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Question Of The Hour: How Long Does THC-O Last?  

Question Of The Hour: How Long Does THC-O Last?  

how long does thc-o last

Want to know how long does thc-o last? Well, I have got the right article for you. In this article, I have taken my time to decode what THC-O is and the different factors that are related to it. So, stick around to know everything about THC-O retention and the ways you might be able to bypass them.  

What Is THC-O?

What Is THC-O

THC-O or O-acetyl-Δ9-THC is an acetate ester variation of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. It goes by several names, like THC Acetate ester, THC-Oa, or ATHC. Sometimes, researchers drop the hyphen and just write it as THCO or even THC O. Whatever you may call it, the substance remains the same.  

THC-O is an ester of the Delta 9 THC. Hence, they both share a lot of similarities. Some researchers even claim that Delta-9 THC and THC-O are identical in their chemical composition. One more thing about THC-O is the psychoactive compound that can be found in Delta-9 can also be found in THC-O. Meanwhile, recent research claimed that the substance is considerably more potent than Delta-8, HHC, and Delta-9. But that is a different course of conversation altogether.  

Given the unique nature of the substance, it has been a part of several discussions. But today, we will primarily look at its benefits, pitfalls, legality, and even assess how long does THC-O last in the human body. So, let us dive right in.  

Benefits THC-O 

Benefits THC-O

With the basics about the substance out of the way, I think it is time that we take a moment and look at some of the ways in which THC-O can prove beneficial. Hence, we will look at three distinct sections in order to assess the ways in which THC-O can prove beneficial. So, without wasting a single minute, let us dive right in. Here we go 


THC-O is more psychoactive than most other cannabinoids like Delta-9, Delta-8, HHC, etc. In fact, researchers believe that THC-O is more psychoactive than most other cannabinoids. As a result, this affects its usage and application.  

People who are looking for something stronger can find this substance to be more useful. I am a regular cannabis user. Still, the psychoactive effects of this substance were much more potent than any other substance I experienced. In fact, my experience bordered on green-out most of the time.  

The high that I experienced was a mild and gradual high that took me through stages of euphoria, mind high, and then couch lock. In some ways, the substance worked like a 50/50 hybrid strain like White Runtz, Cheetah Piss, and Gary Payton.  

Therapeutic Usages

With improved psychoactive effects come other benefits like improved mood, better pain management, etc. Hence, THC-O is currently being studied for its medicinal and therapeutic usage.  

One of the biggest therapeutic uses of THC-O is as a sedative. Several subjects confirmed that THC-O helped them to improve their sleep cycle. Subsequently, it is also very potent as an analgesic. In other words, THC-O users can find respite for their acute as well as chronic pain

Finally, the substance is also very potent as a mood booster. I felt that the substance calmed my nerves. It also helped me collect and de-clutter my thoughts. Something that I am usually unable to do. So, it is a very helpful substance as a mood regular.   

Overall Potency 

According to several users, THC-O is far more potent than Delta-9 THC itself. Now, this can be taken as a double-edged sword. However, we will focus on its positives. Increased potency also means increased psychoactivity and more scope of usage.  

THC-O is believed to be 33% more powerful than most other cannabinoids. This broadens its scope of application. It also enhances its chances for exp[erimentation. Because, firstly, it is synthetic in nature. Secondly, it has more potency than most other cannabinoids.  

Therefore, the substance is infinitesimally more useful in an industrial sense of things.  

Side-Effects Of THC-O 

Side-Effects Of THC-O

Even though THC-O is a very useful substance in most aspects. It can not be all good. Think about it for a second: THC-O is a psychoactive substance that is 33% more psychoactive than most other cannabinoids like HHC, Delta-8, Delta-9, etc. As a result, it is natural that the substance will demonstrate some side effects. Here is a detailed rundown of some of the most potent side effects of THC-O. 

Hallucinations: In some cases, people with pre-existing mental ailments claim that the substance made them hallucinate. While the hallucinations were never too strong to be detrimental, they were certainly strong enough to mess with someone’s mind.  

Anxiety: Even though the substance really helped me with my anxiety, some users claimed that the substance sent them into a full-panic mode where they experienced a major anxiety attack.  

Seizures: This is probably the rarest of rare cases, but some people claimed that the substance was instrumental in their extreme seizures. This is like a one-in-a-million case that ended up in the ER. Therefore, be careful whenever you are consuming this substance.  

Manufacturing Process 

Manufacturing Process

Understanding the manufacturing process might not answer how long does thc-o last. But it certainly will help you understand the chemical composition and its effects on the human body,  

Unlike Deta 9 THC, THC-O is a synthetic cannabinoid. Which means it is produced in a laboratory. Understanding this process will prove helpful in understanding the substance closely. 

THC-O is formed from the classic Delta 9 THC. When Delta 9 THC is bound with acetate, it forms THC-O molecules. The produced THC-O molecule is around 33% more potent than its parent chemical, Delta 9 THC. Some studies even show that the produced material or THC-) is so potent that it can be safely equated with hallucinogenic substances like psilocybin, magic mushrooms, LSD, etc.  

