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Know Your Canna Product: Crumble Wax

Know Your Canna Product: Crumble Wax

crumble wax

Want to fly like Jesus, smell colour, and look at sounds? Well, the Crumble wax will help you do just that. But is it dangerous? Do not worry, as we will look at all the important details we need in order to make our cannabis journey smoother and optimal. Stick around. 

What Is Crumble Wax?

What Is Crumble Wax

You can love it or simply hate it, but cannabis is one of the most versatile substances on this planet. The substance can be easily transformed into so many things in order to consume it. That is why cannabis enthusiasts love experimenting with the substance in order to broaden the horizons of the substance.

When it comes to variations, not only there are several different strains with different flavour profiles and potencies, but cannabis can also be transformed into many different types of products while some are meant to keep you a little buzzed. Some can make you smell colours and laugh at Jesus’ jokes. One such substance is crumble wax. 

Crumble Wax is one of the most potent cannabis concentrates out there that fulfils several applications and needs. Whenever you hear terms like Plain Crumble, Crumble Dab, or Crumble Wax, the first thing that you need to know is that all of these are nothing but synonyms of the same substance. The substance gets its name due to its crumbly waxy texture. As per the colour, the colour depends upon the potency and manufacturing process and can range from yellow, orange, brown, and golden.

As per the overall potency of the substance, this is currently one of the most potent cannabis extracts out there. Some of the wax can contain as high a THC content as 90%. Even though the substance has some medicinal benefits, you still need to be careful around it as 90% THC can really play in your head. But if you approach it with moderation, things can be really pleasant actually. Keep that in mind.

How Is It Made?

How Is It Made

Well, the best way to proceed with making crumble wax is by using a butane solvent. Well, you can use other solvents like supercool CO2 extraction or propane. However, the butane method is the most reliable one and forms wax with the best concentration. The reason why this information is important is because it will educate you as a consumer to understand what goes behind the veil so that you can have a better idea of which one to gravitate towards.

Keeping that note in mind. Here is a step-by-step informational breakdown of how crumble wax is made:

  • The first and foremost step is to get yourself some dried and cured marijuana leaves.
  • Then add the solvent to the flowers and cured marijuana leaves.
  • This solvent will help you extract terpenes, cannabinoids, and other chemicals from the plant.
  • The next step is to isolate or separate the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant matter that has been created. 
  • Once the isolation is done, add some heat and pressure to the mixture so that the solvent is vaporised. For the best crumble texture, use low heat coupled with longer vacuuming time. This will set the texture right and will make the substance more potent.

How To Consume?

How To Consume

With the technical aspect of the substance out of the way, I am pretty sure, you are just dying to know how to consume this amazing feat of cannabis engineering. Well, there are essentially three primary ways of consuming crumble wax. Each of these techniques or methods brings something new to the table and provides a new experience for the user. Let us look at them from an objective standpoint to understand the true essence of the substance.  


The first way of consuming the wax is just by dabbing. If you are here, I am pretty sure you know how to dab already. However, if you are looking for something tastier and enjoyable, dabbing experience with the crumble, you need to approach the substance with much less heat than usual. A long rip with a low hit can make you see what you were missing the whole time. Once you are done with the dabbing, clean the nail, as it can retain the residual oils otherwise. 


Another way of consuming the dab is by using the most popular method of consuming cannabis, joint. You do not have to do anything but take some of the crumble and sprinkle it onto the joint mixture. Once you are done sprinkling, make the roll of your choice and light up that baby. However, be careful as the potency of your joint will be magically enhanced. Subsequently, you will find yourself coughing more than often, as the smoke will be harsher. Which again can make you go higher.  

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And lastly, the best way to consume the crumble that will not make you cough out your lungs or feel suffocated by all the smoke is by consuming it in the form of edibles. They are tasty, they will creep up slowly, and they are not going to make you smell of cannabis. Take some of the wax and butter in a saucepan, according to the measurement. Heat up the saucepan and you will see the butter and the wax melting gradually. After a while, the mixture will be liquid and this is the time to mix it. Keep the heat low and use a spatula to mix the mixture up. And there you go, you have your own crumble wax butter that you can consume. 

Can I Make My Own Crumble Wax?

If you want a straightforward answer, then no. You cannot make crumble wax at home if you do not have the necessary expertise to do so. The extraction process of the cannabis extract is not an easy or safe process to engage in. You will need specific pieces of equipment and a thorough knowledge of what you are doing to not be injured. People have set themselves, their houses, and their friends on fire, in a shoddy attempt to create crumble wax. 

End Note

With that, we have reached the very end of our article, discussing some of the most important aspects of crumble wax and what they are. It is one of the strongest forms of cannabis extracts that are not something you should joke around about. The high THC content along with a deadly manufacturing process, no wonder the substance is one of the most sought-after substances by cannabis lovers.

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