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Kush Mintz Strain – A Complete Review

Kush Mintz Strain – A Complete Review

Kush Mintz

Welcome to our review of the Kush Mintz Strain – it’s everything that you have been looking for! It relaxes you and makes you forget about all your worries. But that’s not the only attractive thing about this strain. Instead, you will be happy to know the strain has a refreshing aroma and flavor accompanied by a pleasant appearance. 

What more do you need in a strain? Read all about this strain and make up your mind about it – but if you ask us then we would 10/10 recommend this one!

Exploring The All-Elusive Kush Mintz Strain: The Ultimate Review!

You don’t have to ask what is kush – instead, just consume some, and the rest will become immediately clear to you. Keeping thoughts about Kush aside, let’s instead focus on what strain is kush Mintz. Without wasting any time, scroll down and read all about this beautiful strain – it will only take some time, so stick around!


Genetics of kush mintz

If you have tried the mac 1 strain or even something more elusive, then there’s no reason why you should not try the Kush Mintz strain! If relaxation and appetite are what you have been looking for, then kush mints are simply here to deliver. 

Crafted carefully by Seed Junky Genetics, the Kush Mintz strain is hybrid, pulling evenly from its Animal Mints and Bubba Kush lineage. On average, users might not expect a lot from the meager 23% of THC in the strain, but once you try it, you will know well the strain manages to pack a few punches. 

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Appearance, Flavors, And Aroma

Appearance, Flavors, And Aroma of kush mintz strain

Similar to the gusher mints strain, the Kush Mintz strain comprises nugs that are deep green in color and fluffy in appearance while featuring thick layers of crystals that are white and frosty. Rich with a crispy, minty flavor, the strain surprisingly incorporates a blend of coffee, earth, and cookies in its flavor palette. 

And that’s not all. Even the strain’s aroma is perfect, similar to its appearance. As a result, this strain is a popular dessert strain for so many recreational marijuana consumers.


kush strain Effects

If you thought that the Kush Mintz strain has a refreshing effect, just like its aroma and flavor, then think again. Moreover, the strain doesn’t have an uplifting effect – instead, the strain’s effects are more on the relaxing side, both physically and mentally. You might not get super stoned until you end up consuming a little too much. 

But that doesn’t mean you won’t feel mellow and happy, completely relaxed. Plus, many users have also mentioned how hungry this strain made them. So stocking up on munchies is a great idea if you are already planning to find out the kush mints strain price and try it out sometime soon!

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Alternatives To The Kush Mintz Strain:

Alternatives To The Kush Mintz Strain

When we first tried out the Princess Haze strain, we were disappointed to find out that the strain is often difficult to find in stores. This is where alternatives stepped in to save the day! So just for safety, we always look into the alternatives of the strains we are looking for – for instance, in this case, scroll down to check out the alternatives of the Kush Mintz strain! 

  • Kush Mints,
  • Divine Gelato,
  • Legalized OG,
  • Bananas, and
  • Lemon Thai Kush. 

User Reviews: Is The Kush Mintz Strain Reliable?

User Reviews: Is The Kush Mintz Strain Reliable?

Before investing in any strain, it’s always safe to check a few reviews from users. And the Kush Mintz strain is no different. So without wasting any time, simply scroll down and check out what consumers of this strain have to say about the same. But don’t let what other people are saying about you affect your judgments always. 

If you think you want to invest in this strain, then do so without any hesitation! Let’s find out how reliable is the Kush Mintz Strain!

Review By [email protected]

“Look, this Strain def has its take. The bite at the end of this York Patty will leave you feeling bliss. With A HIGH to the top at first, then it slips into a come-down that lasts for hours. Very enjoyable; I’m waiting for the munches to kick, which I’m sure they will hear later. 

But defiantly Keeping my Eye out for that landslide of creativity on my day-to-day course. I would start this strain in the morning with Coffee, then hit lunch and relax through the day.”

Review By Kennygandy061892

Yes, indeed, I do love this strain. Daughter of another wonderful plant. I smoked this with a bit of tobacco infused. Holy goodness, with beautiful euphoria. Helps with an easy night off with Rick and Morty on HBO and plenty of munchies ready. Every time I smoke this strain, I get comfortable with everyone around me. I can converse with others without being shy. 

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When I’m alone, I can get things done around the house and chill after with an enjoy-a-bowl afternoon. Gosh damn, I absolutely love Kush Mints. Please stay growing up you beautiful plant. I’ll smoke this one definitely again later.”

Review By Stereobong

Smells so fresh, so minty, looks so delicious, the flower displays dark green tones with orange hairs everywhere. So dank, brother. It tastes what it smells, fresh, minty coffee flower, damn. Delicious. It gives a creeper high, mellow at the start but then hits a strong, nice balance; I felt so relaxed, euphoric, and happy. 

So dazed and baked. A delicious strain. Perfect for smoking all day, really recommended. Dank buds, brother. Get some. Kush mints are one of these delicious flowers you need to try.”

Review By Areefa Shanklin

“GI said, GODDAMN GODDAMN! this is my first time seeing it offered in Michigan, so I said why not! It was also on sale, and I try to get new strains each time I re-up so I can taste them all before I die! Ambitious? Sure! Anyways! This strain right here, boy? this is that dank. It’s not a game, especially when the THC is bangin’ in at 28%. 

The smell reminds me of buying no-name sandwich bags from a dealer in Boston. The taste is delicious, but I’m shitty at umami descriptions it’s umami as hell too. Anyways! Get this strain! Don’t play yourself, and don’t miss out most of all! Tasty good!”

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Our Verdict: There’s No Verdict. Kush Mintz Is End Game!


If you are seeking some elevated, kushy dreams, then the Kush Mintz strain is all that you have been looking for – this one’s so true for all marijuana lovers. There’s not a single negative that we were able to find – so there’s practically no reason why you can skip out on this crazy strain. Plus, it has stellar user reviews, which only confirm our beliefs.

So you have to try this strain out in the soonest! In the meantime, tell us what you think about consuming this strain – don’t forget to share your experiences if you have some with this strain or any of its alternatives in the comments below.

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