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What Is The Difference Between Blunt And Joint? 

What Is The Difference Between Blunt And Joint? 

Difference Between Blunt And Joint

“So we just roll one, smoke one
When you live like this, you’re supposed to party.”

If you take it from the man, the legend Snoop, or from the noob in the neighborhood who started smoking weed a few days ago, smoking is still the best way to consume weed. Yes, there are other ways to consume weed. But let’s not dive into that. Today I will talk about the difference between blunt and joint. 

But, if you are a smoker – noob or pro – you should be aware of the details about the stuff that you are smoking. When smoking weed, you can either smoke a joint or a blunt. So, let’s learn to differentiate between a joint and a blunt. 

What Is A Joint?

What Is A Joint

Smoking a joint means smoking weed that is rolled within a thin paper. Now, there are different types of joints depending upon the paper and the method you are using for rolling your hot stuff. But, to simplify it – a joint is simply weed and paper. A standard-sized joint cannot be large. They usually have a medium size, and the paper contains one-third of the weed. 

The thin rolling papers are usually white. But if you are getting novelty papers, the colors change. You can also settle for different flavors. Here is a guide to the sizes they come in –

1 ½, one ¼, wide, and king. The papers come in different types of papers like ultra-thin, thin, wide, and different other sizes. 

Most importantly, there is a crutch at the end of the joint or a filter at the end of the joint. This filter allows you to smoke a joint without getting your fingers burned. Now, before you know the difference between blunt and joint, you should also know what a blunt is. 

What Is A Blunt?

What Is A Blunt

So, joint feels like the regular thing weed smokers smoke. But what does a blunt look like? What is a blunt? Well, blunt is a little different compared to joint. Joints use thin wrapping paper, whereas blunt users blunt tobacco papers. 

Blunt Smokers make a cigar using blunt tobacco paper. They are bigger compared to a joint. One blunt can hold more than one gram of weed. They tend to burn slowly and allow smokers more hits. Since they are bigger compared to joints, they are more intense experts in the field suggest sharing blunts and smoking them in groups. 

Understanding The Difference Between Blunt And Joint

Let me give you a simple and straightforward answer about the blunt vs joint difference. The main difference between blunt and joint lies in the type of paper used in wrapping. The choice of your rolling material. If you have a thin rolling paper for weed, then you are making a joint. Blunt smokers, on the other hand, use blunt tobacco rolling paper.

The difference can be based on the material for rolling weed and the size of the paper used. The difficulty in rolling, ways of smoking, and the effects on the smokers. 


Blunts are thicker compared to a joint. They also contain more amount of weed compared to a joint. A blunt can contain around one gram to two grams of weed. A joint, on the other hand, contains a minimum one third or one-fourth of a gram of weed. 

Type Of Paper 

Another difference between joint blunt and joint is in the type of paper they use for rolling. Joint papers are usually thin or ultra-thin. The papers for a blunt are usually larger compared to that of the joint. 

Also, the papers for blunts are made of tobacco, unlike a joint. They usually use wraps or cut cigarettes to make a blunt. The blunt papers being thicker, take a longer time to burn out. As a result, they are best if you smoke them with your friends. 

Easy To Roll

Another difference between blunt and joint is in ease of rolling. Rolling a joint is easier compared to rolling a blunt. You can easily roll a joint if you have paper and weed. But it is a little complicated with a blunt. The paper needs to be moist to stop any wreckage; because you need a fresh wrap. The tobacco papers are harder compared to the thinner papers of the joint. It will take a slightly longer time when rolling. 

Effects On Health

Joints and Blunts have another difference. Blunts have tobacco in them, while the joints don’t use tobacco papers. According to different studies, tobacco mixed with weed makes it more intense and hard to quit once you start smoking. Also, coupling tobacco with weed makes you more vulnerable to lung health issues. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is one of those lung issues that can affect you due to excessive smoking of blunt.

The Blunt Difference:

As we already mentioned, blunts are typically rolled with tobacco leaf paper or tobacco leaves for the real purist. Now, there are blunt wraps made up of hemp paper for the ones who want the relatively slow burning without the nicotine rush and tobacco flavor. 

Generally, you can purchase blunt wraps at your local dispensary and, in some states, even at convenience stores. Those who usually prefer a DIY approach often purchase small cigars or cigarillos like Phillies Blunts, carefully emptying out the tobacco and refilling them with their chosen strain of bud. 

Some of these people have solid preferences when it comes to a brand since every type and brand has marked differences in terms of flavors. In certain cases, they will blend some of the eliminated tobacco with the flower before rolling. In this case, they will simply mix some of the eliminated tobacco with the flowers before rolling. In such a case, they are smoking a spliff. 

Tobacco is not the only possible addition to the buds in your blunt. Experienced consumers might add a dash of concentrate like Bubble Hash to intensify the experience and increase the THC percentage of their final smoke. Since the content is still all cannabis, it still happens to be a blunt – only a super-charged one. 

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Whatever your smoking preference, we are happy to help you find the right strain and all the associated accessories you need to enjoy to its fullest. If you aren’t exactly sure about what you really want, then connect with an experienced budtender who can help you understand the differences and impact of the various strains.

Different Types Of Blunts And Joints

Different Types Of Blunts And Joints

I think the difference between blunt and joint was clear. Anyways, here are different types of joints and blunts. Learning about them might make the concept clearer.

Types Of Blunts 

  • Backwoods – blunts rolled using regular tobacco leaves.
  • Cigarillo – this type of blunt is made by splitting and emptying a cigar and by filling the empty cigar with weed.
  • Hemp Blunts – these blunts use hemp leaves for rolling the weed. 

Types Of Joint 

  • Classic – slightly shorter than a cigarette and is twisted at the end. 
  • Tipped – these joints have a filter to prevent your fingers from burning. 
  • Pinner – these are thinly rolled personal-sized joints. 
  • Spliff – these are tobacco and cannabis rolled within a classic paper. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out the most frequently asked questions related to the differences between a blunt and a joint mentioned below. 

1. Are Blunts Or Joints Better To Smoke?

What about blunts and joints? Well, both will involve inhaling smoke, so there is that. But if you had to select the lesser of the two evils, then probably joints are the better alternative. This is due to blunts being made with hollowed-out cigars – plus, the cigars and their wrappers are toxic.

2. Is It OK to Smoke Blunt?

There are multiple harmful chemicals that users can avoid by not smoking spliffs or blunts due to their tobacco content. Chemicals like toxic gasses, polycyclic aromatic compounds, and reactive oxygen species pose a high risk to the respiratory system and other body parts.

3. Is Blunts A Drug?

Marijuana is typically smoked as a joint in a bong, or in a pipe. Also, it is smoked in blunts which are cigars that have been emptied of tobacco and then refilled with marijuana, sometimes in combination with another drug.

Rolled Up

It does not really matter whether you are smoking a joint, a spliff, or a blunt; the respect is always the same. But make sure that you are smoking quality stuff. The quality of the weed you are smoking makes a lot of difference when it comes to the experience. I think this article clears up the difference between blunt and joint. 

Do you have any relevant questions? You can drop them in the comment if you do have some. We will be quick to answer them. 

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