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How To Recharge A Disposable Vape?

How To Recharge A Disposable Vape?

how to recharge a disposable vape

A vape certainly looks good. It makes you feel like you are out of a futuristic comic book movie. But what happens when the battery runs out? Do not worry, as we bring you all the necessary information you need in order to charge and take care of your vape and the battery it comes with. So, without further ado, let us see how to recharge a disposable vape with ease.

Is Your Vape Rechargeable?

Is Your Vape Rechargeable

Vaping kits come in various shapes and sizes due to its rising popularity in recent years. No matter your preferences, there are vapes that would cater to your needs. Earlier, disposable vapes were designed in a way where they had to be disposed of once they ran out of charge. 

But, due to the rising popularity, brands have come forward and brought newer models of disposable vapes that can be recharged. However, they are only a few in the current market. As a result, before going forward with the discussion, you need first to determine whether your vape can be recharged or not before knowing how to charge a disposable vape.

Few disposable vape bands, like SMOK, Bad Drip, Naked, Hyde, etc., have brought newer models of disposable vapes that can be charged. Usually, these vapes are rechargeable you would find a small USB port somewhere on your vape. However, if your vape does not contain this port, then your disposable vape will not be charged in the usual ways you would expect. 

Now that you know how to determine whether your vape is rechargeable or not, let us now learn how to recharge a disposable vape. 

Charging A Rechargeable Vape

If your vape is a rechargeable disposable vape, then recharging it would be fairly easy. Still, we are here to guide you through the process of charging a rechargeable disposable vape. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to recharge a disposable vape.

Check Your Vape’s Battery Life

Usually, most of the rechargeable vapes available on the market come with some sort of indication. This would indicate to the users that the battery is low and that the device needs charging. Still, if your vape does not have any indication, you can use a simple device called the multimeter.

A multimeter usually measures the electric current, resistance, and voltage. This device will also help in determining if the battery is working properly. If your battery is completely dead, then there will be no reading.

See If the E-liquid is depleted

See If the E-liquid is depleted

Apart from the battery, a disposable vape also runs out of e-juice. Therefore, if the e-liquid has run dry, no matter how many times you recharge your device, it will not work properly.  To determine whether the liquid is still there, just take a mild hit. If you get the usual flavor, then the e-liquid is still there. But, if the hit tastes like burnt soil, then the e-liquid has run dry. 

Locating The Port

Once you check if the e-liquid is still there, you need to locate the charging port. This can vary from brand to brand. Generally, the port is usually located at the very bottom or the side of the device. Therefore, keep an eye out for the small port.

Gather The Necessary Things

Now that the port is located, you are ready to proceed to the next stage of  “How to charge a disposable vape.” You just need a few things, and you are all set to proceed. The first thing that you would need is a Type-C charging chord. If your device is a rechargeable one, then there would be a chord provided along with the vape from the company itself. Otherwise, any other Type-C charging chord would do the trick. Next, you would need a wall adapter and a power source. 

Connect The Cable

After determining that you have the things you need, You are ready to recharge your disposable vape pen. Take the Type-C cable and insert it into the charging port of the vape. Make sure that the chord is connected properly before proceeding to charge the device. If there is a loose connection, then it can damage the battery. So fasten the chord properly.

Connect The Power Source

Once the changing chord is secured properly into the charging socket, you are free to connect the device to a power source. A power source can be anything from a PC, a wall adapter to a power bank. Once everything is connected, just go ahead and connect the source. 

Once the power source is connected, the device will automatically start charging. Keep a look out for the charging light of the device. Most of the devices that are rechargeable come with a charging light in order to indicate to the users that the connection is secure. For better battery longevity, try not to charge your device more than 90%. It is believed to increase the overall battery life.

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 How Long To Charge Disposable Vape?

The answer usually varies, but most of the disposable vapes that come with recharging capabilities usually boast a 650 mAh battery. It takes an average of 30 minutes to an hour for it to be charged completely. Therefore, disconnect the charger when it is done.  

Some vapers leave their vapes on charge for more than an hour or so. We suggest against it, as these devices are usually very brittle. As a result, there is always a real risk of over-charging, which can damage the battery. Therefore, please stick to the suggested charging period for better battery longevity. 

Final Thought. 

There you go, a complete step-by-step breakdown of how to recharge a disposable vape that is meant to be charged. All the steps listed here must be followed in the order they are mentioned for better results.

Also, if you see your rechargeable disposable vape not charging, then there is some malfunction in the device, and you should ask for a replacement.

Usually, if you buy from reputed brands like Elf Bar, ESCO Bar, etc., then the seller would happily oblige. But, if you somehow acquire third-party products, then things can get trickier.

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