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Flying With Edible: Can You Fly With Edibles?

Flying With Edible: Can You Fly With Edibles?

flying with edibles

Cannabis edibles are gaining popularity more and more. In fact, these canna-infused beverages and food items, A.K.A edibles, appear to be deceivingly discrete, making it an issue to identify whether these have cannabis at first glance. 

In spite of that, we have heard so many people wondering if it is actually possible to even smuggle edibles into different areas where these are illegal. 

Before you can make plans about flying with edibles, it is vital to plan the potential consequences and problems associated with getting caught when you are flying with canna edibles. 

So, the question here is: can you fly with edibles? Here’s a detailed answer!

So, What Are Edibles?

So, what are edibles? Edibles are a type of cannabis product that you can drink and eat. Some of the most common cannabis edibles that you can easily access are as follows:

  • Confectionary items such as cannabis gummies or chocolates,
  • Baked goods such as brownies and cookies,
  • Drinks, and
  • Supplements.

Is Flying With Edibles Possible?

So, is flying with edibles even possible?

In short, the answer is ‘no.’ You cannot fly with cannabis. In fact, the TSA ( Transportation Security Administration) states that it is not legal to carry cannabis products while flying. 

Moreover, the Federal Law takes into consideration marijuana as well as items that contain cannabis as illegal. So, carrying cannabis-infused products or cannabis in general in an airplane, including edibles, is not just illegal; it is also prohibited. 

But there are certain exceptions. For example, items with 0.3% of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are acceptable. In fact, you can actually carry some THC products as long as these have the approval of the FDA. 

Nonetheless, edibles do not actually get these exceptions. Since most edibles appear like standard food items, a majority of people forget that these fall under controlled substances. 

Moreover, while transporting edibles, be very careful since the TSA might end up finding you severely or even send you to the cops. If they do send you to prison, the jail time typically depends on different factors, such as age. 

So, you have to keep up with the TSA guidelines while you are flying with edibles.

What Happens If You Are Caught Flying With Edibles?

So, what actually happens if someone catches you flying with edibles?

The answer entirely depends on which airport is catching you. At LAX, the Airport Police Division doesn’t detain any person if they don’t possess beyond the authorized amount, which can go up to 28.5 grams. In addition, the law of Massachusetts permits people to possess an ounce of cannabis.

However, the law does explicitly state that you cannot consume cannabis on federal property or in public through ingesting edibles, vaping, or smoking. Additionally, if the TSA finds edibles during any airport security check at the Boston Logan International Airport, then they can contact the Massachusetts State Police. 

Can You Consume Edibles Before Flying?

Since flying with edibles is not really an alternative, what about consuming these babies before you board the flight? Are you feeling very nervous about flying? 

It is possible to feel like consuming edibles before you do that. However, if you are able to pop one edible in, then you can – but don’t forget you are doing so at your own risk. 

Now, if the officials at the airport feel suspicious, then they will ask you to sit for a drug test. The consequences of actually failing this test depend on the locality or the state’s laws. 

Also, the pilot will not allow you to actually fly if they know you are intoxicated or there is any indication that you are high. Of course, the pilot will make room for exceptions for anyone under the influence of drugs as a part of their medical care. 

How Do You Pack Edibles in Your Checked Bag?

If you consume cannabis for medicinal purposes, traveling without it might seem like an impossibility. So, before you can fly with cannabis edibles, take a few precautions, like the ones mentioned below. 

  • Avoid the item’s original packaging. This is because the packaging can definitely have more labels proving that the bottle contains cannabis. 
  • Pack your edibles in a discrete, non-medicated package. For example, pack your THC pills or gummies with regular gummies or inside a Vitamin jar, an empty medicine container, or even an empty bag. 
  • Also, pack your edibles in a container that resists odor. Although cannabis edibles don’t have any unpleasant aroma like flowers, an expert officer or even a police dog can easily detect the aroma if they do a thorough check. 
  • Carry only the amount you need. If the officials do arrest you, then at least you will have a small amount with you. That way, you can avoid a massive penalty and charges of distribution. 

Does The TSA Care When You Are Flying With Edibles?

The reality of the situation is that the TSA does not really care about the edibles or weed you carry. Their main purpose is to look for bombs, weapons, liquids, or any other item that might end up putting passengers at risk. 

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While the TSA does not regulate edibles directly, there are certain procedures and policies that you might not be familiar with when you are flying with edibles. Moreover, if they find anyone possessing edibles, then they might report the incident to local law enforcement officials.  

But of course, there are no proper rules adhering to the ‘punishments you might or might not get. However, you do need to know that there are several individuals who served time in prison for consuming or bringing marijuana on the flight. 

Also, TSA officials can ask you to throw away such items in case they find them. This is usually true for products with minimum cannabis, like an ounce of flower.

Can You Bring Mushrooms On The Plane?

Now that you have some clarity about flying with edibles, it is only natural to ask: can you fly with mushrooms?

Of course, you cannot fly with magic mushrooms. The federal government of the United States classifies these mushrooms as a ‘Schedule I controlled substance.’ So, this basically means that magic mushrooms have no medical purpose. Instead, these have a massive potential for abuse. 

As a result, flying with these mushrooms can lead to harsh consequences and criminal charges. 

However, it can vary from country to country if you are flying with psychedelic mushrooms. In the United States, these fall under Schedule I. These also have a high abuse potential and no-approved or guaranteed medicinal purpose. As a result, carrying these across national or state borders is not legal. 

Of course, for medicinal mushrooms, you will have to carry a legitimate prescription from a medical professional. 

After all, the TSA allows people to carry any prescribed medicine on flights, including controlled substances. Still, controlled substances need to be in their actual container with accurate labels. So, during any security screening, security agents can check these without any issues.

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