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Exploring The Strain: RS11 Strain

Exploring The Strain: RS11 Strain

rs11 strain

Want to know more about the RS11 strain? You are in the right place. This article is meant to discuss every possible aspect of this enigma of the weed world. So sit back, and let me take you on a journey explaining everything there is to explain about the RS11 strain. 

Overview Of The Strain

Today’s strain of honor, the RS11 weed strain, is one of the most popular hybrid strains out there. The RS11 strain was created by crossing two very iconic strains, the classic Northern Lights and the infamous Skunk #1. This potent combination has created an all-new skunky strain that would hit you like a truck. Still, this is a perfect strain that would keep you light on your feet and well-stimulated throughout the day. Hence, this is a perfect strain that you can opt for in the morning. 

The general effects of consuming RS11 or Rainbow Sherbet #11 can be best explained as cerebral in nature. Users explained that they felt more focused and motivated after using the strain. Some users also explained that the strain was perfect for wake and bake, as it gave the user a boost of serotonin that helped them to go throughout the day with more zeal. Subsequently, several RS11 strain Leafl reviews have clearly stated that the RS11 strain has no couch-locking tendency. Hence, it is perfect to have a perfectly functional day with a slight buzz.

More On The Strain…

Therefore, this is an excellent choice of strain if you want something capable of uplifting the mood and punchy flavors minus the lethargic effects of Indica.  As a result, this has grown a lot in the 420 community worldwide, especially in the United States of America. With the rising demands, growers all over the country are opting to farm this strain. 

Growing the RS11 is a relatively easy process. So no matter your proficiency with the substance, you can do it pretty easily. The RS11 strain seeds are potent enough to grow in outdoor as well as indoor environments. Still, there are certain climactic requirements that you need to ensure in order to improve your batch.

For a healthy batch of RS11 strain, you need to ensure that the temperature should be between 20-27 degrees Celsius and a humidity level of around 40 to 50%. Along with that, you need to ensure that your batch is well-ventilated to stop molds from growing. 

Characters Of The RS 11 Strain

Before you choose to consume any of the strains, it is important to know about their characteristics so that you can enjoy them at their peak. Here are some of the major characteristic features that make the RS 11 strains one of the best available.  

Genetic Lineage  

Delving into the genetic lineage of the RS 11 strain, there is a rich tapestry of characteristics that it inherits from its parent strains, Sunset Sherbet and Pink Guava. The careful selection by Deo Farms has concluded in a hybrid that preserves and improves the desirable traits of every progenitor.  

Fruity flavor profiles: RS 11’s terpene group, including limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene, comes from the tropical essence of Pink Guava and the citrus undertones of Sunset Sherbet, bringing out the Rainbow Sherbet flavor.  

Structural traits: It has indica-like foliage with big, fat leaves and sativa stature that can be drawn back to the architectural influences of OZ Kush within its lineage.  

Potency levels: With a dazzling THC concentration of around 24%, RS 11’s overall potency matches its strong genetic backbones that come from its ancestors, promising an elevated and robust experience for its users.  

Terpene Profile  

The terpene profile of RS11, branded by the dominant notes of limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene, plays an important role in shaping the distinctive berry and cherry aroma of the strain with the undertones of diesel, pine, and candy.  

Caryophyllene, a terpene that is popular for its spicy and peppery notes, contributes to the robustness of the strain. Limonene, on the other hand, gives a citrusy freshness that perfectly complements the sweet overtones.  

Myrcene, which is prevalent in multiple cannabis strains because of its musky and earthy qualities, finishes the foundation of RS11’s overall flavor profile.  

Altogether, these terpenes synergize to formulate an olfactory experience that enriches by nuance and complexity, including the subtle and yet perceptible hints of pine. It further adds an extra layer to the evergreen and herbaceous dimensions of RS11.  


Multiple users of the RS 11 strain report an experience of cerebral buzz that nurtures creativity and improves social interactions. The effects of RS 11 are multifaceted and present a complicated interplay between physical relaxation and mental stimulation.  

Here are some of the effects that you might witness after interacting with RS 11:  

Cerebral Stimulation: Users quite often explain an increased sense of mental alertness, which might lead to artistic inspiration and innovative thinking.  

