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How To Roll A Blunt: A Step By Step Guide

How To Roll A Blunt: A Step By Step Guide

How To Roll A Blunt

Are you a weed lover?☘☘☘

Obviously, yes, if not, what else will bring you here. When you are experimenting with different types of cannabis and joints, blunt is worth a try.

You might know that already. 

That is why you are searching for ways of “How to roll a blunt?” In this article, I will help you with a step-by-step guide on rolling a blunt. But first I will start by giving you some basic information about blunts. So, that you do not have any further misconception about “how to roll up a blunt?” 

What Is A Blunt?

Basically, a blunt is a cigar, which is emptied of its loose leaf and then is filled with cannabis. So, a blunt has cannabis inside it, but the wrap is made of tobacco, just like a cigar. While it is not as iconic as a regular or standard joint, at the same time, we can not ignore the cultural significance of a blunt. 

As compared to usual joints, rolling a blunt has its own issues. This is why I am here to help you with the step-by-step guide on “How to roll a blunt?”

How Is It Different From Joints & Spliffs?

As a pot connoisseur, I believe that there is no way to value judge a joint, a spliff, and a blunt. All of these are equally fun and serve different purposes. So the best way to proceed is to see the differences between these three and the context they are suitable for.

To put it plainly. A joint is a rolled-up cannabis ‘cigarette,’ if that makes sense. They function similarly to a cigarette; one end is for burning, and the other is for smoking. You already know it. Meanwhile, a spliff is a joint that is laced with tobacco. In other words, the tobacco is mixed with the weed itself to add a smoky flavor to it.

Finally, a blunt is a roll where the wrap itself is made up of tobacco, but the mix inside is pure cannabis.  If you want to avoid nicotine or tobacco. Then a traditional joint is the way you should go. Do not worry if you are not skilled at rolling a joint. There are automatic joint rollers that you can use to ease the process. 

The next category is the size. While a spliff and joint share the same size in most cases. One reason is that spliffs are nothing but joints that are laced with tobacco. Meanwhile, a blunt is more suitable for the big league pot connoisseurs. I mean to say, a blunt is a much bigger one than a joint or a spliff. So, if you like your cannabis roll to be ginormous, then a blunt is the way to go.

Advantages Of Smoking A Blunt

Before I start with the main topic of “How to roll a blunt?” Let’s have a look at the advantages of smoking a blunt. People either love a blunt or hate it the most. The main reason behind it is the presence of tobacco, which makes the smoke harsh. 

Here are some reasons why people like blunts. 

  • Slow Burn: Burns always burn slower than joints. So it is obvious that a blunt lasts longer in your smoking circle.   
  • Portable: The portability of blunts is amazing. Just like the joints, you can take a blunt anywhere, obviously apart from those places where they are restricted.  
  • Flavor And Aroma: Many people love the smell of a burning blunt. You will be able to enjoy the flavor and smell when you go for a flavored blunt wrap or a nice cigar. 
  • Heightened Effects: When you smoke a cigar, you will feel heightened effects. Here the tobacco adds an additional energy and buzziness to your high.        

What Do You Need For Rolling A Blunt?

Now I am starting the main topic, “How to roll a blunt?” First, you need to gather all the necessary supplies for rolling a blunt. 

  • Your favorite cannabis strain
  • Blunt wrap, cigarillo, or cigar. 
  • In case you are new to rolling, a razor blade and weed grinder are essential. You can skip this part if you can take care of it. 

For the second supply, any cigarillo or cigar will work, but you have to ensure that the cigar is not dried out completely; it might break easily. Nowadays, at any corner store, you will find a blunt wrap. A blunt wrap is a giant rolling paper, which is made of tobacco. 

Here are some common cigarillos you might find at your nearest corner store. 

  • White owl. 
  • Phillies.
  • Swisher Sweets.
  • Dutch Masters.
  • Black & Mild. 

How To Roll A Blunt Step By Step? 

Here is the step-by-step guide on “how to roll a blunt?” You just need the following steps for rolling your blunt properly. 

1. Grind Your Cannabis

Grind Your Cannabis

With your hands or using a grinder, the first break down that cannabis into a shake. When you use a grinder, it will ensure an even burn. However, using your hands is more of a traditional method, and often it is considered for making the blunt, which will burn a little slower; it will help you in “how to roll a perfect blunt?” 

2. Prepare The Blunt Wrap

Prepare The Blunt Wrap

The next step is preparing your blunt wrap. Isn’t it obvious that you need a tobacco wrap to roll your blunt? Traditionally, connoisseurs empty a cigar or cigarillo. However, in recent days, you can find a blunt wrap at the corner. 

