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What Are Dabs And Why Are They Dangerous? Effects And Risks

What Are Dabs And Why Are They Dangerous? Effects And Risks

What Are Dabs

For the uninitiated, dabbing can be a confusing affair. It might even feel like an insider baseball match accompanied by its own abbreviations and terms. You might already be wondering what are dabs – and we hear you! This is precisely why today we will discuss dabbing in detail – from the impact to the risks associated, we have got you covered.

Stay tuned to find out more about dabbing, associated risks, and effects.

So, What Are Dabs? All That You Need To Know!

For a long time now, cannabis has been used for its different calming properties in both legalized medical settings and illegal recreational environments. With improved cannabis accessibility, experimentation in terms of usage has also improved. And dabbing is a simple product of this increase.

The whole dabs drug story started when dabbing gained plenty of attention because of the risk it posed compared to smoking dried leaves from cannabis plants. And today, we are precisely here to discuss the same – scroll down to find what are dabs and the risks associated with dabbing.

What Are Dabs?


So, what is a dab? Dabs are basically concentrated forms of marijuana that are made in a variety of different textures. The dab is basically a pen or an electronic rig for consuming these concentrated forms of cannabis.

💡Did you know that the entire dabbing procedure is pretty hot? White weed is smoked at a temperature of around 350°F, dabs are used in a relatively higher temperature range of 400 to 600°F.

An ordinary dab rig is similar to a normal bong in terms of appearance – it’s just a glass object accompanied by water. Instead of any bowl for holding the flower, your dab rig will have a nail for the dabs. Due to the high temperature that is mandatory for dab, the nail is generally heated with a torch and then cooled to the accurate temperature range before it can be put to use.

Dabs have earned their name from their texture since their textures indicate the procedure used for creating the same. There are multiple extraction methods that you can use to create a range of various dabs. Dabs are usually sticky and can turn out to be very messy – at the same time, these are available in a wide selection of shades like brown, amber, yellow, or white.

Some More Details About Dabs?

Some More Details About Dabs?

Now that you know what are dabs in general, let’s discuss dabbing in some details. As we just mentioned, dabbing is basically the process by which anyone can consume a high percentage of THC first derived, and then extracted from the cannabis plant. Users often smoke or inhale the vapors obtained from this concentrate which in turn gets them really high.

In order to do THC extraction from the marijuana plant, you have to pour Butane over the plant’s dried leaves. Once the chemical compound gets dissolved, it will produce marijuana wax or a type of sticky paste containing high percentages of THC. When this wax is heated with a blow torch or lighter, it releases this vapor that consumers inhale.

Teenagers or young adults would commonly follow this procedure in any inconspicuous setting like at home or at school since this way the oil do not produce that ‘obvious weed’ smell. Additionally, users can also add Butane hash oil when you are dabbing with any vaping devices.

💡It is said that the dabs contain almost 8% THC – this is strikingly more than the THC inside normal weed. A joint made from ordinary marijuana contains between 5 to 25% THC.

Before you can find out more about how to dab, understand that the impact of consuming dabs hit relatively faster than that of consuming weed which has a much slower rate of progress. Of course, this means consuming dabs has a more powerful impact and higher risks.

Street Names

Street Names

So you know what are dabs supposed to look like – but what about the street names it’s known for? Cannabis concentrates, after all, can have various names, such as,

  • Dab Wax,
  • Wax,
  • Cannabis Oil,
  • Budder,
  • Shatter
  • Resin, and
  • Hash Oil.

Types Of Dabs

Types Of Dabs

There are different types of wax dabs out there. If you do dab or have plans of trying it out, make sure you are buying from a legal market since dabs that are found in black markets are prepared in unlicensed laboratories with no safety standards or even oversight.

Keeping that in mind, here are the different types of wax dabs containing THC drops – stay tuned to find out!

  • Cannabis Oil,
  • Wax,
  • Budder,
  • Sugar Wax,
  • Crumble,
  • Honeycomb,
  • Pull ‘n’ Snap (Taffy),
  • Shatter,
  • Crystalline,
  • Diamonds,
  • Rick Simpson Oil,
  • Live Resin, and
  • Terp Oil.

Are Dabs Dangerous? Effects And Risks!

Are Dabs Dangerous? Effects And Risks!

So, you know what are dabs and these does sound exciting. But before you can ask what are the best dabs, it’s practical to have a discussion about the effects and subsequent risks associated with dabbing. Since dabbing is relatively stranger than regular marijuana, it can prove to be more damaging to the consumer’s mental and physical health.

Stay tuned to find out the effects and risks of dabbing on your body and brain.

1. Higher Risk Of Addiction

If you are a recreational marijuana user, finding out what are dabs and carts can get you excited about trying the same. But before you do, understand its high THC levels makes it easy to get addicted to dabbing, whether you do it for a short period, or a long one.

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Plus, if you have tendencies of psychologically or physically depending on marijuana then it’s possible that you might express withdrawal symptoms that are distressing. Typically, these are stronger when you are dabbing instead of smoking weed – it makes quitting a relatively more difficult.

2. Difficulty In Controling Intake

Even for regular marijuana consumers, a little amount of dab can be quite misleading – just because the quantity appears to be insubstantial, don’t ignore the intense high that results from the little amount.

Taking too much of marijuana is a risky business especially when you have zero knowledge about dosage – it could easily lead to an overdose. While cannabis overdose is not lethal, it can lead to multiple distressing psychological and physical side effects.

3. Explosions

The whole THC extraction methods is responsible for an additional danger for any user. Technically, this one isn’t really a direct effect of dabbing, but rather associated with the process behind THC extraction.

Butane is considered to be a very dangerous gas – so when anyone uses fire in Butane’s vicinity, it could get chaotic real soon – from explosions to severe burns, anything can happen.

And It’s A Wrap!

You already have a fair idea about what are dabs, what does dab look like, and even the risks associated with dabbing – now it’s your turn. What are your thoughts on dabbing? Or have you already tried dabbing? Or do you regularly do it – we want to know!

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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