.

Step 1: Roll A Fat Joint

Roll A Fat Joint

First, you have to take out your large rolling paper and make a bigger joint than your typical smoking session. No, we are not telling you to make it longer. Just make it thicker. 

You can use a grinder or can use other ways to grind the weed without a grinder.

You can easily make a thick joint once you have more cross joint weed strains. When it is ready, make sure it looks like a cross blunt. 

However, while making the joint, don’t stuff it till the end. Instead, leave a little bit of empty space near the butt, as it will make the joint easier to light up when you smoke it.

Step 2: Insert A Small Piece Of Cardboard In The Butt

If you are searching for how to roll a cross joint, you must have taken inspiration from the man who started it all. But, of course, we are talking about none other than; the famous Canadian Comedian Seth Rogen.

If you have seen his videos, you already know that he puts a small piece of cardboard in the butt end of the trifecta joint. 

We don’t know why he does that, but since he has been doing it for 25 years, we will not question his judgment. 

Most likely, the cardboard acts as a mouthpiece so that you don’t waste even a sprinkle of weed.

The process is quite simple. Just cut a small strip of small cardboard paper, and roll it into a cylinder, which looks like your fat joint.

Step 3: Roll A Thin Joint

Roll A Thin Joint

You must roll a thin joint using a small rolling paper to learn how to roll a cross joint. The thinner you make this joint, the easier it is to insert it inside the fat joint.

If you are making it for the first time and still haven’t got the hang of it, we recommend you make the joint as thin as you like. 

However, just like the fat doobie, you can also leave a little empty space in the butt end. It will make cross joint smoking much easier. 

Step 4: Make A Hole In The Fat Joint

Make A Hole In The Fat Joint

You are almost halfway through our cross joint tutorial. You have made both the fat joint and the thin joint. Now, just take a needle and make a hole in the fat joint almost three-quarters away from the butt end.

Don’t rush this step because if the hole is not made perfectly, it will make all your efforts go down the gutter. If you can’t find a needle, you can also use a small wire or a sharp pin to poke the hole.

Once you’ve finished the construction of both your fat joint and your thin joint, take a needle and make a hole three-quarters away from the rear-end of your fat doobie. Again, be gentle, and don’t try to rush it. 

If you can’t find a needle, just use a small pin, or a wire, or anything that is sharp enough to make a hole.

Step 5: Make A Hole Through The Middle Of The Thin Joint

How do you roll a cross joint? We are almost there. Once you have poked a hole in your fat doobie, make a hole in your thin joint as well.

You don’t have to make the hole very large. Just use a needle that is twice the size of the needle you used to make the hole in your fat joint, and you will get an idea of the size we are talking about.

If you forget to make this hole, your finished cross joint won’t be as smokable as you want.

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Step 6: Slide The Thin Joint Between The Fat Joint

Now, you have prepared it all. Just insert the end of your thin joint between the hole in your fat joint. Pull it, push it, and roll it to make this process as gentle as possible.

If you rush this step, all your efforts of knowing how to roll a cross joint will be in vain. But, on the other hand, we know you don’t want to risk ripping off the cross joint, so make sure you do it right.

The closer you can slide it to the middle of the fat joint, the better it will look after it is done.

Step 7: Seal Your Cross Joint

Seal Your Cross Joint

We are almost there.

Set aside your cross joint, and take two-three more rolling papers and scissors out of the box.

Cut the glues of your rolling paper, and envelop them around the hole where you have slid your thin joint through your fat joint. 

It will make your joint air-tight and smokable.

Bonus Content: How To Roll A Tulip Joint

Well, I know I am generous. So this is a small bonus for all my fellow pot connoisseurs. This section will not go into the absolute nitty-gritty detail of rolling a tulip joint but will provide enough information to help you start with it.  

Roll The Stem: Well, the main part of a tulip joint is the stem or the roach of the joint. Take a piece of roach material and roll it to the length of a pencil. This will provide support and allow you to smoke the joint. 

Create The Bulb: Tke two paper and join them together to make a wide paper. This will help you to make space for the bulbous shape. 

Fold corners: Take one corner and fold the newly formed wide paper into a triangle. Align the gum line (which should be inside) with the the top of the paper. This will make the shape of a cone.
Fill The Cone & Attach The Stem: Once the cone is done, fill it up with weed. Make sure, there are no air gaps. The cone must be tightly packed. Once the cone is filled. Place the long roach at the base of the opening of the cone. Fold the remaining paper around the roach and use a waxed twine to secure the roach and the joint. And there you have it. A beautiful tulip joint ready to be lighted.


1: What Is The Point Of A Cross Joint?

Ans: If you ask this question to the people looking for the steps of how to roll a cross joint, you are making a grave mistake. Although the 2008 movie; Pineapple Express popularized the cross joint, people started smoking it long before. Hence, the point of a cross blunt is only to smoke weed in style.

2: How Do You Roll A Twisted Joint?

Ans: Make three separate joints. Once you are done making them, braid them with one another, and smash the tips of the joints gently with your fingers. Keep on pleating and sealing, and you will have a twisted joint on your palm within a few minutes.

3: Does A Cross Joint Get You Higher?

Ans: When you smoke a cross joint, you smoke double joints. Therefore, it can get you higher than your usual joint. However, if you have a low tolerance of THC, we don’t recommend you try it out.

Happy Flying!!!

We have shared the step-by-step instructions on how to roll a cross joint in this article. So, we hope you have learned something new today and can show off this skill at your next weed party in front of your pals.

Just make a cross joint, and win the heart of your meth head buddies. For further information, ping us in the comment box below.

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