Using a blade, cut the cigarillo length-wise. With the right touch, you can even crack the cigar using your fingers. It is difficult for a beginner. After splitting the blunt, empty the tobacco from the middle and then remove the inner tobacco leaves. 

3. Wet The Tobacco Wrap

Wet The Tobacco Wrap

A little moisture will make your rapping task much easier. This way, it becomes easier to work with, shape, along with sealing up any type of small tears, which might take place when you are emptying the tobacco innards. 

You can moist your wrap easily with saliva. But in case you are wrapping the blunt for someone else, you should consider using your finger’s tip and some tap water. 

4. Fit The Wrap Up

Fit The Wrap Up

Now is the time to fill the empty tobacco wrapping with those ground cannabis. One or two grams of ground cannabis is enough for a standard-size blunt. However, in case you are thinking of or actually sharing your blunt, you can fit more. If you are planning to “how to roll a rose blunt?” you need rose petals for stuffing. 

If you are using a  blunt wrap or an experienced roller, you can end up stuffing more cannabis in it. In case you are thinking about “how to roll a blunt with notebook paper?” Let me tell you, without tobacco roll; it will not be blunt.  

5. How To Roll A Blunt Wrap

Roll A Blunt Wrap

In order to pack the blunt evenly, you need to roll the cannabis between your fingers. Here you are required to be very careful; if you did not get moist the wrap, it might crack. Once you are done with wrapping and shaping your blunt, you can tick the wrap under itself. 

Now wet the inside of the exposed edge of the wrap from one end to another end. Using your fingers, smooth out if any wrinkles are there. In case you accidentally end up poking a hole when you are working with it or the blunt cracks, you can use the gummy adhesive from a usual blunt rolling paper. 

6. Bake The Blunt

Bake The Blunt

Now, as your blunt is rolled, it is time to bake it or dry it to help it seal together, along with encouraging an even burn. By running the lighter lengthwise around the outside and under the seam, you need to bake your blunt. 

Do not hold the lighter too close. Remember, you only want the heat and the flame.

Some Other Types Of Rolls You Need To Know

Enough about blunts. I think I have extensively discussed everything there is about blunts and how to roll a blunt. But as a cannabis connoisseur, you need to know some other fun variations that will jazz up your blunt game  So, this section is purely meant to be an appreciation section for all things blunts.

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Backwoods: This is a traditional blunt that is rolled with a natural dried tobacco leaf.

Cigarillo: A blunt that uses the wrap of an emptied cigar. It is easy to roll as the wrap already retains a rolled shape

Hemp Blunts: These blunts are the ones where the wrap is made up of hemp paper itself. It is a perfect choice for those who want to smoke one but without the nicotine content. 
Infused Blunts: This one is something that should be approached carefully. When you make a blunt using weed that is laced with other substances like hash, you get an infused blunt.

Can You Roll A Rose Blunt With No Oven? How?

There is a very simple technique to make a rose blunt with no oven. Well, you all know that putting the rose petals into the oven is necessary to make them dry and fit for making the joint cover.

Now, you need to know why it is done. Well, putting the rose petal in the oven eliminates all the moisture. So, you can follow two simple ways to reach the same result.

  1. Putting the rose petals in direct sunlight
  2. Putting the petals on heated stone

So, if you do not have an oven, you can let the rose petals dry up in the above ways. The other steps of making the joint remain the same.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have already discussed the step-by-step guide on “how to roll a blunt?” still, I know you might have some questions, that too being a weed lover. So, here I am covering some of the most common questions. 

1. How To Roll A Cross Blunt?

Once you have done rolling your joint, you need to twist the ends. The twist will make your task of inserting the cross into the main joint later. In the center of the joint, pierce a hole. You have to ensure the hole goes through the joint; at the same time, you need to be really careful about not tearing the roll.

2. How To Roll A Blunt With Swishers?

You are required to follow the below-mentioned steps for rolling a blunt with swishers. 

• Get the package. 
• Discard the tobacco and fill it with some well-ground flowers. 
• Shape it. 

3. How To Roll A Blunt With A Cigarillo?

You need to follow the above-mentioned steps for rolling a blunt with a cigarillo. For you, I am mentioning the steps of “how to roll a blunt with a cigar?” again. 

• Grind your cannabis.
• Prepare the blunt wrap. 
• Moist the blunt wrap.
• Fit the wrap-up.
• Roll the blunt. 
• Bake it. 

4. How To Roll A Fat Blunt?

For rolling a fat blunt, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. 

• Prepare the roach. 
• Prepare the buds.
• Prepare the tobacco wrap.
• Pack the blunt and seal it.
• Lick’em. 

Enjoy Your Blunt

So, your blunt is now ready. It is time to enjoy your blunt and experience a new level of business. When you are working on “how to roll a tight blunt?” you have to ensure that you are rolling it the right way.  

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