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Understanding The Colors: Rainbow Sherbet Strain

Understanding The Colors: Rainbow Sherbet Strain

rainbow sherbet strain

I love rainbows. They are pretty, they are colorful, and they make me happy. Recently, I smoked a rainbow. Only this time, it came in the form of a cannabis strain. The Rainbow Sherbet Strain demonstrates every quality that you might expect from a rainbow. Read more to find out how.  

Overview Of The Rainbow Sherbet Strain 

Overview Of The Rainbow Sherbet Strain

Another day, another new strain. Today, we will talk about a very colorful strain called the Rainbow Sherbet Strain. Generally, I go in after reading some articles about the strain I am slated to review. This time, I jazzed things up. I came in blind in order to review this iconic strain. As a result, I was left with a pleasant surprise.  

The Rainbow Sherbet is one of the few strains that can be termed as the perfect hybrid. In other words, today’s strain is a 50/50 strain. This means the strain is 50% indica and 50% sativa. This makes the Rainbow Sherbet strain a fairly unique strain of cannabis.  

The Rainbow Sherbet strain contains a moderate amount of THC that ranges from 20% to 23%. Still, it can be a little too much at times. Stick around to know the pros and cons of consuming this iconic strain called the Rainbow Sherbet.  

Genetic Mapping Of The Rainbow Sherbet Strain 

Genetic Mapping Of The Rainbow Sherbet Strain

Genetic mapping of a strain is very important. Understanding this aspect will not only enable you to understand aspects like aroma, flavor, terpenes, etc. But it also makes sense of the strain’s lineage. Knowing these aspects will make you a more informed cannabis connoisseur. 

The Rainbow Sherbet Strain is a product of crossing the Champagne Strain with the Blackberry Strain. This genetic splicing gave rise to the unique Rainbow Sherbet strain that can be best explained as multifaceted.

Hence, here is a detailed rundown of the parent strains that contributed their genetic assets to create my new favorite weed strain.  

Champagne Kush Strain 

Champagne Kush, or Champagne strain, is the first parent strain I would like to talk about. The Champagne strain is a hybrid strain like its offspring. The Champagne Kush is a product of crossing the Hindu Kush with the Hashplant.  

The Champagne strain is an ideal strain for beginners. As per studies, the strain boasts around 15% THC. Therefore, this makes the strain a perfect step-off point for many new users. Some of the general effects of the strain include euphoria, serenity, sociability, etc. As a result, it is a popular choice of cannabis for medical users. 

I have personally never tried this strain. However, people who have tried it claim that the strain has a tea-like flavor profile. Therefore, it is a unique strain in several aspects. In fact, some of this uniqueness even made its way to its offspring.  

Blackberry Strain 

The next parent strain that I would like to mention is the iconic Blackberry strain. For your information, this is one of my favorite strains in existence, apart from the Sour Diesel and the Horchata Strain. The Blackberry strain is a product of splicing the genetics of the Black Domina and the Raspberry Cough.  

I love the Blackberry strain for two prominent reasons. First is its potency. The Blackberry strain boasts around 20% THC. To veteran users, this might sound insignificant. But I enjoy soft-hitting strains from time to time. The Blackberry strain is known to produce a potent mix of body high and cerebral high. Hence, this is the strain I love consuming while I am with the boys.  

The next thing that draws me in is the strain’s capability to be sweet as well as pungent. The strain comes with a sweet, fruit-like flavor profile. However, the strain also has the capability to be really skunky like the old-school cannabis strains. A true OG.  

Characteristics Of The Rainbow Sherbet Strain 

Characteristics Of The Rainbow Sherbet Strain

Genetic lineage is an important aspect to deal with. But it is also equally important to understand a strain’s characteristics. These characteristics provide identity to a strain and make it easy for us to identify it in a whole sea of greens.   

Therefore, I have taken my time to break down some of the important characteristics of the strain into three distinct sections. These sections include terpenes, flavor/aroma, and appearance. These characteristics set the Rainbow Sherbet Strain apart from other 50/50 strains.  

Therefore, let us look at these aspects closely and objectively in order to understand what the Rainbow Sherbet is all about.  


The first aspect that I need to discuss is the general terpene profile of the strain. The terpene profile is one of the essential aspects of a strain. It decides several factors like the effects, the flavor and aroma profile, etc. Therefore, understanding this will clarify several aspects of the said strain. Here is a detailed rundown of some of the most common terpenes found in the Rainbow Sherbet Strain include: 

  • Myrcene: Myrcene boasts an earthy essence like that of wet soil. It greatly helps in promoting calmness of body and mind. It is a great mood regulator.  
  • Linalool: Linalool is the next major terpene found in the  Rainbow Sherbet Strain. Linalool has a floral essence. Linalool is amazing for combating conditions like anxiety, stress, depression, etc.  
  • Limonene: The third most common terpene found in this strain is the Limonene terpene. Limonene has a tangy essence and can be found in citrus fruits. Some of the most popular cannabis strains that contain  Limonene include Gelonade, Tangie, Lemon Cherry Gelato, etc.  
  • Humulene: The next terpene on our list is Humulene. Humulene comes with a spicy and earthy essence. Sources suggest that the strain is known to induce calmness of mind and body. It helps individuals to focus and feel centered.  
  • Caryophyllene: This terpene is a spicy terpene. It is the most abundant terpene found in the cannabis class of plants. It has a peppery undertone that helps people calm down and feel relaxed, Apart from that, the terpene is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties. A true all-rounder.  

