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MK Ultra Strain – Everything You Need To Know & More!

MK Ultra Strain – Everything You Need To Know & More!

MK Ultra Strain - Everything You Need To Know & More!

Chilling out and relaxing is an important job that we all have to make time for. However, due to the pressures of work, education, and unnecessary social meetups, we are left tired at the end of the day, with only thoughts about what work to do tomorrow.

Many people are smart enough to realize that you need to light up a dab if you want to chill and relax in the most authentic way possible. This is where weed, or marijuana, comes into the scene. Getting high on natural herbs is the best way to pass the time and sleep peacefully at night. 

This is where the super infamous strain of pot – the MK Ultra strain – comes to mind. This weed is said to be a couch locker as it gives you an excellent high that puts you to sleep after some time. 

Therefore, if you want to know more about this weed before trying it out for yourself, then trust my words and read this lit article that I have written about it. 

What Is MK Ultra Strain?

What Is MK Ultra Strain?

MK Ultra Strain is a type of weed made by fusing two different seeds from two different strains. As a hybrid, this weed is made out of indica marijuana G13 strain from Amsterdam-based Barney’s farm (70%), and a Sativa weed called the OG Kush strain from Los Angeles-based Josh D farm (30%). 

This mixture of Sativa and indica strains makes anyone who smoked a joint of MK Ultra strain become super high, lulling them to sleep later on. This is why it is infamously known as the couch locker. It leaves people bedridden at the end of the day (due to the high, that is). Naturally, therefore, it is the strongest weed in the Indica department. 

However, do you know why this weed strain has a cool name like MK Ultra? There is an interesting story behind this MK Strain that has to do with the secret projects that the CIA conducted back during the cold war era of the 20th century. 

This project where humans and war prisoners were experimented upon was known as the MK Ultra project – a drug that hypnotized patients and acted as a truth serum. 

This strain of weed was created by TH Seeds, a seed bank situated in Amsterdam. After being inspired by the CIA project, its founder Adam Dunn. Looking back at his use of Reggie weed and listening to high songs, he created this strain of marijuana to provide a super-strong euphoric sensation. 

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Traits Of MK Ultra Strain

Traits Of MK Ultra Strain

So how do you differentiate the MK Ultra strain of weed from other weed strains? Whenever you are asked this question to differentiate one strain of weed from another, remember that there are four factors at play here. They are – appearance, smell, taste, and how high they take you on a good trip. 

1. Appearance

When you take a bud of MK Ultra strain in your hand, the first thing you will notice is its color. The color of the weed is fully green, with some spots of yellow and brown here and there. This might seem just like any other weed, and in all honesty, it is. 

However, the other physical properties give the strain its uniqueness. It has short but fluffy buds from which you can make at least two joints. The buds are shorter than the other strains, measuring only 100cm to 120cm. 

Another distinguishing factor about the MK Ultra strain is its layer of trichomes above it. Many people might see a white crystal-like layer above the bud and confuse it for moldy weed or fungus. But in reality, they are known as trichomes, a type of outgrowth that helps the plant retain its moisture during dry summers. 

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2. Taste

If you decide to roll up a joint or hit a bong made of MK Ultra weed strain, you will get to experience the unique taste of this weed. 

Most users, including me, have found it to taste like many elements at once. However, I have tasted a sour, citrus-like aftertaste in my mouth after I smoked it, which I found pretty cool. 

Many have even said that it often tastes like coffee, which is the taste that I got after I inhaled the first drag of the joint for the first time, which is different from the Candyland strain. 

3. Smell

If you smell the MK Ultra strain bud for the first time, you will realize that it has a pungent yet naturalistic smell. It has an earthy, woody aroma that often smells like burnt plastic mixed with a dash of lemon and a barrel of diesel.

After reading this, you might think I am high right now, but I am not.

MK Ultra buds smell like this often, especially when it’s burnt. This is why many expert stoners will immediately recognize the smell of this strain if you smoke it in front of them because it is that weird and unique.

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4. Effects

The MK Ultra strain has a powerful hypnotic and relaxing effect when you smoke it. You will get the hit after inhaling a few puffs, and you will be done after that. The effect takes place so fast that you will probably be couch-locked within a few minutes. 

This weed makes you pretty sleepy, like the PGR weed and GMO weed strains. Therefore, we recommend this weed if you suffer from sleep-related issues like amnesia and other disorders like high levels of anxiety and depression. 

While it may have psychotic positive effects when you smoke it, it left me dry-mouthed and red-eyed after I got the hit. While this is pretty common with most weed strains, this pot floored me after just one joint. Also, I was craving late-night munchies since I was famished – an after-effect of being high and dry-mouthed. 

Can I Grow MK Ultra Strain Seeds?

Can I Grow MK Ultra Strain Seeds?

You will be surprised to know that such a potent weed will be easy to grow indoors. This is because this weed grows best in moderate temperatures, unlike the jet fuel strain or the sunset sherbet strain. 

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As a bonus, it becomes resistant to mold and fungus after it starts developing sticky layers of trichomes. The MK Ultra strain seeds start flowering as early as three to four months old and are best harvested during September or October during the autumn season. 

How The Strain Holds Up Against Other Similar Strains?

As it is already seen, the strain is one of the most potent and strongest strains out there. Just after a few swigs of cannabis, you are bound to be in a state of couch-lock, which will subsequently result in you being deep asleep. But is it the only weed that is capable of doing this? Well, the answer is no. You have already heard us mentioning some other strains like GMO, Jet Fuel, and Sunset Sherbet. So, let us look at some more strains and how the bud of the Night MK Ultra strains stand out.

One of the primary reasons why this strain stands out compared to the rest of the strains of a similar nature is the general potency of its effects along with the duration that these effects last. Users claim that they have been out cold for even twelve hours after consuming the strain. Some of the strains that can come close but not pass this strain include Grease Monkey, Jedi Kush, Pure Afghan, Dogwalker OG, Lemon Diesel, and Bio Diesel.

All these strain provide similar flavors coupled with the same effects, but none of them can outrank the MK Ultra. Still, there is no point in limiting yourself to a single strain. Try to spread your horizon to make things interesting in your cannabis journey.

If MK Ultra’s uniqueness is something that appeals to you. Then we have some more suggestions that you can try for yourself. Some similar yet unique strains that you will like include Lemongrass, Dragon Lady, Blue Razz, Biochem, and Purple Wookie. These strains will also provide similar effects on most accounts, but they have a varied range of flavors which greatly differs from the MK Ultra. So get your pipes ready and keep exploring.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who Created MK Ultra Strain?

The TH Seed Bank in Amsterdam created this strain by mixing a female OG Kush strain and a male G13 strain. 

2. What Is The Highest Potency Strain?

The grease monkey weed strain has the highest potency, followed closely by the MK Ultra strain. 

3. Is MK Ultra Good?

Is Mk ultra strain Good

Yes, Ultra MK is a great strain of weed for stoners to smoke up. 


If you want a highly potent strain of weed that gives you the hard-earned sleep you need at night after a tiring day at work, then the MK Ultra strain is what you need right now. This weed tastes great with a mix of citrus and coffee-like flavors and smells like burnt plastic and diesel. 

This weed gives you an excellent high and is also easy to grow indoors compared to other types of marijuana plants. Therefore, this is a high-quality strain of weed that I would recommend to every stoner I meet. 

If you are a stoner and want to read more about various weed strains, then check out our other articles too!

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