Even though research on THC-O is in its infancy, researchers believe that this is more bioavailable than most other cannabinoids. As a result, it helps with the substance’s absorption rate. According to some research, THC-O is more readily absorbable than most other cannabinoids.  

THC-O Products 

THC-O Products

Given its widespread popularity and hype, companies are trying to bank on this popularity to produce newer products. As per current resources, the substance can be found in several forms and formats. Each of these plays a seminal role in our discussion regarding how long does thc-o last in our system. So, here are some of the popular variants of THC-O products that you can go for.  


The very first form that I would like to talk about is edibles. Ever since THC-O has become popular in the cannabis community, companies have started bringing newer products that will appeal to the customer base. And edibles are one of the most convenient and popular ways of consuming THC-O. These gummies are healthy, tasty and keep your lungs in good shape. THC-O gummies can be easily found in most other dispensaries.  


The next product that the companies have come up with is THC-O Oils. these oils work similarly to CBD oils. They are discreet and can be taken subdermally or sublingually. These oils are primarily meant for people who want to take precise dosages.  

Unlike gummies, these oils are primarily used for medicinal purposes. This means that people usually use THC-O oils to help combat conditions like pain, insomnia, ADHD, anxiety, etc.  

Still, some people have found a way to use THC-O oils in a way that helps combat their ailments and for recreational purposes as well. In fact, THC-O oils have increased in sales, and most people are buying the substance without any credible prescription.  


The final product that I would like to discuss is THC-O vapes. These are the most popular means of usage for recreational users. In a vape, you can consume THC-O in a vaporized format. Which means you can smoke the THC-O distillates. These vapes come in several forms, formats, and flavors.

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Vaping is marketed as a safer alternative to smoking. However, vaping is far more detrimental than smoking. The chemical structure of THC-O changes into Ketene when it is exposed to extreme amounts of heat.  Ketene is a highly detrimental substance and can cause a myriad of pulmonary issues including popcorn lung syndrome.  

Therefore, be cautious about the form you choose in order to consume THC-O.  

How Long Does THC-O Last In Your System? 

How Long Does THC-O Last In Your System

Now that you are absolutely familiar with THC-O and its myriad of effects, usages, benefits, pitfalls, etc. I think it is time that we address the elephant in the room: how long does thc-o last? Here we go. 

THC-O can be primarily classified as fat-soluble components. Like most other cannabinoids, THC-O gets stored in the user’s fat cells. Subsequently, these THC metabolites are gradually released into the user’s bloodstream from time to time.  

Now the question is, how long will it stick around? The answer is a two-parter. Firstly, if you are a heavy user who often engages in cannabis usage, it is highly likely that your body has stored more amounts of THC-O than a non-user or a moderate user.  

Subsequently, if you have more fat storage, then this can also affect the THC-O retention time. But usually, THC-O lasts in your bloodstream for around 4 weeks. However, this retention time is dependent on several factors. These include: 

  • Frequency of usage 
  • Metabolism rate 
  • Dosages of THC-O 
  • Schedule 
  • Age 

Will THC-O Show Up On Drug Screenings 

In order to truly know how long does THC-O last, you need to understand how long drug screenings can identify THC-O metabolites. In this section, we will look at some of the most popular drug screenings in order to understand how long before you can take a screening.  


A saliva test is one of the rarest drug screenings when it comes to cannabis. Still, it is a practiced drug screening that several organizations employ. According to several studies, saliva drug screenings can identify THC metabolites for up to 48 hours after dosing. Unlike most other screenings we will discuss, the saliva test is the easiest test to pass.  


The next drug screening that I want to talk about is blood screening. However, the detection period is similar to the saliva test. This test can detect THC-O metabolites for up to 36 hours after consumption. Therefore, you will have a problem bypassing the test if you know how.  


The most common form of drug screening is none other than Urine drug screening. Unlike the aforementioned screenings, this screening is tougher to bypass. Studies suggest that moderate users can take the test after 10 days. However, THC-O metabolites can stay in a regular user’s urine for up to 30 days. So, you really need to come up with a solution if you are a regular user. 


The final test that organizations use is the hair follicle test. Studies show that hair follicle tests can identify THC-O metabolites for upto 90 days after usage. Hence, regular users have no way to surpass this test in any way whatsoever. Unless you are willing to give up cannabis 90 days before the test.  

Ways To Detox 

Even though there is no tried and tested way to combat THC metabolites. Still, there are certain ways that can help you to detox more effectively. Here are some of the ways that can help you detox.  

  • Drink a lot of water. 
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week. 
  • Have proper sleep patterns.  
  • Eat healthier and cleaner.  


With that, we have reached the end of today’s discussion on how long does thc-o last. Even though the answers seem to be dubious and ever-changing, I believe that there are several subjective factors that affect THC-O retention. Keep following our page for more such content.  Thank you for your time. 

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