Flavor & Aroma 

With the terpene profile out of the equation. I think It is time to look at an equally important aspect of a strain. Most people do not care much about a strain’s flavor and aroma profile. However, I think that it is very important and should be discussed extensively.  

In my experience, the strain’s flavor and aroma profile was a mix of everything. It had the sweetness of berries, the creaminess of ice cream, the citrusy essence of lemons, and even some hints of mints. Therefore, the flavor profile was truly one of the most unique aspects of the strain.  

I have always loved skunky cannabis strains. I do not like my cannabis to smell like the inside of a candy shop. As a result, I did not gel well with the flavor profile. It was a little too sweet for me. But if you do enjoy sweet-tasting cannabis, then the Rainbow Sherbet Strain is the right choice of weed for you.  


Even though appearance ranks quite low in cannabis priorities, it is still one of the important aspects of a cannabis strain. Judge me all you like, but I love consuming pretty-looking cannabis.  

The Rainbow Sherbet is one of the most colorful strains in existence. The buds of this strain are dense and come with a whole set of colors. Some of the major hues include forest green, purple, blue, and even hints of red. The visuals justified the strain’s moniker.  

In fact, this rainbow Sherbet Strain is definitely one of the prettiest strains you might come across.  

Effects & Usages Of The Rainbow Sherbet Strain

Effects & Usages Of The Rainbow Sherbet Strain

The Rainbow Sherbet strain is one of the most balanced cannabis strains in existence. However, I did not do any research before ‘reviewing’ the strain. As a result, I was literally flying blind. This helped me create a more objective look at the effects.  

For me, the strain was everything and nothing. I had no idea what to expect. As a result, I was pleasantly surprised by the strain’s effects. For me, the strain was a mix of body high as well as mind high.  

The first stage of my experience was riddled with a sense of euphoria and serenity. Soon, this feeling was transformed into sedation and couch lock. For me, the couch lock of the strain was not as strong as most other strains I have reviewed in a while.  

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Meanwhile, my partner demonstrated a heightened sense of creativity. She started penning down her ideas and stated that her brain felt like it was running on all cylinders.  

Therefore, the strain demonstrates classic 50/50 cannabis effects.  

Medicinal usage

The Rainbow Sherbet is an evenly hybrid strain. This means, the strain demonstrates Indica as well as Sativa lineages. Subsequently, the strain has a moderate level of THC that ranges around 16% to 23%. Therefore, this is an amazing strain that can fit the definition of medical cannabis pretty well.  

From my experince, I believe that the strain has some potent mood-lifting capabilities. In other words, I was generally mellow after consuming this strain. Therefore, people dealing with mental ailments like depression and anxiety could use this strain as a means to alleviate their mental hurdles. 

Hence, this is a great cannabis strain for medicinal usage. But do not self-treat yourself unless you take medical advice from a registered doctor.  

Recreational Usage

Governments must legalize cannabis across different states in the USA and the world. I have been asking for it for a long while.  

Coming back to the Rainbow Sherbet strain. As I have said earlier, I had no idea about what to expect from the strain. However, my experience was largely positive. I think that this strain is a perfect strain as a weekend strain. But it can also work well as a party strain.  

Over the weekend, I experimented with the strain a couple of times. I think that the strain is one of the most versatile strains and can be used under most conditions. However, moderation is the key.  

Side Effects

Whenever you are consuming a psychoactive substance like cannabis, you need to factor in the adverse effects that come with it. I personally think that it is a matter of safety. You should never overdo it because it will react detrimentally. Here are some of the most common and widely experienced side effects of the strain.  

  • Paranoia: Cannabis is a great mood-regulator. It can make an individual feel better after usage. However, in extreme cases, things can worsen. Cannabis-induced paranoia is a very common side effect of the rainbow Sherbet Strain. 
  • Dry Mouth: In my experience, I felt that the strain seeps the water out of your body. During my ‘reviewing’ sessions, I noticed that my throat was dry and I needed rehydration. While most people do not mind, I hate dry mouth and throat.  
  • Green out: This is the rarest side-effect of cannabis consumption in general. It is so rare that one in a 1000 people might experience this. Still, it is an important factor to consider.  

Growing The Rainbow Sherbet Strain

Growing The Rainbow Sherbet Strain

Every cannabis connoisseurs have considered growing their own cannabis at one point in time, including me. However, I soon realized that it is easier said than done unless you know the right technique and methodology.  

As per sources, the Rainbow Sherbet Strain is a fairly easy strain to grow. This means the success rate is higher. Growers claim that the strain grows best in a Hydroponic growing system with the SCROG technique. An indoor hydroponic system can produce 1 to 2 ounces per square foot. Subsequently, the strain’s r flowering time is around 60 days. 

The Closing Note

There you go. This was all I gathered about the Rainbow Sherbet strain. A unique 50/50 hybrid strain that not only makes you feel sedated but can also make you more eloquent with your words. Keep following our page for more such cannabis-related content.

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