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Know Your Vapes: THC Vape Pen

Know Your Vapes: THC Vape Pen

THC Vape Pen

Vaping is one of the newest rage in the smoking community. But why is it so big? Well, this article will look at the complexity of the device that adds simplicity to your smoking experience. But are they worth it? This article about THC vape pens will try and answer all of those questions. Let us go!

What Is THC Vape?

So what do you think is a THC Vape pen? I think the name suggests everything. A THC vape is a specialized vape that lets users consume THC but in a vape format. But what is a vape in the first place? Let us deal with that first.

A vape is actually a hand-held or portable vaporizer. People use this device in order to consume flavored vapors and simulate the feeling of smoking but without the hassle and dangers that smoking brings.

Unlike a cigarette, a vape is a more versatile device to have in the arsenal of a smoker. If you keep following our page, you will know that vapes come in all shapes and sizes, along with some really attractive flavor profiles. Moreover, vapes are super discreet, unlike other means of consuming THC.

Therefore, you can take a swig any time you want, and nobody will know. All in all, these things are super dope, and you must try them once. But in order to do so properly, you need to have a piece of proper knowledge about it. 

Why Is THC Vape Better?

Why Is THC Vape Better

When consuming THC through something like a vape pen. You need to have a good idea about the device and its workings. Users who have used vapes to consume cannabis clearly say that the device absolutely works like a charm and makes their lives so much easier. Like for example, if you are consuming THC via a joint, you have to first crush the cannabis and add some tobacco.

Roll it up nicely, and finally, light it up. But when it comes to vape, you have to charge the battery, fill up the cartridge, and you are done. The electronic system of a vape pen makes it all the more easy and efficient. Everything happens at the click of a button. This greatly enhances the accessibility of the device. In fact, this is one of the primary factors that determine the quality of the experience. 

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Different Parts Of A Vape

Different Parts Of A Vape

Vapes come in several different formats. Like disposable, rechargeable, refillable but disposable, etc. So, in order to truly understand which one to choose and how to choose the right one, you need. Different products contain different parts. Hence in this section, we will generally look at some of the most common parts that a vape device might contain.


This is the most common part of any vape pen. The mouthpiece or as cool kids call it, ‘drip,’ is the part where you place your mouth and inhale the smoke.  Some vapes have removable mouthpieces or drip, while other vapes have fixed mouthpieces that cannot be removed. Usually, the mouthpiece is made of plastic, but in some premium vapes, it can also be made up of glass or any other similar materials. 


I am pretty sure I do not have to explain what a battery is unless you have been living under a rock. Think of the vape like a ship, and the battery is the fuel. Most of the batteries of vapes are rechargeable nowadays. But you can also find disposable batteries as well. The primary function of a battery is to heat up the heating coil so that the cannabis oil gets vaporized. 


An atomizer or heating coil is like an oven that heats up the coil so that the oil vaporizes. An atomizer usually contains a heating coil. The coil is supposed to heat up and turn the vape oil.  


A cartridge or a tank is simply the tank that houses the oils that turn into vapor. If your THC vape is a refillable one, you can then replace all the old cartridges with a new one of your choice. Just make sure that the cartridge gets housed properly in the device. Or the cartridge is the optimal size of the device. This is a very crucial aspect to look at. Otherwise, there can be leakages and catastrophic failure of the device. 

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Steps To Use A Vape

Steps To Use A Vape

Even though using a vape is probably one of the easiest things to do. But there is no harm in understanding the whole process in a step-wise manner. It will only help you understand the proper vaping etiquette you can follow. 

Charge The Pen

The foremost thing that you must do if your vape is rechargeable is to charge the device. If a vape is low on battery, it will not heat up the oil effectively. And therefore not provide an optimum vaping experience. 

Load The Cartridges

The second thing that you need to do is to load your cartridge. Again, this is a very specific step suited for refillable cartridges. But the cartridge is the soul of a vaping device. Without it, there will not be any vapor, and you will not be able to consume anything.


Depending on your devices, vape pens are mostly very easy to use. The first and foremost way in which you can activate your vape is by using the button provided. Just activate it according to the instructions provided, and you are all set to smoke out of your vape. Take intervals in consuming the vape. Do not rush between hits, it can only result in you chocking on the vapor, which is something you do not want. 

End Note

And with that, we have reached the very end of our guide about THC vapes. These are all the important aspects you need to know in order to use and buy a proper THC Vape pen. A  device that will not only help you consume cannabis but will enable you to do so without any sort of hassle.

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