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CBD 101

tac vs thc
Know Your Ganja: TAC VS THC

What is TAC vs THC? Is this what you were looking for? Then you are…

is weed legal in france
Cannabis & Law: The French Edition. 

Is weed legal in France? Is recreational weed legal in France? If these are your…

Decoding The Myth: Hash

Want to know how to make crispy hash browns from frozen? But for that, you…

hashish oil
Decoding The Myth: Hashish Oils

Want to know what is hashish oil and is it illegal? You stumbled upon the…

what states is weed legal
Legality And Weed An Overview To Understand The Legal Connotation Of The Substance

With the question of legality always looming over cannabis as a substance, it is hard…

Medical Cannabis
Best Strains As Medical Cannabis

Using marijuana for medical purposes is in vogue right now. With proven studies that show…

gushers strain
Exploring The Strain: Gushers Strain

Thinking of switching to a newer strain that can keep you high and functional at…

medellin strain
Exploring The Strain: Medellin Strain

Medellin Strain is a unique strain that is reminiscent of old-school weeds like the Chemdawg,…

Oreo Cookies Strain
Exploring The Strain: Oreo Cookies Strain

Want to try the Purple Oreo Cookies strain or just the Oreo Cookies strain? You…

Zoap strain
Exploring The Strain: Zaop Strain

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like smoking a bar of soap? I…

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