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Exploring The Strain: Zaza Strain

Exploring The Strain: Zaza Strain

zaza strain

Want to try the Zaza strain but are confused as to what it brings to the table? Do not worry. We are here to discuss different aspects, from genetics, flavors, benefits, etc. So that you can make a more informed decision in procuring a new strain of marijuana that can make you a couch potato but stimulate your mind like Michaelangelo. 

What Is Zaza?

What Is Zaza

If you love hip-hop like me, I guess you have heard the term Zaza. It is a popular term in the hip-hop and internet community that has intrigued fans, but what is the Zaza? Since everyone is confused about the possible meaning, the 420 community is engaged in an active discussion in order to understand the term.

Even though the term Zaza is an umbrella term and can have multiple strains under it. But today, we are here to discuss the specific strain called the Zaza that is currently available in retail. Zaza strains of marijuana are predominantly Indica-dominant strains. This strain is a culmination of cross-breeding exotic weed strains like the iconic Rare Dankness #1 and Blue Dream strain. This is a strain that boasts an impressive 19 to 21 percent of THC content. Therefore, mild as well as heavy users can have a satiating experience with this exotic Zaza strain. 

Still, the term is used to address some of the most exotic weed strains or high-quality, premium marijuana. But that is just the surface meaning. In order to truly understand Zaza weed strains, we have to go deeper and decode the term from the inside out. Sit and strap in as I take you on a journey to understand and decode the term. 



As explained earlier, this is a strain that shares a 70/30 ratio. This means this is a strain that is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. Therefore, this is an Indica-dominant strain that derives most of its characteristics from two of its parent strains, Blue Dream and Rare Dankness. Due to high indica content, the Zaza exotics or the Zaza strain has potent couch-locking characteristics. 

Since this is an Indica-dominant strain, it can knock off the boots of new users. So, if you are somebody who is new to the cannabis game, do not touch the strain any time other than the night. Otherwise, you will have a very unproductive day ahead of you. The very word Indica refers to night.

Therefore, any strain that is Indica dominant should only be used at night. This would enhance the overall experience of the strain by drifting you off to sleep. However, to truly understand the effects and usage of the strain, you need to understand the two parent strains that make up this iconic weed.

Blue Dream

This is a perfect strain that has strong sativa quality. This makes the strain perfect for wake and bake. This strain is perfect if you want to have a good creative zeal coupled with a feeling of relaxation. The hint of blueberries, along with a balanced high, has made it fairly popular in the 420 community as of late.

Rare Dankness #1

With a whopping amount of 25% THC, this is one of the most exotic and potent strains that are available. The primary characteristics of the Zaza of strains are derived from this parent strain. As is expected, this strain has a potent couch-locking capability that can make you a sloth. Therefore, this is not perfect for consuming at the beginning or the middle of the day. 



Here is a detailed review of the Zaza strain for better understanding among new users:  

CBD/THC Content 

The infamous Zaza strain contains a major concentration of THC – around 10 to 21 percent – with very negligible contents of CBD. This makes the strain a potent option for medicinal and recreational users alike. The high THC level in it is certainly above average for other indica strains, which revolves somewhere around 12 percent, underscoring Zaza’s vigorous potency. Notably, the uplifted CBD/THC content ratio is a prominent characteristic that majorly contributes to the pronounced therapeutic and psychoactive effects of the strain. 

Analyzing the THC content in the Zaza strain unveils its capacity to induce a very powerful and happy life, with an intense feeling of relaxation that usually leads to couch lock.  This makes it even more effective to manage conditions like chronic stress, insomnia, and anxiety. Its impact on appetite stimulation along with nausea reduction also highlights its benefits in addressing multiple physical discomforts. However, it is not feasible for inexperienced users or the ones sensitive to high THC levels to try this strain due to its high potency. 

If you compare Zaza to other strains of cannabis that have identical effects, the CBD/THC content is one of the more potent versions of cannabis available. This distinction is necessary for users who are looking for very specific outcomes. The strain profile of Zaza is, therefore, a major factor for users and medical patients when they choose among multiple cannabis options. 

Terpene Profile 

Going deep into the terpene profile of Zaza unveils a complicated bouquet that majorly shapes its therapeutic and sensory properties. This profile is not only a contributor to the rare aromatic signature of the strain. It also plays a major role in the shades of its effects on consumers. 