Physical relaxation: Despite the mental stimulation effects, there is an extra sensation of calmness, with a soothing buzz in the body that might alleviate muscle tension and pain.  

Sociability: The impact of the strain on mood appears to be favorable towards social engagement. It makes conversations livelier and interactions more fun.  

Aroma And Flavor  

While RS 11’s therapeutic effects provide major relief to medical patients, its rare aroma and flavor profile contribute just as much towards its popularity. The strain has creamy tropical fruity flavors that are underneath a symphony of fresh cherries, earthy pine, and ripened berries.  

The three main components that contribute to its flavor profile are:  

  • Sweet fruity undertones  
  • Sour citrus notes  
  • Diverse berry flavors  

About The Characteristics

About the Characteristics

Now that you have a clear overview of the RS11 strain, it is time that we provide you with some more insights on some specific aspects of the strain. This would help you to understand the strain further. Let’s go.

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This is essentially a hybrid strain that is a cross between the Pink Guava and OZK strains. Therefore, the RS11 strain genetics is a rich area of study that can help an individual understand the strain closely. While it varies from time to time, at times, growers report THC levels as high as 25 to 30%. The reason behind the RS11 strain thc level being so high can be because of its parent strains. 


The appearance of the strain is one of the most iconic aspects of the strain. The strain boasts vibrant lime green and yellow hues. Along with the hues, the buds are packed with purple-frosted trichomes. Therefore, if you have seen the strain once, you can identify the strain at any time.


The general taste of the strain is best explained as fruity-berry, with hints of pepper and guava complementing the heavier flavor profiles. Some users also point out that there is also an undertone of skunk as you would exhale. Therefore, making an interesting flavor profile. 


The terpenes that are found in this strain predominantly are myrcene and two secondary terpenes, pinene and caryophyllene. This adds a fruity flavor to your weed. In fact, researchers conclude that when these terpenes combine themselves with the cannabinoids, it create a magical euphoric effect. 

The Experience

The Experience

As explained already in the previous section and certain several rs11 strain review, the strain boasts a sweet earthy flavor. Along with these flavor profiles, there is also a hint of pine and citrusy flavors that complement the whole experience. Apart from the flavors, users would also experience the feeling of being relaxed and, at the same time, having a burst of energy. Still, you should not overindulge yourself, as the psychoactive nature of the weed can really blindside you.

The RS11 is an Indica-dominant strain that has potent body-high that you need to know about. It would not make you a couch potato, but if unchecked, it can give rise to some very woozy effects. Users claimed that along with the classic effects of redeyes and cotton mouth, things can escalate pretty easily, and one can experience certain effects like paranoia, anxiety, etc.

Therefore, if you are a frequent user or new to the whole cannabis culture, take it easy.  However, the effects mentioned here are essentially generalized. In other words, everybody reacts to cannabis differently. Therefore, if you are someone susceptible to a bad trip, things might get hairy for you. 

Apart from the bad trips, the most common RS11 strain effects include a feeling of euphoria, heightened focus, a feeling of looseness in the body, etc. So, keep those effects in mind while trying this hybrid strain. Otherwise, you can feel strong placebo effects that can ruin your high. 

Medicinal Benefits

Medicinal Benefits

Even though there are certain detrimental effects that come with the package. But in essence, researchers believe that this is a strain that is perfect for several medicinal issues. So without wasting any more time, let us look at some of the medical conditions that can be helped by the strain RS11 or Rainbow Sherbet #11:

  • Pain relief: Due to its high THC content of 20%, medical practitioners believe that it is a potent analgesic. IUsers have claimed that it has the capability to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation.
  • Stress and anxiety reliever: The calming effects of the strain are perfect for helping people who suffer from mental disorders like anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Appetite stimulation: Although this might sound weird, munchies and appetite stimulation are two very different things. While munchies are momentary, appetite stimulation has a longer-standing effect. Appetite stimulation means enhancing the hunger of an individual who might suffer from anorexia or other such diseases. 

Final Thought

In summation, these were some of the prominent factors that you need to know about the iconic hybrid RS11 strain. Due to the high THC content and iconic flavors that it brings to the table, this is quickly becoming the go-to strain for cannabis aficionados

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