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HIGHLY Anticipated Debate: Resin VS Rosin

HIGHLY Anticipated Debate: Resin VS Rosin

resin vs rosin

If you wanna try cannabis concentrates but want to do so properly. Then this Resin VS Rosin 

article is the perfect thing for you. We will look at some of the most basic and fundamental points of the debate so that you can make an objective decision. Read more to find out. 

What Is What?

In order to truly understand what is what in this discussion. We have to first take a moment and understand the very term called the concentrates. In essence, cannabis concentrates is a wide spectrum umbrella term. Both Live resin and rosing fall under this term. These are cannabis extracts that have a very high concentration of THC level and can send the user down a whirlwind path. If he or she is not careful of the dosage. 

Live Resin

Live Resin

Manufacturers can produce live resin by two distinct methods, including freshly harvested plants or flash-frozen plants. This is usually done with the help of liquid nitrogen. The primary extraction process of live resin involves butane as a solvent. The primary goal here involves using solvents to extract the resin gland of the plants before the plant dries up. Manufacturers refrain from curing the plant using chemicals as they aim at extracting the terpenes and other chemicals from buds without damaging the integrity of the bud or the plant. 

Live resin is again an umbrella term. There are quite a few options if you want to explore something new and organic. Some of the popular types of live resin include sauce, sugar, budder or badder (must not be confused with cannabis-infused butter), and shatter. 

Live Resin is one of the highest-quality cannabis products that are available on the market. Not only that, but live resin is also very hard to replicate due to its complex and potentially dangerous manufacturing process. Therefore, this adds a level of exclusivity to the product, which automatically makes it all the more in demand.

Live Rosin

Live Rosin

Live Rosin, on the other hand, is a solventless cannabis extract. The first and foremost process of harvesting live rosin involves freezing plant products. Afterward, the cannabis flower is placed in a bag along with ice water and sieves. When the bags are agitated, the frozen rosin glands separate from the plant material and then pass through the sieve. As a result, bubble hash gets formed.

The bubble hash that gets collected gets placed in a freeze-dried. Once the process of manufacturing is finished, a tool called a rosin press is used to extract the final product. The process of extracting sap from the bud is done with a combination of heat and pressure. This enables the sap extracted to become more consistent and pure. 

The Key Differences: Resin vs Rosin

Key Differences Resin vs Rosin

The primary difference between Resin and rosin is mostly about the manufacturing process of resin and rosin. While live resin is manufactured using solvents. Rosin,  on the other hand, relies on heat and pressure to form a concentrate. 

Regarding consumer preferences, some people believe that solventless products are a better alternative than those with solvent. In fact, users will even pay more money at times to get hold of a more ‘organic’ substance that is devoid of any chemical solvents. This can influence the price point to a great extent.

Another aspect that sets resin and rosin apart is the fact that unique aroma and flavor both products provide. Both products retain the flavor profile of their respective strain. But Rosin manages to remain a truer-to-life depiction or flavor retention. Therefore, if the consumer is looking for a more accurate profile along with an intense high. Then Rosin is a better alternative than resin. This is one of the greatest aspects that set the tone of the Resin vs Rosin debate.

Which One To Choose

Any concentrates that have a high level of THC content and are quite intense must be used at specific times and occasions. Otherwise, things can get quite woozy. But which one you must opt for actually? Well, this section will try to present an objective view so that you can decide for yourself.

First things first, both substances are some of the most potent cannabis products on the planet. The intense high along with the flavorful terpene profile has made them popular amongst cannabis users from every class and creed.   

If you are a hardcore cannabis enthusiast you might go for a more expensive but curated experience. This is something that live rosin can provide and you must gravitate towards that.

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But if you are somebody who wants to try concentrates for the first time and wanna give a swing of the cheaper yet stronger stuff, then live resin is the route you must take.

But if you are greedy like me, then try both!

Can You Make It At Home?

If you want to analyze the primary aspects of the resin vs rosin debate, you will know that product safety is the key. The reason behind this is that usually, some really dangerous materials are used in order to manufacture these concentrates, which are usually quite dangerous if somebody is not careful with them. Some of the processes involved are gas chromatography or high-performing liquids, which have the property of being highly flammable.

Therefore, only registered manufacturers can keep manufacturing and maintain the quality of the concentrate extracted. This is true for resin as well as rosin. So, the best way to keep up the quality of the resin or rosin that you consume is to buy it from a registered vendor. This will not only ensure that you are consuming a higher-grade product but also that you are not getting killed in the process of making these products. 

Final Thought. 

So with that, we have reached the very end of our HIGHLY Anticipated Debate: Resin vs rosin. A discussion that we have tried to keep objective and focused on facts. Still, if you want to add something more to this piece then please do so. And for more cannabis related content, keep following us.

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