The terpene profile of the Zaza strain is marked by a very rich tapestry of flavors and scents, influenced by its genetic lineage that leans over the sativa side, with slight hints of spicy diesel improving its complexity. ‘ 

The terpene profile includes the following: 

  • Pinene: It imparts a very distinctive pine aroma that is both grounding and refreshing. 
  • Myrcene: Delivers musky and earthy tones, usually associated with the calming effects of Zaza. 
  • Limonene: Adds a citrus zest, contributing to the lemon-chemical scent profile of the strain. 
  • Caryophyllene: Gives spicy undertones, which links to the potential for pain management and stress relief. 
  • Terpinolene: Rounding out the total profile with a slight hint of blueberry and apple, adding a soft sweetness to your overall experience. 

These terpenes, in combination with the high levels of THC, underpin the anticipated benefits of happiness and mental relaxation. At the same time, it also contributes to the potency of the strain to address stress, anxiety, and pain. 

Aroma And Flavor 

The Zaza strain is notoriously famous for its complex profile of aromas and flavors, which range from its characterized citrusy notes to its distinguishing spicy diesel undertones. Analyzing the sensory facets of the Zaza strain is necessary, particularly for cannabis for medicinal use, where the aroma and flavor blindly influence the experience of the patient. 

The distinct lemony, sour flavor intensifies with each exhale, providing a spicy experience that balances with the sour and sweet lemony aroma. The olfactory mix of spicy diesel adds a vigorous finish, making Zaza a fantastic strain for connoisseurs visiting dispensaries near and far. 

The Experience

The Experience

This review would not be complete if I did not talk about the overall experience of the strain. Now, before we proceed to discuss some of the effects of the strain, we need to clarify that every individual processes marijuana in a different way. Hence, the effects that are explained here are generalized ones that are observed throughout the spectrum.

The most prominent effect that you would feel after consuming the strain is a feeling of euphoria. This is the Zaza influencing the serotonin level of the brain that enhances the feeling of euphoria.

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The next thing that you would notice is the feeling of relaxation and the couch-lock phenomenon. Once the weed is absorbed by the bloodstream, you feel a sense of heaviness in your body. Therefore compelling you to lie down or relax.

And the final and the most prominent effect that would set in once you consume the weed is the feeling of munchies. If you are new here, munchies can be explained as the feeling of snacking that one usually feels after consuming weed. 

Medicinal Properties

After studying some of the generalized effects of the Zaza strain, it is only appropriate that we study some of the medicinal properties of the strain. These properties have been confirmed by several researchers and users who use it medicinally. 

Zaza strain is known for its low CBD value along with high THC levels. As a result, it is known to help individuals who are suffering from some of the ailments like:

  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Loss of appetite or anorexia.
  • Insomnia.
  • Stress.

Grow Info

The Zaza strain is an amazing strain that is a gift to humanity. The analgesic, and anti-depressant qualities of the strain have made it quite popular in the medical marijuana industry. However, the overall availability of the cannabis is a different question altogether. Getting good cannabis that has great medicinal properties along with recreational properties is rare, and everyone wants to get their hands on it. So, the next best thing to do is to grow it yourself. This section will help you with that.  


The first aspect that you need to understand is that the strain can be indoors as well as outdoors. But if you take our advice, we will suggest that you do it indoors. The seeds are already hard to come by. So you would want the best yield possible from all those seeds. Also, indoor growing setups offer more controlled environments. Which is very crucial for getting the best functioning yield possible. According to sources, outdoors the yield can range up to 1-2 ounces. While indoors growing rigs with hydroponic irrigation systems can give yield up to 1.5 to 2 ounces. So the base value is more than the outdoor growing system.

While growing outside, you will have to consider so many variables that the growing experience will be more of a tedious job than anything. Some of the most important growing variables include soil mixture, nutrients, etc. Therefore, if you are a beginner grower with some funds to invest, an indoor growing rig can be a good investment.

Flowering Time

If everything goes well, you are looking at a time frame of eight to ten weeks. As somebody who takes a keen interest in this subject,  I believe that the best time for the Zaza strain to grow is around the spooky season. I just meant October. But if you are growing indoors, you do not have to worry about the elements.

The Final Verdict

In summation, the iconic Zaza strain is one of the most exotic weeds that money can buy. With a premium look and iconic flavor or terpene profile, this is one of the best strains that you can try this weekend. But be careful; it can make you a couch monster and make you eat 5 packs of Cheetos if you are not careful. For more strain guides, keep following our page.

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