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Stoned And Bored? Best Stoner Cartoons To Watch When You Are High

Stoned And Bored? Best Stoner Cartoons To Watch When You Are High

stoner cartoons

There’s something so trippy about watching some cartoon or even tv shows when you are really, really stoned! Sometimes, I feel like calling some of these animated shows simply stoner cartoons because every time I am high, I love binge-watching these shows. And every time I am sober, I hardly ever watch these.

Just like most things in life, I am sure I am not the only one who has undergone these feelings. So if you have felt the same and wondering what to watch, sit back and relax because we have the ultimate list of animated shows to watch when you are stoned and bored.

Keep reading to find out – don’t forget to light that joint up and take two puffs before you can start binge-watching these shows!

Stoned And Bored? Best Stoner Cartoons To Watch High

From absolutely ridiculous storylines and eccentric characters to the trippy animation style, these trippy stoner cartoons will only elevate your experience with marijuana.

If you are a frequent marijuana user, then it’s highly possible that you tend to get bored once you have been stoned for some time – that’s the time you switch on your device and let the world of cartoons take over your head for some time. So without wasting any time, scroll down and check out the top stoner cartoons you must watch once when you are high!

1. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Aqua Teen Hunger Force


It is a little difficult to describe the plot or the concept behind Aqua Teen Hunger Force – it almost seems like the creators of the show were pretty high while writing the show. However, sometimes watching a weed cartoon like Aqua Teen Hunger Force is quite fun, considering all the characters happen to be illogical while the plot is always so strange.

Moreover, the style of animation ridicules itself! And naturally, these factors together make the show enjoyable to watch. Once you have smoked two joints, the bizarre show might just make sense.

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2. Family Guy

Family Guy


Family Guy is one of those stoner cartoons that share a strong connection to the whole stoner culture. Therefore, you will find cannabis advocacy frequently, and moreover, at the beginning of the 2000s, Family Guy used to be the go-to show for all marijuana lovers. This also explains why Family Guy is always linked to the world of marijuana consumption.

The iconic musical performance, the stoner-friendly plotlines, and the non-sequitur comic moments together make Family Guy a favorite with all stoners!

3. Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes


If you want to stare at some cartoons smoking weed, you might be disappointed because these might not be easy to find! But that doesn’t mean you can’t watch some trippy cartoons and Looney Tunes is one of those timeless classics that has a little of everything – outlandish animal caricatures that frequently defy odds while routinely avoiding deaths are exactly what you need.

Moreover, all the episodes of Looney Tunes are simple and short, making this show highly binge-worthy, especially when you are stoned and bored. 

4. The Simpsons

The Simpsons


Did you know that in the United States Of America, The Simpsons is the ‘longest-running prime-time’ show with a solid 31 seasons? It’s simply hilarious and a world apart from all other stoner cartoons. And it just might be the most popular animated TV show – the comic timings are incredible, and it has managed to do so consistently for several years. 

The best part? The show’s talented creator, Matt Groening, does not put in any effort to hide how his characters use drugs, making this a favorite amongst all stoners.

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5. Rick And Morty

Rick And Morty


Stop googling ‘high cartoon’ right now and instead just begin your stoner cartoons journey with Rick And Morty! There are several subtle innuendos or even hidden references in most of the episodes. Then there are some obvious gags accompanied by inside jokes only loyal fans will understand. 

So just light up your bong, start streaming the episodes, and soon, you will fall in love with the bizarre animation. 

6. Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants


If I had to pick our favorite from a list of popular stoner cartoons, I would undoubtedly choose Spongebob Squarepants. When the show first aired in 1999 on Nickelodeon, it became a huge global success. The best part? How Spongebob Squarepants manages to strike a balance between mature subjects and basic animation. 

The show doesn’t always make sense, especially when you are high, and that’s exactly what you need when you sitting on your sofa with a joint after a long day of work. 

7. King Of The Hill

King Of The Hill


King Of The Hill first aired on television between 1997 and 2010 and became instantly popular – people just loved the animated comedy that the show was an instant hit amongst people of all ages. You don’t have to look for any ‘high eyes cartoon’ – instead, watch Hank Hill, a salesman hailing from Arlen when you are high, and you will understand why everyone loves this show!

Created by the talented Mike Judge, King Of The Hill has several popular episodes, but none more than the episode titled, ‘High Anxiety,’ where Hank smokes up a little and freaks out!

8. Scooby-Doo:

Even if you weren’t sure as a child, you have probably seen the famous theory being floated around about how the character of Shaggy is a huge stoner.

 Come on – the guy is always hungry, so slow, and keeps talking to his pet dog. With several iterations of this classic tale, including cult classic live-action films, Scooby-Doo is another great choice for everyone who wants to watch light thrillers while getting stoned. 

9. American Dad:

American Dad employs plenty of humor like Family Guy, so it is full of fun but quick dirty jokes. The show also stars Jeff, a stereotypical stoner who lives out of his van and has more than one unsavory habit. 

Jeff might not be the best-portrayed marijuana consumer, but you will end up forgiving the show’s creators when you come across some of the spectacular moments on the show like getting lost in space and proving his love for his wife, Hayley, in order to escape from a slave spaceship. 

10. Tom And Jerry:

The cat keeps chasing a mouse. And the mouse keeps tricking the cat. Tom and Jerry are wild and classic – it’s iconic. We have grown up watching Tom chase Jerry to the ends of the world, only to get tricked by little Jerry, not once, but multiple times. 

There’s no doubt that the show features an over-the-top orchestral score and a bombastic cartoony violence. Tom And Jerry is perfect for when you are too baked to even comprehend dialogue. 

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Bonus Section: Some More Stoner Cartoons To Watch When You Are Stoned!

Stoner Cartoons To Watch When You Are Stoned


Welcome to the bonus section of Stoner Cartoons! Stop looking for some show related to the ‘cartoon smoking weed’ theme and instead roll that blunt and watch the shows mentioned below instead! Because stoner cartoons need not always be about animated characters who smoke up frequently – in reality, it’s so much more than that! 

So here are a few more suggestions in case you were looking for stoner cartoons!

  1. Regular Show,
  1. The Ren & Stimpy Show,
  1. Samurai Jack,
  1. Adventure Time,
  1. Superjail,
  1. Space Ghost: Coast to Coast,
  1. Sailor Moon,
  1. South Park,
  1. Bob’s Burgers,
  1. Freakazoid,
  1. Sailor Moon,
  1. Ugly Americans, and
  1. The Boondocks,

And It’s A Wrap!

Stoner cartoons have become quite popular recently, especially after more states and even countries have legalized marijuana across the world, as compared to the 90s. So if you have never watched these trippy shows, but you have been tripping regularly for some time now, then you must watch at least a few of these animated shows. Trust me – you won’t regret it!

Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on these shows? Also, if you have already watched these shows, or shows like this, feel free to share your experiences with me in the comments below.

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