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Top 5 Water Soluble CBD Products In 2021

Top 5 Water Soluble CBD Products In 2021

Water Soluble CBD Products

Marijuana is not a new thing; it has been used as one of the essential herbs for many years. It has become more active in recent years with various edible products like capsules, tinctures, oils, water soluble CBD, etc. A whole new industry has evolved with the popularity of CBD products. 

Among all the available options, water soluble CBD products are better than others because of several reasons. Before you know about the top products in this category, discover what it means and the potential benefits. 

What Are Water Soluble CBD Products?

As the name suggests, these products are soluble in water. There are several ways you can consume CBD products, but water soluble CBD is the most convenient and effective to ingest in your body. 

Typically, most people use CBD oils and capsules for various purposes. However, they are not soluble in water, but CBD experts came with droplets and powder that you can mix with water or other liquids. Now, let’s understand some benefits and how to choose the best product in this category of CBD products. 

Benefits Of Water Soluble CBD

Like the traditional form of CBD, water soluble CBD also provides all the benefits. These products can help you to fight anxiety and depression. It also improves mental health, reduces insomnia, and can easily fall asleep with these products. 

Now you might think, why should someone use water soluble if the traditional products also offer the same benefits. The reason is some people don’t like the flavor of CBD oils, and it can be cumbersome for others. However, it’s easier to consume water soluble CBD with juice, water, or smoothies. So, you don’t need to worry about its flavor. 

How To Choose The Best Water Soluble CBD Products?

Before you choose a water soluble CBD product, here are some important factors that you should consider. 

  • Strength and Type: First of all, consider how much CBD does the product include and what type of CBD it contains. 
  • Pricing: Compare the price of different products available in the market. 
  • Flavor: You will find CBD products in different flavors like lemon, berry, etc. So, don’t forget to choose your favorite flavor while choosing a water soluble CBD. 
  • Source: You should know about the source of hemp that the company uses and how they extract CBD from it?
  • Customer Reviews: What do customers say about the product, and where did they find the best products?

These factors will help you find the best marijuana products. Also, check out the following list of top water soluble CBD products.  

Top Water Soluble CBD Products

Here are the top five water soluble CBD products that you can consume by mixing them with your favorite smoothies, juice, or only with a glass of water. 

  • CBDistillery Water Soluble Powder
  • Big Sky Botanical Hydro Tincture
  • Liweli CBD Powder
  • Prima Rest Easy CBD Powder

Although there are several other products available, these are some of the best. Explore the benefits and product details below before you decide to purchase any one of the above products. 

Big Sky Botanical Hydro Tincture

Usually, we cannot mix oil with water or other liquids. But you can add this Botanical Hydro CBD tincture from the Big Sky brand to your foods and beverages. It is soluble in water and liquids, so you don’t have to worry about this CBD product’s oily nature. Plus, it doesn’t contain any THC, so there is no fear of getting a ‘high.’ 

Benefits: Although it’s a CBD oil, you can take it with food and beverages. It comes with the highest standard because the brand tests each of the products rigorously. 

CBDistillery Water Soluble Powder

You don’t like CBD oils; then you can consume this CBDistillery powder with food, drinks, and juices. It comes in different varieties, including isolate, broad, and full-spectrum CBD products. You can take this powder with food and drinks anytime during the day. 

Benefits: It gives you several options, from isolate to full-spectrum water soluble CBD powders. It’s a better alternative for CBD oils. 


HOLISTIC Stress is one of the best water soluble CBD products that gives you relaxation. You can mix it with your favorite beverages as it gives a good taste and flavor. It includes 10 mg broad-spectrum CBD along with lemon balm to give you a relaxing and calm feeling. It’s one of the topmost brands in the wellness industry, not only in the CBD industry. 

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Benefits: With lemon flavor, it promotes a calm and relaxing feeling. The brand is so transparent that you can track how CBD products are made. 

Liweli CBD Powder

Liweli CBD Powders come in 25-milligram sachets within a large packet that contains 20 small sachets. It comes in lemon flavor and provides you all the essential benefits that you get from traditional CBDs. If you want high-dose, this water-soluble CBD powder is the best option for you. 

Benefits: It’s easier and convenient to carry, and you can simply drink with a glass of water because of the lemon flavor. 

Prima Rest Easy CBD Powder

Even if I have mentioned the Prima Rest Easy CBD powder in the last, that doesn’t mean it’s not as beneficial as the others. The Prima brand comes in three different forms with various benefits:

  • Rest Easy: It helps you to get better sleep. 
  • Brain Fuel: It helps you to get your focus and raise up your awareness. 
  • Instant Zen: It relaxes you by reducing your stress and anxiety. It brings a balance to your body and mind. 

Benefits: This brand offers you different forms of CBD products for various purposes. It also naturally heals your body. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about different water soluble CBD products, which one will you buy? Don’t forget to consider the factors that I have mentioned above in this article. However, don’t get addicted to low-quality CBD products that cause a psychoactive high.

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