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Question Of The Hour: What Happens When You Sleep High?

Question Of The Hour: What Happens When You Sleep High?

what happens when you sleep high

What happens when you sleep high? If this question has been bugging you for a while, then you are in the right place, my friend. This article will extensively discuss whether it is preferable to use cannabis as a means to help sleep disorders. Read more. 

Common Types Of Sleep Disorders?

I once read that a human being can survive about a month without a proper diet. But if you deprive somebody of sleep for more than five days at a stretch, he or she might experience permanent brain damage. Therefore, sleep is one of the most important aspects of a person’s well-being. 

According to the latest data released by the CDC, adults need at least seven hours of sleep in order to function properly. But this sounds more of a challenge for some people. According to the latest data released by the CDC, at least 40% of adults experience difficulty sleeping. Therefore, it is more common than most other chronic disorders. Hence, people try using alternative methods to combat sleeplessness, and cannabis is one of them. 

Before we can even answer what happens when you sleep high, we need to know some of the most common sleep disorders that are out there. 

Insomnia: This is the most common form of sleep disorder out there. This disorder involves the inability to fall asleep or remain asleep. Insomnia can be acute as well as chronic.

Sleep Apnea: It is when an individual’s breathing pattern is repeatedly interrupted while sleeping. This can cut off the oxygen supply to the brain and can result in brain damage.

Narcolepsy: This is more of a neurological disorder. In Narcolepsy, an individual can experience sudden sleep attacks where an individual just sleeps and does not wake for hours and days. People often confuse narcolepsy with fainting.

Restless Legs Syndrome or RLS: This is an uncontrollable urge to move your legs while you are going off to sleep. This can be very annoying as it will keep the person awake for an extended period of time. 

Parasomnias: Parasomnia is also known as Sleepwalking. However, it is not just sleepwalking. In fact, these include night terrors, sleep paralysis, and incoherent talking. In extreme cases, parasomnias can even grow violent in nature. Hence, parasomnia is a condition that needs to be dealt with immediately. Otherwise, the consequences can be grave.

What Happens When You Sleep High?

With the basics of sleep disorders out of the way, we can now concentrate more on answering the primary question of the hour. So what do you think happens? For me, this answer differs according to the strain that I consume. 

If I am consuming an Indica strain with moderate THC content, my body goes into a complete couch-lock situation. Subsequently, I let myself focus on a single point or an ambiance sound. This helps me to drift away and fall asleep. 

Scientifically speaking, when you consume cannabis, there is a sudden burst of euphoria and dopamine that rushes into your bloodstream. This will help you to calm down and eventually fall off to sleep. Furthermore, the sedative quality of cannabis also adds a sense of drowsiness that helps us sleep. 

Is Weed Good For Sleeping?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, marijuana is the most available psychoactive drug in the United States of America. In a recent report released back in 2019, approximately 48.2 million people use or have used cannabis at least once in their lifetime. Out of all of them, a total of 18.2% of people have marijuana usage disorder or overdosed on the substance. 

Users have claimed that high dosages of  Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC are known to be more potent than the sedative qualities of codeine. This is the primary reason why several individuals use it to cure their sleep disorders. 

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On paper, using cannabis can help an individual to find help with their sleep disorders. However, what happens when you run out of cannabis to consume? In that sense, it is not preferable to make cannabis consumption a habit before sleeping. 

Can It Be Addictive?

The most straightforward answer is yes. Back in 2015, around 4 million people were diagnosed with marijuana use disorder. Out of those, approximately 138,000 people had to seek professional help. Therefore, regular cannabis usage can be a huge problem in the long term. 

Effects Of Marijuana On The Body & Brain

The effects of marijuana on the human body can be categorized into short-term effects and long-term effects. Understanding these effects is crucial for understanding the health implications of cannabis usage. 

Short-Term Effects

  • Euphoria and Relaxation
  • Altered perception
  • Increased heart rate
  • Cottonmouth (dry mouth)
  • Dry and bloodshot eyes.
  • Poor coordination and motor skills
  • Loss of memory and cognition. 

Long-Term Effects

  • Severe pulmonary issues
  • Loss of cognitive abilities
  • Development of Mental health issues
  • Addiction & Withdrawal

These were the long-term and short-term issues that heavy cannabis users might face. While some issues are manageable, others can really be a wrench in the wheelwork. 

Some Strains For Good Sleep

Even though it is not advisable to build a habit of consuming cannabis before sleeping, there are certain strains that do help in sleeping. Here is a small list of all the strains that are perfect for consuming before you go off to bed.

  • Hindu Kush. (THC: 15% to 32%)
  • Grandaddy Purple (THC: 12.5% to 32%) 
  • Harlequin (THC: 7% to 15%)
  • Grape Ape (THC: 15% to 25%)
  • Girl Scout Cookies (THC: 25% to 28%)
  • Pink Kush (THC: 12% to 35%)
  • ACDC (THC: 1% to 6%)
  • Gelato (THC: 17% to 25%)
  • Sherbert (THC: 15% to 24%)
  • Wedding Cake (THC: 16% to 25%)

Closing Thought

So what do you think, what happens when you sleep high? Well, I think before you start using cannabis as a means to deal with your sleep disorder, you must take a moment to consult a physician. I believe that a physician will be able to help you better than any strain out there.

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